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Chapter 2644: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (End)

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Peaceful Ink City was still very prosperous, but her heart had already sunken into the bottom of the canyon.

That year, the people who enjoyed this prosperity with her were all gone.


When she returned to the palace, Ya Na almost immediately sent eunuch Shen to pick her up.

She didn’t avoid it and followed eunuch Shen to the Supreme Hall.

The path was very long and it was like when she first entered the palace, following the maid to see the empress.

She was filled with joy and expectation to see Du Jiu Sheng again, but it was a pity that they separated once again.

She thought that after so many life and death separations with him, she would be numb to the pain.

But after it happened, she found that there was a pain that made it hard to breathe in her heart.

After eunuch Shen brought her to the Supreme Hall, Ya Nu waved his hand, “Go down.”


Luo Qing Chen slowly looked up at the face that was the same as Du Jiu Sheng’s, but her heart didn’t feel the slightest ripple.

It was only afterwards that she knew why there was that strange feeling in her heart.

It was because she did her best to follow her heart, but who could do that when they didn’t know anything.

She couldn’t see through the relationships of the world, she couldn’t see the truth.

“Did the empress find the young master?”  Ya Nu came forward and bowed as usual.

Seeing that face bowing to her, Luo Qing Chen felt it was very funny.  She just said with a slight nod, “Un.”

“I thought that you……wouldn’t come back.”

“I came back to have you do something.”  Luo Qing Chen slowly looked up at him, “Just treat it as what you owe big brother Jiu Sheng!”

After a while, he said, “Whether it is going through water or flames, I won’t back down.”

“I don’t care what method you use, but take care of everything and send Nian An to Three Emotions Mountain.”


“This is big brother Jiu Sheng’s throne, please return it to him.”

“I never wanted to take the young master’s position.”  Ya Nu fell onto his knees, “I will definitely do what the empress says.”

Even if this world was collapsing, the system wouldn’t be wrong and the Mo Country would perish.

She couldn’t help wondering what would happen to Du Jiu Sheng and her if this plane didn’t collapse.

Would it be happiness?  Or would it be a tragedy like it was now?

She didn’t know because there were no ifs in this world……


Seven months later, the Liao People army and the Ying Army attacked Dragon Gate Pass.

Ya Nu and Nian An had already arrived at Three Emotions Mountain.  Luo Qing Chen left a letter explaining everything.

The final words in the letter was: You can’t die, you owe this to us!  Take care of
Nian An for us.

After Ya Nu left with Nian An, the court was in a mess.  Luo Qing Chen helped a treacherous official take the throne.

When he thought that he would become the next generation’s emperor, the Liao People army had already broken into the palace.

Luo Qing Chen held her umbrella as she walked step by step to the Cold North Palace.

Standing outside the door, she looked up with a calm look in her eyes.

Although this place was barren, this was her final resting place.

Sitting in the pavilion where they drank wine, played the zither, and talked about their hearts, she closed her eyes and blew the wisp of flame before throwing it into the grass beside her.

The Cold North Palace at night was very beautiful as the flames mixed with the snow.  It was like when they first met, with white snow and faint plum blossoms.  There was also the faint and soul stirring zither music ringing out.

[Ding, the host has completed the mission.]

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