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Chapter 2642: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 88)

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“Du Jiu Sheng……”  Seeing this scene, she could feel her heart beating faster, invading her blood bit by bit.

She panicked, was helpless, and wildly called out Du Jiu Sheng’s name.

Again and again and again……

In this place filled with ghosts, she kept calling out.  Her trembling and miserable voice echoed in the canyon, but no one responded to her.

She ran forward among the piles of corpses.  There was only the scent of rotting flesh that filled her nose.

This place was like a mass grave and her big brother Jiu Sheng was one of the countless corpses among them.

How could she accept this bloody fact……

A corpse caught her foot and she stumbled back, falling to the ground.  Her eyes turned red and tears came down.

No one could understand the grievances in her heart and no one could hold her hand, protecting her.

With a ‘si’ sound, the bag at her waist was ripped because she fell and plum blossoms scattered out.

There was the note that man had left before he left that also fell out.

Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  She wildly grasped at this note and her trembling hands slowly opened it.

There was his official writing on it that was elegant and domineering, but also filled with an indescribable love……

The mountains have trees and the trees have branches.  Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know.

Everyone knows that the mountains have trees and those trees have branches.  But you don’t know how much I love you.

“I know……I know……”  She slowly placed the words in her chest and closed her eyes as tears fell down one by one.

Endless sadness in those crystal clear drops……

No one saw her cry, no one could see her vulnerable side.

With Du Jiu Sheng gone, there was no weakness left……

Because no one helped her wipe her tears and no one would feel pain for her.

He was no longer in this world of mortals and she no longer had a place to be in this tired world.


Luo Qing Chen stayed at the Ten Thousand Miles Gorge for three days.  She was covered in blood and her fingertips were rotten when she came out.

No one knew what she did for three days and they didn’t need to know.  No one knew that she didn’t plan on coming out until she heard a piece of news.

The Liao People army would set out soon with the Ying Army, but it was unknown when.  After all, they had suffered heavy losses at the Ten Thousand Miles Gorge and they would need at least three months to recover.

But this Ying Army couldn’t be looked down on.

Their hot weapons were much more destructive than blades……

Nian An was still in the palace, so she had to go back to make sure everything was safe.

When she returned to Peaceful Ink City, she stayed at an inn and changed into clean clothes.

Although he was in a high position, he was still Ya Nu, a person that had been good to them.

She couldn’t understand why he did it, but she wasn’t willing to let him suffer.

An empress covered in blood would create a mess in court.  She just wanted to take Nian An away and nothing else.

The market of Peaceful Ink City was so lively and filled with people.

Every stall seemed to be the same.  The only one that changed was the auntie who sold fruits……

The fruit selling stall had turned into a fortune telling place and there were four words written on the white cloth, Xiao Chong’s Fortune Telling!

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