Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2641: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 87)

Everyone had an understanding in their heart, thinking that they knew what the best decision for their important people was.

Living was the best in their lives and sacrificing to protect a person was the best method.

But they didn’t know that person just wanted to live and die with them.

“Empress……Young master’s intentions were for you to live in peace.”  Ya Nu said word for word.  His expression didn’t match the tone of his voice.

But in Ya Nu’s heart, if one didn’t love a person enough, how could they defend a city because of this person.

Since ancient times, emperors have been afraid of death and wanted to live forever.

Who would give up their life for their so-called empress.

“He.”  Luo Qing Chen swayed on the platform as tears streamed down her face.

She pursed her lips to look at Ya Nu, “It’s useless to say more.”


“You wouldn’t understand.”  She shook her head as she said in a choked up voice, “Living isn’t that good, you wouldn’t understand……”

She closed her eyes.  It was the first time she felt the coldness of the palace that was like a thousand year old ice that wrapped around her.

Dragon Prestige Hall.

The Supreme Hall wasn’t far from the Dragon Prestige Hall, but this short walk made her feet feel so heavy.

Nian An was sleeping soundly, not being affected by the changes of this world.

He didn’t even know that his father had left this world and his mother couldn’t even say goodbye to him.

“Little Nian An……”  Luo Qing Chen patted his head, “Your father really is ruthless, he doesn’t want you anymore.  This is the second time he’s given up on you……”

Nian An turned his beautiful eyes to silently look at her.

Luo Qing Chen raised a hand to caress his forehead, “Mother is the same……I’m also giving you up……”

The one that she wronged the most in this life was Nian An.  She couldn’t be with him and left him every time.

Nian An seemed to have sensed something and his long lashes trembled.

She looked down and without saying anything, she slowly stood up to walk out.

She was afraid that another look would change her decision.

She returned to the King’s Landing Palace to tidy up her things.  There weren’t many things that bring to the Dragon Gate Pass now that she was alone, she had nothing to worry about.

Other than Nian An, there was no one else to say goodbye to.

The next morning, she rode a horse to Dragon Gate Pass.  No one could stop her and no one dared to stop her.

She wanted to see this so-called Ten Thousand Miles Gorge that swallowed so many lives, including Du Jiu Sheng’s.

She wanted to see his final place, the place where he……died……

On the way, she kept telling herself to remain calm and couldn’t be impulsive.

She still had Nian An, she really couldn’t just throw him away……

With her past temper, she would have held the Phoenix Dance Sword and charged into the desert to kill all the soldiers of the Liao People army.

She felt that this was something that seemed like her, but now she told herself that she was just taking a look at this Ten Thousand Miles Gorge, she was just taking a look……

But when she really saw it, she forgot her rationality and this so-called single look.

There were corpses all around and the smell of blood and gunpowder in the air……

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