The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

After three days on the road, they returned safely to the borderland.

This time, time seemed to fly by as Jean and Clarisse naturally engaged in conversation during the carriage ride, and when she got tired, she would rest her head against Jean's shoulder.

During their journey, an accident occurred in which the carriage wheel fell off. It took so long to repair it that they didn't make it to the inn until late at night, but the most significant change was that Jean and Clarisse would sleep together in the same room at the inn, as if it were a matter of fact.

In the morning, Sid grinned the whole time at the breakfast table but never made fun of Clarisse in any way, and Mary began to be more careful in the mornings, no longer popping into their room. Jean was still concerned about the injury on Clarisse's forehead, and he didn't do anything beyond hugging her and falling asleep - not that Mary had any concerns about that :)).

Over the past few days, Clarisse had become quite accustomed to feeling his body temperature while sleeping.

Compared to the lavish royal capital, the borderlands offered more nature and a more relaxed atmosphere, yet Clarisse was genuinely thrilled to be back here. Compared to the royal capital, where she had lived with her family her entire life and felt neglected, this place already felt like her hometown, which made her happy.

Just as they were about to arrive at the Margrave mansion, Jean nervously said,

"Clarisse, would it be okay if we shared a bedroom from today onward...?"

While she was at a loss for an answer for a moment, Jean added hurriedly, perhaps thinking he needed to say more.

"I know it is the custom for nobles in the Royal Capital to have separate bedrooms, but I want to be with you all the time."

It is not customary for couples in noble families to share a bedroom; this was also the same for Clarisse's parents. Generally, husbands visit their wives when the need arises, but in some cases, it is the other way around. In either case, they usually sleep in separate rooms. This custom has contributed to their promiscuous sexual life, and there is no shortage of scandalous stories about husbands visiting their wives' rooms to find their lovers and vice versa. Of course, that didn't mean Jean suspected that Clarisse would be unfaithful or anything of the sort.

"Of course not, Jean. I hope you don't feel uncomfortable with us sharing the same room. "

When she replied, he raised his eyebrows as if to say, "No way," and Clarisse laughed.

To others, he still appears to be the stern, scary-looking Margrave, but in her eyes, he has become much more expressive. This is partly due to the fact that Clarisse has become more comfortable with Jean, but it is also because Jean has opened up his heart to Clarisse. Being with Jean, who is always thinking of her happiness, fills her heart with joy. He is her new, forever family with whom she will spend the rest of her life.

‘Mother was right when she said that...'

"-..don't dwell on the past anymore, and live in the future."

There is no need to look into the past when there is a bright future out there.

After some time away, the mansion was truly beautiful in Clarisse's eyes.

Jean took her hand as they slowly climbed the front staircase, which she had climbed with much anxiety a few months ago. The butler opened the door respectfully, and they were greeted by the servants with their heads bowed down.

"Welcome home."

'Welcome home...'

'This is my home and always will be.'

Clarisse thought this with a trembling heart, looking up at the beautiful nobleman standing next to her, her husband-to-be.

Jean looked at her, too, as they shared the same feeling for a moment.

"We're back home."

Clarisse smiled as the Margrave's dignified voice echoed through the mansion.

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