The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

On their final day in the royal capital, Clarisse was directed to a bookstore by Jean, who had asked her where she wanted to go. They also stopped by a nearby drugstore. The owner of the drugstore was knowledgeable about medicinal herbs that could be found in the area, so she spent lots of time discussing herbs with them, oblivious to the passing of time. Of course, after returning to Jean's mansion, she hoped to continue her studies on this subject.

After dinner, she wrote a letter to her mother and sealed it, hoping that her feelings would be conveyed to her. She felt closer to her mother than she had ever felt before. It was all thanks to Jean, and Clarisse was honestly grateful to him.

She thought they would sleep in separate rooms tonight, but Jean came to Clarisse's room and asked if it would be okay to stay the night with her, which she accepted, and they laid down on the bed together. Clarisse wasn't as tired as she had been the day before, and although she had anticipated being too anxious to sleep, his reassuring presence allowed her to do so without any trouble. Perhaps some invisible fatigue had built up. She fell asleep quickly, unaware that Jean was looking at her sleeping face, smiling and gently patting her head.

The next morning, Mary again popped into the room as usual and blushed at the sight of them, as she had done the day before.

They were supposed to leave first thing in the morning, and even though she didn’t have to, Lotte kindly came out of the mansion to see them off.

Lotte was an ideal hostess until the end. As for Clarisse, she was very sad to leave her, but Jean reminded her that he had called his aunt to come from her home, the Marquis of Ainsworth's estate, so they could meet here, and as soon as they left, Lotte would also return to her family.

"I would very much like you to come to the Ainsworth estate next time. I want to introduce you to my husband and son." She giggled and continued, "I wouldn't mind if Jean couldn't make it to our estate."

Lotte, who was probably aware of the incident at the Farenheit house, didn’t talk about the matter, and just spoke to Clarisse with a broad smile.

"Thank you,'s my pleasure."

"You can come when you and Jean have a fight."

Lotte said mischievously, but Jean was astonished and muttered with a blank face, "This would never happen."

Lotte looked at her nephew happily and then smiled at Clarisse, telling her to take good care of Jean.

Mary seemed to have gotten somewhat used to being with Sid, but was still fed up with the thought of spending another three days in the same space.

After seeing her off to the carriage, Jean escorted her into their carriage and followed her inside. Naturally, he sat next to Clarisse. His presence, which she now felt completely at ease in, allowed her to take in the passing royal city as she looked out the carriage window at him.

She never imagined that her feelings would change so much before and after coming to the capital.

At least she no longer had any regrets about her parents' house, and although she did not know when she would be able to come back to the capital again, she had a feeling that if she did, she would be able to treat her mother with much more affection than before.

Although their relationship has always been one of indifference and a lack of communication, she has very conflicted feelings toward her father because he used violence against her mother and sister. She may never speak to him again.

Her sister...

Clarisse could not help feeling sorry for her sister as she was a pitiful person.

She is aware that she had been treated poorly enough from Jean’s and the servants' perspectives, and that part should never be tolerated, but she can't stop thinking about her sister. All her life, Clarisse wanted someone to love her just the way she is, and perhaps, it was the same for her sister or even more so.

'But...I shouldn't be on your side, sister Matilda, I must not do that.'

If she was around her, Matilda would try to relieve her own anxiety by continuing to assault Clarisse, and Clarisse would spoil her sister by continuing to indulge and accept the abuse.

She ought to stay away from her sister and turn a blind eye to whatever is about to happen in her sister's life.

Clarisse felt that this was the last act of devotion to her sister that she could do…

Matilda needs to be able to stand alone without taking advantage of her, and she should look at herself and live a strong life. Not to mention that their mother will be able to be close to Matilda from now on, just as Clarisse has Jean next to her side.

"Jean-sama, may I plant a field of medicinal herbs in the garden when we return to our residence?"

"Of course. You can do whatever pleases you."

Clarisse was so delighted with this that she leaned her head softly on his shoulder, looking at the ring as Jean silently took her hand in his.

"Thank you, Jean-sama."

Thank you for finding me.

"It's been a hectic stay, but I'm glad things got sorted out as a result."

"Yes...I think you're right."

Mary was grateful that Sid had taken her to the Farenheit mansion the day before yesterday at that time. Thanks to him, she was able to be there for Clarisse. Sid was a troublesome man to deal with, but he was not a bad person, or at least that's what she had come to think of him.

"You really like Clarisse, don't you?"

"Yes, I love her!"

Mary's immediate response made Sid, sitting across from her, pause, then burst out laughing.

'His laughing face is kind of cute...huh, I shouldn't let him get into my head.'

"What do you like about Clarisse?"

"What? If I start talking about what I like about our perfect young lady, we'll stay here all day."

"That's okay, we have plenty of time, so tell me, what do you like about Clarisse?"

Sid continued to listen with narrowed eyes as Mary happily talked about how wonderful a master Clarisse was.

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