Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 25: Back Finally

Li Rui rolled on the floor to avoid the attack, but the zombie grabbed his clothes with a roar and tried to bite his face.


Black blood spattered on Li Rui's face, and a zombie's head fell into his arms. The headless body crashed into Li Rui.

Hua Cheng staggered with the fire ax in his hands and gasped for breath.


Screams came from the window. A survivor holding the table was bitten on his arm by a zombie.

The pain and fear made him let go of the table, and the two zombies stuck in the window climbed in successfully.

“Lean the table against the window! Prevent the zombies from getting in!” Hua Cheng said calmly.

Screams rang again. The other two survivors were bitten by zombies too.

Hua Cheng ran over, dragging his injured leg. He swung the ax and chopped off the head of one zombie with one blow. The second zombie gave up its prey and turned to Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng couldn't dodge in time and was thrown to the ground by the zombie. He tried his best to lift the fire ax horizontally to stop the biting zombie.

Yu Xiao screamed and gave up blocking the door. She grabbed the chair next to her and rushed over, hitting the zombie as hard as she could.

Li Rui carried the solid wood table and stuck it sideways in the window. It wobbled under the crowd of zombies and seemed like it would fall at any time.

He wanted to save Hua Cheng but couldn’t find a weapon. He rushed to the bar and finally found a watermelon cutter on the shelf.

Hua Cheng was still pinned to the ground by the zombie and couldn't get up. Yu Xiao had smashed the chair apart but couldn’t break the zombie’s hold. She tossed the chair away, grabbed the zombie’s tattered clothes, and pulled as hard as she could, crying as she did.

“Xun Yi, Xun Yi, come back quickly, Xun Yi!”

At this moment, Hua Cheng was focused on wrestling with the zombie and even forgot about his injured leg.

While he was thinking quickly about how to get rid of the zombies, the two survivors behind Yu Xiao who had been bitten by the zombies stood up. They twitched all over, their eyes bulging, with black blood spurting from their mouths.

A man had a hole in his face where his flesh had been bitten off. He clutched his throat tightly as if he was about to suffocate and reached out to Hua Cheng.

“Mom, get out of the way, hurry!” Hua Cheng yelled.

When the two zombies pounced, Hua Cheng's potential exploded and flipped over the zombie that was pinning him. Even Yu Xiao was knocked to the ground.

Hu Cheng swung his ax and chopped off the hand that reached out to him.

At this time, Li Rui had returned with a watermelon cutter and chopped off a zombie’s head.

The watermelon cutter was too light and too short. Li Rui couldn’t exert enough strength. The cutter got stuck in the zombie’s head and couldn’t come out.

The zombie raised its head and he lost his grip on the cutter. The zombie wasn’t dead, and the cutter was still stuck in its head.

The few survivors blocking the door watched helplessly as their companion turned into a zombie and got chopped in the head. They finally broke down and sobbed as if their desire to survive had been completely wiped out by the death of their companion. They forgot about blocking the door and simply sat on the floor sobbing.

The zombie that got slashed in the head roared and rushed at Li Rui. Li Rui grabbed the chair next to him and pushed its legs against the zombie’s neck to prevent it from jumping over and biting.

He cursed Xun Yi to hell and back repeatedly. If he hadn't taken away his pickaxe, he would at least have a weapon on hand!

Hua Cheng sat on the floor, unable to stand by now. He could only keep swinging his ax to keep the zombies away.

Yu Xiao got up and ran around the table while a zombie chased after her, stumbling and knocking over the table and chairs from time to time. Its movement was greatly hindered, which gave Yu Xiao some time to maneuver.

When Xun Yi and the others returned, they saw many zombies gathered at the street corner from a distance.

Xun Yi immediately realized something was wrong and ran to the corner of the street. He saw a swarm of zombies trying to climb through the window while the zombies nearby kept approaching in this direction.

Sounds of fighting came from the room where the zombies had obviously entered.

Without further ado, Xun Yi rushed forward with his saber in hand. He slashed his way forward as if he were chopping vegetables and melons, cutting a path out.

He kicked the table stuck in the window, and it fell with a bang.


Xun Yi shouted and saw the situation in the room at a glance, which was very critical.

Xun Yi jumped in while holding on to the window sill and slashed the zombie that attacked Hua Cheng with his saber.

With a stomp on the floor, he dashed to the side and killed the zombie chasing Yu Xiao. Finally, he got rid of the zombie that was in a stalemate with Li Rui.

“Guard the window,” Xun Yi ordered Lu Di.

After Lu Di entered, he lifted the bar table and stuck it in the window as before. Even if zombies tried to crawl in, only one could get in at a time.

Killing one at a time would greatly reduce the pressure.

Li Rui glanced at the pickaxe in Lu Di's hand. It was his weapon. If he had a weapon in hand, he wouldn't be in such a mess!

Xun Yi paid no attention to anyone. After putting Xun Ye down, he grabbed Hua Cheng and dragged him back to the counter so that he could lean against the counter.

Hua Cheng was sweating profusely. His face was ashen and he leaned on the counter without saying a word for a long time.

Xun Yi squatted beside him and glanced at the blood-soaked pants.

“Can you hold on? We need to pull the arrow out.”

Hua Cheng took a few deep breaths, gritted his teeth, and said, “I can. Let’s do this.”

Li Rui walked over and said, “No can do. If you pull it out like this, his blood won’t stop flowing, and the smell will attract more zombies.”

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