Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 24: The Critical Situation at the Shop

He had always wanted to give Xun Ye an armor. He finally got his wish today, and the quality was so good. How could Xun Yi not be excited?

“Put it on. You’re not allowed to take it off at any time,” Xun Yi reminded him

Xun Ye rolled his eyes. “I can't take it off either.”

There was no way to take it off at all.

As long as Xun Ye wasn’t attacked in the head, Xun Yi could finally relax about Xun Ye's safety.

“Collect all the magic crystals. Don’t leave any behind.”

Xun Yi’s mood was slightly better now. With +5 defense, how could he not?

In terms of equipment attributes, he had never seen such high values so far.

Lu Di saw the sword in Xun Ye's hand and was green with envy.

Before the zombies gathered around again, they started digging for magic crystals. When the zombies arrived, they switched to killing them.

Xun Ye no longer had to hide behind Xun Yi. He could kill zombies with his sword now.

Because of his height, he preferred to stand on high ground so that he could chop off zombies' heads. Although he didn't know any sword technique or fighting skills, he had strength.

Despite his young age and small stature, his strength was 24 points, almost three times that of an average adult. As long as he could reach them, he could behead them easily.

While Xun Yi killed zombies, he kept an eye on Xun Ye too.

For his first fight alone, Xun Ye was very calm, but Xun Yi was a little worried. After seeing Xun Ye chop down several zombies by himself, Xun Yi finally relaxed.

The three of them hunted for a long time. When they felt tired, they decided to go back. They already found the healing potion they wanted.

They were very lucky today. Xun Yi killed 34 zombies with levels and looted 4.

After that, he crippled a few zombies with levels for Xun Ye to kill, helping him to level up.

Xun Yi defended on the outside while Lu Di and Xun Ye dug for magic crystals inside.

After finishing off this batch of zombies and collecting all the magic crystals, they were ready to go back. Hua Cheng was injured in his leg. If he encountered danger, it would be difficult to protect himself.

Although zombies with levels were dangerous, they gave more EXP.

After this hunt, Xun Yi successfully reached level 9, Xun Ye reached level 5, and Lu Di also reached level 5. He made a great effort, and Xun Yi took note of it.

He obtained 140 magic crystals this time. Not counting the energy consumption before, plus those given by Xun Ye and those gathered by the survivors, and more than 2,000 magic energy that Xun Yi had before, Xun Yi didn’t make a loss after rescuing those people but made a small profit instead.

Including his haul today, Xun Yi had more than 4,000 magic energy points.

Xun Yi placed great importance on magic energy. It was his trump card, so the more the better.

In the small room in the corner, the situation was very critical at the moment.

Zombies banged against the windows and doors frantically. Yu Xiao and several survivors held the door desperately, preventing the zombies from crashing it open.

Yu Xiao gritted her teeth and tried her best to block the door.

Every time the zombies crashed into the door, Yu Xiao jolted back before pushing the door forth again, holding on tightly. Even if she died here, she would not let the zombies in through the door.

Because her son was inside.

There was a wooden panel at the door, which was better, unlike Li Rui who was guarding the window.

He and two other survivors held a bar table to block the window to prevent zombies from climbing in.

A solid wood square bar table was quite heavy, and they used it to block the window with nothing to support it. Three people holding it couldn’t keep it up much longer.

Moreover, zombies with unusual strength were attacking from outside. With every hit, the square table would fall away and down.

“We can’t hang on much longer. We have to leave!”  Li Rui shouted to Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng dragged his injured leg and held a fire ax. He stood on one leg, ready to deal with the zombies that rushed in at any time.

His whole body and face were covered in cold sweat. His injured leg throbbed in pain even if he sat still, not to mention standing up now. The arrow that was still stuck in his leg sent a piercing pain right to his core.

Hua Cheng had never suffered such pain in his entire life, but he had to grit his teeth and stand up or he would die here.

“Wait a little longer,” Hua Cheng gasped.

“They have been out for so long. It’s almost dark. They won’t be back!” Li Rui was very angry.

“I trust him!” Hua Cheng was very steadfast.

“Only if he’s worthy of your trust! Entertainers are all heartless. You have nothing to do with each other. Why should he return at the risk of his life? Don’t put your life at stake!” Li Rui shouted angrily.


A huge impact knocked all three people holding the solid wood table into the room. The table fell to the ground, and a zombie quickly jumped in from the window.

It was a zombie with level!

“Stop it! Block the window! Hurry!”

Li Rui kicked the two survivors who were still lying on the ground.

The two people got up, lifted the bar table, and went to block the window. Two zombies leaned half their bodies in, preventing them from blocking the window.

The zombie that jumped in was agile and fast, and immediately pounced on Li Rui nearest to it.

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