The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 24.2

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Chapter 24, part 2

After breakfast, Sid visited the Ainsworth mansion to make the final preparations for their departure, and while he was in Jean's room, his eyes widened in amazement by what he heard.

"So, you didn't lay a hand on the miss and just slept together? Seriously? Are you telling me that you're a saint, Jean?"


"You slept in the same bed with each other, right? Wow... a woman you love is by your side all night, and you don't even touch her... Are you into those kinds of things?"

Of course, he was joking, and Jean knew it.

Sid didn't think that Jean would touch Clarisse on the same day that she was injured by her sister.

He's just making fun of him because he's excited that they're getting so close. So, after saying that much and laughing in amusement, Sid suddenly thought of something and asked Jean.

"Didn't I forcibly drag you to the whorehouse with me a long time ago?"

That uptight breast-brother looked extremely uncomfortable and nodded.

"Then you left in a great didn't sleep with a woman then, did you?"

It must have been about ten years ago.

At the time, Jean was still aspiring to be a knight, and despite his obviously attractive appearance, he was overwhelmingly shy and still a virgin, so Sid, out of amusement, took him to a whorehouse. He was pretty reluctant, but he followed him to the room where they drank, and after Sid went to his favorite whore's room, he apparently left the whorehouse as fast as he could. The whore who wanted to be Jean's partner said this, so there was no doubt about it.

"You used to work hard to become a knight, and then you became a Margrave...did you ever even have a lover? Is it possible..that you haven't been to a whorehouse since then either?"

He knew Jean had never had a lover before.

So it was inevitable that he would end up talking to Clarisse about things that ordinary aristocratic men would not say to a lady...


He thought that Jean would at least have experience in this area.

Is it possible that Jean, a man with such a great physique, would be able to spend all this time alone?

"I didn't go."

Wait a minute.

Then there is only one possible answer.

"You're lying. Please tell me you're lying."


"You... you've never slept with a woman?"

Jean looked at Sid with a casual look on his face.

"Of course not. I've decided I'm not going to sleep with anyone until I find a woman I want to marry."

'This guy, wow...'

In a way, it was impressive that the stiff, uptight ideals have come this far.

"Can you do it? When it comes time to be with Clarisse, will you be able to handle it as a virgin?"

"I don't need practice. I'll be fine."

'I wonder where his confidence is coming from... a mystery...'

"But, you know, if you hesitate on her first day, don't you think she'll be disappointed?"

"Why not? Everyone has their first time, and Clarisse is not the kind of person who would be taken aback by something like that. Animals don't need anyone to teach them how to mate. Why can't humans do it?"

Jean turned around and asked Sid, trying to change the subject.

"You like Mary, don't you?"


"You've never been that obvious before. Well, I don't think she's taking you seriously, though."

"I know."

To Mary, this is probably the most ridiculous thing she has ever faced in her life.

"What is it about Mary that makes you want her so badly?"

"I don't know...... She's different, not to mention she's fun to watch."

"I agree that she's unconventional, but she's not a noblewoman; she's just a maid, you know?"

"Maid or not, Mary is Mary, and it doesn't matter."

After confirming Sid's intentions, Jean crossed his arms.

"Think about it; what if Mary was more experienced? Plus, how would you feel if she was sleeping with another guy, saying she was getting ready for you? Or would you say it's no big deal, it couldn't be helped?"


That is indeed not true. He is not demanding for his partner to be a virgin since he is not one himself and doesn't really care about the whole 'A lady must be a virgin' whole thing, but he certainly cares for her so much that he doesn't feel too good when he thinks that Mary has already been with another man.

In this country's aristocratic society, there is a tendency to expect women, in particular, to remain virgins until marriage. For men, however, it is not to that extent. On the contrary, it even seems that noblemen who play around to a certain extent are considered more elegant, so, Sid, without thinking too much about it, had been moderately going to brothels frequented by noblemen and playing with young noblewomen who had the same mindset. But now, after Jean pointed this out to him, he realized that he had never liked anyone before in earnest, which was probably why he didn't think much of it.

"Don't you think it's strange that a woman is expected to remain virgins until marriage, but men are allowed to play around? Don't you think that any woman in her right mind would be happy if her man remained virgin just like her? Women get jealous, too, if the guy they fell in love with had a partner before, let alone if the partner in question was their first time."

Sid admitted his defeat quickly.

"Okay, my bad, I didn't think it through... Well, as much as it's your first time, please take care of Clarisse's first time; she's been through enough pain already. Well, you don't need me to tell you that... it's all right."

Sid was always somewhat worried about him, who was terrible with words, but Jean is a very nice guy, faithful and loyal, and Clarisse couldn't be nicer, so they will live happily together for years to come.

He envied Jean for having such a unique partner like her. And they would share each other's first time together? When he thought about it, perhaps, being a stiff stoic... is not so bad after all.

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