Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 22: Meeting an Acquaintance

Yu Xiao, who stood behind Xun Yi, trembled all over when she heard the voice and rushed over without thinking.

A man sat behind the counter. His clothes were stained with blood, obviously injured.

“Chengcheng, is that you?” Yu Xiao started crying.

Since Doomsday Gaming Field started, Yu Xiao had gritted her teeth and refused to show any weakness no matter what she encountered. It wasn’t because she wasn’t afraid, but she suppressed all her fear in her heart.

After so many people turned into zombies in an instant, Yu Xiao was worried about her son and husband.

But her worry was useless. She didn't have the strength to look for them. Even her survival depended on Xun Yi, and she had no cheek to ask Xun Yi to help her find her husband and son.

The more tragedies she encountered, the colder her heart became. She almost gave up hope and never thought that she would meet her son here.

Her son was still alive and didn’t turn into a zombie. He was just… injured.

Hua Cheng heard Xun Yi's voice and found it familiar, so he called out tentatively. Before Xun Yi could respond, he saw his mother.

“Mom, you’re still alive! That’s great!”

Hua Cheng was very excited and wanted to get up, but he pulled his wound and had to sit back again.

Yu Xiao hugged her son and sobbed as if she wanted to vent all the emotions she had repressed from yesterday until now.

Xun Yi walked over and saw the mother and son hugging each other behind the counter. He stood aside and waited.

Hua Cheng patted his mother's shoulder and softly comforted her for a long time before her mother stopped crying.

He looked up at Xun Yi and smiled, his eyes still red.

“Xun Yi, a simple word of thanks can hardly express my gratitude. I’ll remember your kindness. When I see my father, I’ll ask him to make it up to you. I’m broke and cannot give you anything now.”

No explanation or questions were necessary. At his mother’s age, it was almost impossible for her to come here alive without someone to protect her. After seeing Xun Yi, how could Hua Cheng not put two and two together?

Xun Yi also smiled. “Oh, you're welcome. After all, I destroyed your precious saber.”

Hua Cheng immediately realized which precious saber he was referring to and said in surprise, “No way. I hired a famous sabersmith in Japan to make it for me. I spent a bomb on it. How did you destroy it?”

Xun Yi said innocently, “Maybe you got duped. Scammers are very good nowadays.”

Hua Cheng, “…”

Yu Xiao laughed. “The quality of that saber was pretty good. Xun Yi took me from the house and fought all the way from the street until we found a hiding place. He killed countless zombies along the way, but the saber was all dented and had to be scrapped.”

Hua Cheng could hardly describe his feelings.

Was it gratitude? Not entirely.

Was he touched? Not really.

With those mixed feelings, Hua Cheng stared at Xun intently for a long time without saying a word.

“Hey, Hua-ge, it's great that you're still alive. Are you still as handsome as before?”

Xun Ye stretched out his neck from Xun Yi’s back but couldn’t see anyone, so he could only wave his hand and call out.

“Not as handsome as your dad. I tried my best to survive just to hear you call me uncle,” Hua Cheng said with a smile.

“That's not possible. It will mess up the seniority. Xun Yi is my ‘brother’, you know. If I call you uncle, Xun Yi has to follow suit too,” Xun Ye quibbled.

Hua Cheng shuddered. “Forget it then.”

Xun Yi smacked him on the butt. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Ouch. Let me down,” Xun Ye protested.

Xun Yi put him down and walked to Hua Cheng. “Where are you hurt?”

Hua Cheng patted his leg, sweating profusely from the pain.

Xun Yi took a look and saw that the injury was on his thigh, with half of the broken arrow shaft exposed.

“Bow and arrow?” Xun Yi was a little surprised. It was a wooden arrow shaft.

He thought of something and asked with uncertainty, “Are those people outside after you?”

“You met them?” Hua Cheng gasped.

“No, I heard their footsteps and ran in here to hide.”

“They have some experts among them, and one of them can use a bow and arrow very well. This injury is all thanks to him.” Hua Cheng couldn't help his fear at the thought of that man.

“What's going on? Why are they chasing you?” Xun Yi felt that there was more to it.

Hua Cheng smiled bitterly. “They are not just after me. They are looking for all the survivors and taking them by force.”

“Out of curiosity, I followed them to see what was going on, and found that they were using living people to bait monsters.”

“Many people died, but they didn’t care at all. When I was leaving, their people noticed me, and I was shot with an arrow while escaping.”

Xun Yi just encountered the method of using humans as bait, so he was not surprised.

“What kind of monster?” Xun Yi was only curious about this.

“It’s a huge creature that looks a bit like a frog, with six legs and dark green skin. It’s about three or four meters tall sitting on the ground, with a long tongue that can coil around a living person with one flick.”

Hua Cheng's face turned a little pale when he thought of the monster’s appearance.

Xun Yi frowned. “Why are they messing with that thing?”

In the face of such a terrifying monster, it should be a natural instinct to hide as far away as possible.

“The monster seemed to be guarding something. The air around it kept spinning, forming a vortex with a diameter of two meters.”

“Maybe they think they can find treasures in that vortex, so they wanted to lure the monster away. Many people have died, but the monster just sat there motionless.”

Xun Yi pondered. Maybe they were right.

“Look around and see if you can find any survivors. Also, find that injured person as soon as possible.”

A voice came from the street.

Xun Yi walked to the window quietly and peeked outside. More than a dozen people with various weapons in their hands searched along the street, not even omitting the ruins where one might be hiding, looking thoroughly.

The corner of their intact building would be discovered sooner or later. Compared with those ruins, it was obviously more likely to find people here.

Seeing that those people were about to arrive, Xun Yi gripped his saber tightly. He was waiting for someone to barge in so he could slash him with the saber.

At this moment, several zombies sprang out from the ruins very quickly and pounced on those people outside.

“Zombies with levels! Run! Quick!”

More than a dozen people turned around and ran away with the zombies on their tails. The last person was decapitated by one of the zombies' claws, spraying blood everywhere.

The zombie's sharp claws crushed his head like a watermelon.

Suddenly, Xun Yi noticed something and quickly backed away from the window.

With a crash, the glass shattered, and a zombie barged in.

The few survivors hiding in the corner covered their mouths to prevent themselves from screaming. Any sound would definitely attract the attention of zombies.

The zombie that barged in had a lower degree of decay than ordinary zombies. Its exposed skin was dark in color and seemed to be covered with a thin layer of muscle.

This layer of well-textured muscle replaced the rotting flesh and looked a little odd.

This zombie was very fast and pounced on Xun Yi.

Xun Yi drew his saber and struck out, but that zombie moved like a monkey. It pounced forward but jumped back halfway and avoided Xun Yi's attack.

When it was about to hit the wall, it stomped on the floor and launched toward Xun Yi like a cannonball. It was so fast that Xun Yi had to fall on his back to avoid the zombie’s lunge.

In just a few moves, Xun Yi was sure that the level of this zombie was quite high.

As humans continued to level up, Xun Yi wasn’t naïve enough to think that zombies would remain at the same level.

Supernal Magic Cube was intelligent and couldn’t possibly overlook such a big loophole, so as humans continued to level up, so would zombies.

The earlier batch of people confirmed this guess.

They obviously knew about the existence of zombies with levels, and the one in front of Xun Yi was clearly one. He just didn’t know its actual level yet.

The zombie failed to attack Xun Yi and jumped onto the counter instead.

Yu Xiao's first reaction was to run to her son and protect Hua Cheng.

On the side, Lu Di pulled Xun Ye over and tried to block him behind him, but Xun Ye took out something and fired at the zombie standing on the counter.


The gunshot was loud and everyone jumped. The zombie got hit and fell from the counter.

Xun Yi wouldn't miss this opportunity. He stepped forward and chopped off the zombie’s head with his saber.

The head rolled to the side.

Xun Ye walked over, kicked the zombie in the head, and said angrily, “As expected, I missed the head.”

The bullet hit the zombie in the face. If Xun Yi didn’t follow up with his saber, the zombie would still be alive.

A pale blue data light appeared on the zombie’s corpse and formed a crystal card above it.

[Congratulations for killing a level 3 ordinary zombie. You have gained 30 EXP and a basic sabersman skill, Three Consecutive Strikes, attack +2. Only players with the Sabersman profession can use the sabersman skill.]

Xun Yi looked at the prompt and couldn't help but click his tongue.

He finally gained a skill crystal card, but his profession wasn’t a match for the card so he couldn’t use it. What a shame.

Xun Yi put this crystal card away. Maybe he could get a sabersman profession badge later so that he could use it.

At this time, Xun Ye had dug out the magic crystal from the zombie’s heads and was a little disappointed.

“Such a powerful zombie has the same black magic crystal as an ordinary zombie.”

Xun Yi was quite aware of that. Only some special zombies would produce magic crystals of different colors. For ordinary zombies, the magic crystal was black no matter what level they were.

The young man who attacked Xun Yi with a pickaxe earlier stood by the side without saying a word, just looking at Xun Yi.

“Xun Ye, that's awesome. Are you a contender too?” Hua Cheng sounded amused.

Xun Ye raised his chin high. “But of course.”

“Your leg injury needs treatment. You can’t leave it like this. You stay here while I go out and kill some zombies. Let’s see if I can loot a healing potion.”

“If not, I’ll find some disinfectant and hemostatic medicine. We have to pull out the arrow as soon as possible. Wait here for me.”

After Xun Yi finished speaking, he took out the strap again. “Xun Ye, let’s go.”

Xun Ye climbed onto the strap nimbly for Xun Yi to carry him on his back.

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