The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 22.2

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Chapter 22, part 2

"I'm sure the royal family contacted you many times... Well, after waiting for a while, I finally received a letter from the Viscount saying that he accepted my marriage proposal..."


I'm pleased that you are interested in taking my daughter, Clarisse Farenheit, as your fiancé.

Although I'm unable to offer you the Jewel of Farenheit, if your desire is to have Clarrise, she would be delighted to accept.

I am ashamed to admit that my family is struggling financially and will not be able to send you anything for a dowry.

Please forgive me for sending her literally by herself.

She will only be taking one servant along with her.

I hope for your understanding.

I would also appreciate it if you would consider providing financial support to my family once the marriage between my daughter and you takes place.


In short, the letter clearly stated that there was no money to be spent and that Clarisse would be the only person to be sent, and that if he wanted to marry her, he was to pay compensation. It also stated that only one servant would be allowed to accompany Clarisse.

'So it wasn't Jean who decided the number of servants... it was father who decided that I should have one servant...'

He had no idea what the name "Farenheit's Jewel" meant; when he asked, he was told that it was the name of what the eldest daughter of Farenheit was known for.

"I have never expressed to the King that I wanted the Farenheit Jewel. I clearly told him that I wanted the violet-eyed daughter of House Farenheit. So it was very strange to see those words written in the letter, and the night Clarisse arrived, I even asked her what the 'Farenheit Jewel' was."

Although I'm unable to offer you the Jewel of Fahrenheit, if your desire is to have Clarrise, she would be delighted to accept your proposal.

The sentence that was suddenly thrown in without any context certainly gave a strange impression.

However, Clarisse's reaction afterwards made him realize that she was under a lot of pressure, to the point of fainting, and he decided not to ask her anymore for a while until she calmed down.

The first time they took a walk in the garden together, the day after she collapsed, Clarisse said that they didn't have to have a wedding, and she looked so sad that he suspected it had something to do with it.

He couldn't help but feel that he might hurt Clarisse if he questioned her, as she didn't trust him yet. Immediately after that, he asked Sid and Marius to go to the royal capital and make arrangements to have the surroundings of Viscount Fahrenheit investigated.

And when Mary summoned up her courage and asked, "Did the Margrave want the Jewel of Farenheit?” The question convinced him that Clarisse had not been properly informed. In addition, soon after, there was a word from the royal capital, reporting on the shady relationships and finances involving the Viscount, and Jean guessed to some extent what was going on behind the scenes.

Clarisse listened to the story absentmindedly.

"I'm sorry, Clarisse."

Clarisse looked up into his now most reliable golden eyes.

He was always exploring her expressions, trying to figure out what she was thinking and how she was feeling.

"I kept quiet about it. I should have asked you; I should have told you sooner... I thought it might have been less of a shock to you if the truth had come out after our visit to your parents' place, but I may have been wrong."

He thought it was for Clarisse's sake that he had kept quiet. He was afraid that he would unnecessarily hurt her by telling her about the dark side of her family. Clarisse squeezed his hand that was resting on hers again.

"No, Jean-sama, please don't apologize..."

"Yes, you have done nothing wrong, Margrave Gutenberg. It's all my husband's fault and mine for not being able to stop him."

"Viscountess, why do you think the Viscount suddenly wrote to me about the Jewel of Fahrenheit?"

The Viscountess thought about it for a moment.

"Perhaps he wanted to bring more value to Matilda... He probably started thinking about giving up on Clarisse and marrying Matilda off to some nobleman at that time... I think that's all."

He wanted to say something along the lines that he couldn't offer the "Jewel of Farenheit" even for a marriage that the King blessed. He must have said that to the house of McCain.

Jean's contempt was apparent on his face.

"He's so vulgar that it's a waste of time to even despise him."

"Clarisse, I can hardly ask you to forgive me."

The maid came into the room moments later, happy to see her again after all that time. Mary had brought some medicinal herbs with her, so she decided to take them to Ainsworth Manor as well. Just as Mary had expected, the head chef had baked many of Clarisse's favorite pastries and prepared them so she could take them with her. The servants were all surprised at the large, expressionless Jean, but they were happy to see Clarisse so happy with her partner.

Of course, her father and sister did not come out of the house, but today her mother saw them off.

Jean rode ahead after the luggage was loaded while Clarisse's mother held her hand.

"In the end, I was too selfish to protect you, my child. So I can't really ask you to forgive me, but I felt relieved when I saw you with Margrave Gutenberg. I don't know if I can be one to say this, but you are a strong girl. I've always seen how you are adored by the servants. So I'm sure you'll be fine."

'I'm sure you'll be fine..'

The words that Clarisse muttered in her heart to herself when she became a substitute bride in front of the Margrave residence, she was suddenly reminded of the words that her mother used to say to her when she was a child to comfort her. Her mother must have told herself the same words many times by now.


"I have no choice but to stay in this house, but the memory of my beloved is what keeps me alive. So don't come back no matter what."

"But, Mother..."

'Wouldn't the Farenheit family be in chaos from now on?'

Her mother interrupted before she can continue and shook her head firmly. She had always lived in the shadow of father, but now she looked clear and radiant.

"Margrave Gutenberg cares for you very much, so don't dwell on the past anymore, and live for the future."

So... how does everyone feel after knowing the full truth (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ her father is a piece of sh*t and I'll leave it at that.. don't feel so good about her mother either.. although I agree, she wasn't in a good position either, but at least she could've tried to salvage the relationship between her two daughters even if her husband was trash! idk but I'm sure she could've done more if she put up more effort ?

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