The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 22.1

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Chapter 22, part 1

"Did you know about Marquis McCain's heir?"

“Even though it's been a while since I've been to the royal capital, it doesn't mean that I haven't been receiving information... and since I arrived here, well..."

Clarisse blinked because, during the strategy meeting, Jean and Sid had told her that they had been working on gathering information since they had arrived in the royal capital. But they hadn't said anything about her sister's fiancé.

"Why do you think the heir to a great nobleman like the Marquis of McCain is still unmarried despite being over the age of 30?" Jean asked Clarisse.

"Is it because of a certain circumstance?"

"That's right."

Because of his origins, Gregory McCain had never struggled for money once. It seemed that he was incapable of committing himself to anything because he knew that he would be able to live lavishly off his inheritance in the future.

Even as an adult, he was flirtatious and careless with women, and already had several children out of wedlock. His mental capabilities are so bad that he can't even conduct political affairs properly. However, he manages to keep up appearances as an heir to the family due to the excellence of his attendants.

Since he was young, his parents have been trying to arrange marriages for him, but every time he got himself involved in a scandal, the first time with fraud, the second time with a woman, and the third time with money.

"The fact that he is the only child of the family with no one else to inherit the family is probably fortunate for Gregory, but unfortunate for the house of Marquis McCain."

Then, an unexpected marriage proposal came from the "Jewel of Farenheit".

Viscount Farenheit, knowing that if he offered Matilda, the "Jewel of Farenheit," the McCains would accept the marriage with open arms because of her excellent reputation, on the condition that they would provide considerable financial support to the Viscount’s family.

"My husband was pleased, saying that Matilda was sold at such a high price. Either way, rumors were circulating among the servants that our family was on the decline, so he thought it was time to marry off the money-consuming Matilda..."

Although the family was struggling financially, he bought her dresses and jewels as much as he could, perhaps thinking that it was his way of preparing to sell Matilda at a high price...

He didn't care about the personality or family background of the person he was marrying her to; he didn't care if Matilda was going to be happy or not; he just wanted to make money.

I'm sure that my sister will have a very hard time in the future at her new home... and since it's in exchange for money, she won't be able to come back... Father's revenge will be complete by giving her the same situation as mother... Well, revenge wouldn't be necessary if father hadn't been so obsessed with mother in the first place...

As Clarisse clutched her fist in her lap, Jean's large right hand gently wrapped around hers.

"If you don't mind me asking, you mentioned earlier that you received a letter from my husband, Margrave Gutenberg. If you don't mind, could you tell me what it said?"

Jean's gaze went to Clarisse as her mother made a desperate plea.

"Would you mind if I tell you here, and now, what I said I would tell you after we visited your parents' house?"

"Yes, of course, Jean-sama."

Looking up at him, Jean's gaze was fixed on her with those calm golden eyes.

"Clarisse, first of all, let me make it clear that I asked the king for you, Clarisse Farenheit, to be my wife from the very beginning."


"This is all I have to say, for now; I'll tell you the rest later."

Jean added in an expressionless but gentle tone, giving Clarisse the sort of smile he occasionally showed her and then turned to the Viscountess.

"How much do you know about my proposal?"

Her mother, who had been watching the exchange between Jean and Clarisse with tears welling up in her eyes, answered with a faint smile.

"I've heard that the Margrave Gutenberg wants my daughter as a reward for his achievements in the recent war, that the King has consented to it, and that he has imposed some minor conditions. However, my husband told me that he wanted Matilda instead, and I believed him, but it wasn't true. I'm sure of it, otherwise, that child's self-esteem wouldn't have been satisfied. "

'...That's right...'

Dumbfounded, Clarisse listened to the conversation.

It was all her father's plan for her sister. The only thing on his mind must have been how to make her sister happy and agree to marry the Marquis of McCain.

The conditions of the marriage were probably that she had to travel to the remote area alone, and the number of maids she had to bring with her.

"You didn't know, did you, that I wanted Clarisse? I made my proposal last year, but when the royal family contacted Viscount Fahrenheit, his response was prolonged?"

"I didn't know that either... my husband didn't mention anything about that..."

Jean nodded as if to say, "I thought it would be something like that."

"I think he was just starting to contact Gunter's residence to finalize Clarisse's engagement at the time. He must have been annoyed by the fact that I was interfering and that things might not go according to his plan.”

"...That may be the case..."

The Viscountess, who knew her husband's personality well, admitted this.

"I'm sure the royal family contacted you many times... Well, after waiting for a while, I finally received a letter from the Viscount saying that he accepted my marriage proposal..."

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