Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 21: Reunion

At Yu Xiao’s age, running with such high intensity was very difficult for her. If she hadn't gritted her teeth and persisted, she would have collapsed long ago.

“Aunt Yu, are you okay?” Xun Yi asked.

Yu Xiao waved her hand, unable to speak, just gasping for air.

“Baby, where do you think he will go?” Xun Yi solemnly asked Xun Ye on his back.

“Ordinary zombies have started appearing. It means that the giant zombie may already be dead, and President Yin killed it. As for where he is, maybe he’s also looking for us,” Xun Ye said.

“Can he... really kill the giant zombie all by himself?” Xun Yi was not as optimistic as Xun Ye. He was worried that something would happen to Yin Fuchuan.

“Of course.” Xun Ye was very certain.

Xun Yi didn't say anything but looked around worriedly as if he didn't know where to go.

They just met but had to separate again.

At Xun Yi’s silence, Xun Ye suggested softly, “Should I use my gun to attract his attention? If he’s nearby, he should come over when he hears the sound of gunfire.”

Xun Yi shook his head and sighed. “Don’t waste bullets. You’ll attract zombies too.”

Xun Ye was about to say something else when Xun Yi shushed him.

Xun Yi listened carefully. “Someone is coming. Hide.”

There were many of them too!

By the footsteps, there were at least a dozen people. They didn’t sound like zombies but more like humans.

In this era, living people were more terrifying than zombies.

Xun Yi looked around and saw a collapsed building at the intersection, which seemed damaged diagonally from the middle. The first and second floors near the corner were intact while other parts were in ruins.

“Let’s go.”

Xun Yi quickly ran to the corner and tried to open the door, but found that it was locked from the inside.

There were only two possibilities for this situation. First, the owner inside had turned into a zombie. Second, some survivors were hiding inside.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. Xun Yi kicked the door open. His current strength far surpassed ordinary people now, and normal doors could hardly withstand his kick.

However, the door didn’t fling open but merely revealed a gap. Something seemed to be blocking it.

That verified Xun Yi’s guess.

There was someone inside.

Xun Yi kicked a few more times to widen the gap and squeezed in.

A gust of wind blew in his face and Xun Yi raised his saber to block it.


The sound of a metal collision echoed in the room. Xun Yi pushed the attacker away and stepped forward to allow the people behind him to enter.

After Lu Di and Yu Xiao entered, they immediately closed the door and blocked it again with all the tables, chairs, sofas, and other objects they could find.

The room was a little dim, with only a small window across the street, and it was full of tables, chairs, and benches inside.

This should be a small shop with the smell of alcohol and a faint stench of blood in the air.

Xun Yi glanced around and saw several survivors huddled in the corner. They looked at Xun Yi and the others in horror.

The person who attacked Xun Yi was a young man, about the same age as Xun Yi, with handsome features and a pickaxe in his hand. He looked very fierce.

“This place belongs to us.”

The young man stared at them warily, his gaze on the black saber in Xun Yi's hand.

“I know. I won’t fight with you over this place. I just need shelter for the time being.” Xun Yi scanned the surroundings with the same caution.

“Hmph! There are many shelters around. You are not welcome here. Get out immediately!” The young man was a little arrogant and very hostile.

Xun Yi said coldly, “What if I refuse?”

“I’ll kill you.”

While saying that, the young man swung his pickaxe at Xun Yi again.

Xun Yi raised his saber to block the attack and hooked the pickaxe, using a subtle technique to prevent the young man from taking the pickaxe back. Then, he stepped forward with a kick.

The young man was kicked hard in the stomach. He lost his grip on the pickaxe and fell to the ground.

Xun Yi flicked his left hand and tossed the pickaxe behind him.


Lu Di caught it in a flurry, almost getting hit in the face by the pickaxe, and barely managed to grab the handle.

During the scuffle, Xun Yi used his left hand and didn’t even draw his saber. He only used the sheath to deal with the young man.

Lu Di's eyes lit up. He thought President Yin was amazing enough, but Mr. Xun was no worse.

“Are you… Xun Yi?” A voice came from behind the counter.

Xun Yi was startled. The voice sounded familiar.

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