Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 20: Separation After a Brief Reunion

Xun Yi rushed to the occupied storage room and shouted, “Come out quickly!”

Among the survivors hiding inside, some were quick to react and rushed to the door, first to enter the Magic Cube Domain. But the timid ones were still huddled in the storage room and dared not come out.

“Quick! I'll count to 5. I won't wait for anyone who doesn't come out!”

The giant zombie that went after the survivors at the entrance saw them and turned back.

“5, 4…”

“Xun Yi, the big monster is coming!”


“Get ready to run!”

“2, 1!”

The huge black shadow pounced.

Xun Yi gritted his teeth, and the Magic Cube Domain abruptly moved sideways. The giant zombie missed it and turned around in pursuit again.

Under Xun Yi’s control, the Magic Cube Domain rushed to the entrance of the building as if gliding on ice.

“Magic crystals!” Xun Yi yelled.

Everyone in the Magic Cube Domain took out their magic crystals, leaving none behind, and handed them all to Yin Fuchuan.

Yin Fuchuan handed them to Xun Yi as quickly as possible.

The magic crystals disappeared as soon as they touched Xun Yi’s hand.

Xun Ye grabbed several handfuls of magic crystals and handed them over. Xun Yi's hand was like a bottomless pit, able to absorb any number of magic crystals.

“Duck!” Xun Yi reminded loudly.

The height of the Magic Cube Domain suddenly dropped by half, and everyone squatted down.

Like a long train, the Magic Cube Domain slithered out of the entrance of the building.

It rushed into the street but slammed into an abandoned car. The people inside swayed and fell forward.

The Magic Cube Domain was blocked and unable to move forward. The giant zombie behind them roared and chased after them.

“Let me out.” Yin Fuchuan raised his saber and went to the back.


Xun Yi didn't want him to take the risk alone, but before he could say anything, Yin Fuchuan was about to hit the transparent wall.

Xun Yi hurriedly opened a door on the Magic Cube Domain to let him out.

If they were trapped here and got attacked, the Magic Cube Domain's magic energy would be exhausted within a few punches and everyone would end up dead.

As soon as Yin Fuchuan rushed out, he slashed one of the giant zombie's hands.

The giant zombie let out an angry roar and chased after Yin Fuchuan. The diversion was a success.

Yin Fuchuan jumped and shuttled between cars nimbly, and the giant zombie chased after him, sending the cars flying.

Xun Yi's heart thumped like a drum. After standing there for a while in a daze until his face turned pale, he ran to the sidewalk in the opposite direction.

He went to a collapsed building and disabled the Magic Cube Domain. After everyone landed, Xun Yi picked up Xun Ye and carried him on his back.

He wanted to find Yin Fuchuan. He couldn't just watch Yin Fuchuan die at the hands of the giant zombie.

Absolutely not!

He had been looking forward to this for so many years. How could he watch him die?!

“You can choose to hide in these buildings or continue to flee ahead. Run while the giant zombie has frightened away all the ordinary zombies,” Xun Yi said rapidly.

“Where are you going? Can we follow you?” a survivor asked.

They felt that their chances of survival would be greater if they could follow this person.

“I'm going to kill the giant zombie!”

Xun Yi said as he ran in the direction he came from.

“Aunt Yu!”

Yu Xiao followed Xun Yi.

Lu Di ran along without thinking. He had already made up his mind to follow the boss and Mr. Xun from now on.

Yin Weiping also wanted to follow, but he stopped after taking two steps. In the end, he stayed with the survivors.

Xun Yi ran very fast. A few zombies occasionally appeared along the way, but he slashed them all with his saber. He didn't even stop for magic crystals, simply chasing forward.

He was too worried about Yin Fuchuan. No matter how powerful he was, he had no experience fighting the giant zombie. What if he got injured? What if…

Xun Yi dared not think about it.

However, the more he ran, the more zombies appeared in front of him, and he knew that he might be running the wrong way.

If the giant zombie was here, ordinary zombies would stay away instead of wandering about.

Xun Yi stood in one spot and quickly determined the direction. He picked a path with the fewest zombies and continued to give chase.

In the end, even Xun Yi didn't know how long he had been chasing or how far he had run, but he still hadn't seen the giant zombie.

Of course, there was no sign of Yin Fuchuan either.

He stopped to rest, and Yu Xiao and Lu Di, who had been following him, caught up with him, panting.

They were out of breath, especially Yu Xiao, who could hardly stand up.

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