The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 20 - After

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Chapter 20 - After

She turned to look up at her father after the dignified Margrave had left the room without looking back, putting the violet ring he had taken back from Matilda in his breast pocket.

"Father...was that...true?"

Her father didn't answer, but the silence was all it took for her to know the answer.

Her mother, who was always looking down, stood up from her seat and walked quickly to the door as if she couldn't bear to hear the rest of the conversation. Her father usually disliked her mother doing whatever she wanted, but perhaps due to the shock, he didn't say anything today.

The bomb that the Margrave had dropped to protect Clarisse was extremely powerful...

Once they were alone, she asked her father again.

"Who is my-... my real father...?"

Her father's face was distorted.

"I told her to terminate the pregnancy, but your mother took it upon herself to give birth to you."


"Your father was a nobody, only decent looking, but lucky for you; he gave you the appearance worthy of being called the 'Jewel of Farenheit.'"

The father who had always loved and pampered Matilda was no longer there.

What she saw in his eyes were tremendous flames of hatred.

She was stunned at how much her father's appearance had changed in a matter of seconds.

"What about Clarisse?? Is that man Clarisse's father too?"

Her father snorted loudly.

"Your mother says I'm Clarisse's father - though, I don't know how much of that is true."

'Lies... Clarisse... is father's child?'

Only Clarisse… how unfair.

That was the first thought that came to Matilda's mind.

"That Margrave, he’s always doing unnecessary things! But all is well; I was getting tired of playing the good father anyway. Either way, you'll have to marry into the Marquis' household and be of use to our family. That's the only value you have."

'What is this person saying?'

Matilda, who spent a lot of time playing with noblemen behind her parents' back, knew that the Margrave was different; he was a very fine man, and no man around Matilda was as attractive as the Margrave. And without a doubt, he is in love with Clarisse. If such a relentless man were to get serious, he would definitely adore her and would never let go.

Clarisse is going to be happy from now on, and I'm going to be used as a tool for this family by marrying the Marquis?

She thought of Gregory, whom she had met only once.

His body was far more slender than the Margrave's, and the red lips on his pure white skin looked simply disgusting. She told Clarisse about the dress, but the truth was that she hadn't really talked much to Gregory.

The only reason she decided to marry him was that he was of higher rank and wealth than Clarisse's partner, the Margrave. She thought that as long as she had enough money, she would be able to afford beautiful dresses and jewels after her marriage and find a lover whose looks were to her liking.

If she had known that the Margrave was such a good-looking man, she wouldn't have let Clarisse go in her place, absolutely not!

It's not fair. It's not fair that Clarisse is happy.

I deserve to be happier than that incompetent Clarisse.

"No, I'm not marrying Lord Gregory. Clarisse can have him."

"You don't seem to understand your position. The engagement is already decided; it will never be annulled."

Her father got up from the sofa and started to leave the room as if he were done talking.

"...It's because of your mother's bad upbringing that you have grown up to be such a selfish girl."

Matilda's blood rushed to her head as he spoke ill of not only her but also her mother.


She had always known that her father had never been genuinely affectionate.

That's why she had constantly shoved Clarisse away and why she was always worried and insecure.

This happened because she was trying to please her father.

I was trying so hard to make my father like me...

Father is the one who made me this way...

Without a thought, Matilda picked up the teapot on the table in front of her and threw it aggressively at his head.

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