The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

According to her father, the matter of Clarisse's marriage had been arranged quietly behind the scenes and it was to be kept as private as possible at the Margrave's request.

She was allowed to bid farewell to a few noble ladies she was close to, but the future marriage was never announced publicly to the aristocratic society.

The Margrave had sent word through the royal family that Clarisse would be welcome to arrive at any time.

However, he could not come to the capital to pick her up because the current condition of the border was too unpredictable and he needed to remain to keep it secure.

"It's a pity there won't be a ceremony."

Matilda, who was still trying to bully Clarisse, said.

However, on the contrary, Clarisse was rather pleased that things were proceeding quietly.

She thought it would be worse if the Margrave came to the capital for the ceremony and found out that she was not the wife he had wanted.

It was unlikely that her selfish sister would have gone to that remote area just because she had been ordered by the king and if they were not careful, the Farenheit family would probably be ruined as a punishment for disobeying a royal decree.

Clarisse couldn't think of much to take with her, so she just packed a few of her favorite books in addition to her daily necessities, along with a few items that she treasure which were kept in a wooden box.

The winter in the remote area was said to be very cold, however she thought it would be better to buy winter clothes there, so she didn't bother to prepare them.

The only maid she was taking with her was Mary, who had volunteered. Although Mary wasn't the only one who volunteered to go with her, she had to comply with the order from the Margrave that she could only bring one personal maid.

Mary was four years older than Clarisse, and she had been Clarisse's maid since they were both little, so having her for company was reassuring.

The preparations proceeded smoothly and the departure date for the wedding was set, and the only thing left for her to do was simply to keep quiet and do everything she was told.

When the morning of her departure finally arrived, her parents and Matilda bid farewell to Clarisse at the mansion's entrance.

"Take care of yourself."

As her father said this, her tearful mother nodded next to him.

"I will miss you, Clarisse. Be sure to write to me."

Matilda said with the face of a sister who was grieving over the fact that her beloved sister was moving faraway. There was no one better at this kind of acting than her.

It was hard to believe that she was the same person who had been sitting in Clarisse's room a few minutes ago, saying how refreshing it was to see her leave.

Once their parents arrived Matilda had quickly changed her to a gloomy expression. She had always been this quick to change her expressions since childhood, and Clarisse had no intention to say anything about it now. She just thought, vaguely, that her sister seemed happy to get rid of her.

"Father, mother, sister Matilda, take care."

That was the end of the conversation.

After a quick farewell, Clarisse walked out of the house with Mary and was surprised to see all the servants lined up outside.

"You all..."

They were all the people who had served Clarisse well since she was a child. Seeing them felt much more sorrowful than saying goodbye to her parents and sister.

"Take care of yourself, Lady Clarisse. Mary, you must serve Lady Clarisse well."

The head maid looked at Mary with teary eyes.

"Of course I will, even if it costs me my life."

The head maid, the butler, the head chef, and the other servants all expressed their grief at Clarisse's departure and their concern for her future.

"Thank you, everyone. I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for you. I hope you will continue to support the Farenheit family."

As the sound of sobbing echoed through the air, Clarisse fought to keep from crying as she and Mary walked out the gate.

The Margrave had sent them a carriage for her to travel in.

It would take three days by carriage from the royal capital to the border where the margrave residence was located.

The coachman of the Gutenberg family was surprised at the small amount of luggage she was bringing with her. He glanced quickly at the other young man next to him, who nodded as if to say he understood.

"My Lady, the daughter of Viscount Farenheit."

The young man opened his mouth.

He was a tall man with pale golden hair and a kind face.

"My name is Marius, the eldest son of Viscount Shtok, in the service of the Margrave Gutenberg. I am here to escort you on behalf of the Margrave."

As he looked at Clarisse's face, he saw that her violet eyes widened as if she was startled, but she quickly blinked to hide her shock.

"Lord Marius."

Clarisse greeted Marius with a smile.

"Marius is fine."

"'Then, by all means, call me Clarisse as well."

"Very well, My Lady, then, please come this way, Miss Clarisse."

Marius assisted Clarisse and Mary into the carriage and then sat down next to the coachman.

'What a beautiful person!'

Marius thought back to Clarisse's beautiful face as he leaned back against the swaying carriage. Those violet eyes... there's nothing quite like them.

Marcus thought back to the scene he had just witnessed, and she seemed to be adored by the servants as well.

There was less luggage than he had expected, and from what he caught a glimpse of, the contents were relatively modest. No wonder the coachman was surprised.

Marius came from a similar family as the Farenheit family, as both families hold the title of Viscount. Still, his mother and sister always made a fuss over trips that lasted for a few days, and as he recalls, the luggage they always packed him was more than Clarisse's today.

'She's a strange one, Miss Clarisse...'

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