Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 2: Doomsday Gaming Field Begins

“Hey, sister-in-law, didn't we agree before that I’ll move here to take care of Xiao Ye? Why are you here too? Don’t you have to work?” Xun Keru crossed her arms and looked at the woman who had just walked in with her suitcase.

Zhou Qin grimaced and said with a sigh, “I've been on vacation recently, and I want to come over to help take care of Xiao Ye. Xun Yi has been missing for three months, and no one knows if he’s dead or alive. Even the cops can’t find any clues. I think the chances are slim. Xiao Ye is still such a small child. He lost his grandparents in a car accident two years ago, and even his father is gone now. He’s so pitiful. As his grandma, I can’t bear to see Xiao Ye at home alone.”

Xun Keru simply rolled her eyes. It’d be a miracle if she really felt sorry for Xiao Ye.

After Xun Ye's grandparents passed away, Xun Yi was busy filming all over the world, and no one took care of Xun Ye. Zhou Qin was afraid that Xun Yi would ask her to help take care of the kid. She was already retired, but she quickly went out to find a job because of this.

Later, she learned that Xun Yi had found a nanny for Xun Ye, and the salary was quite high, so she asked Xun Yi if he needed her help. It was safer for a family member to take of the kid than an outsider, after all.

The answer Xun Yi gave was, “Don’t you have to work too? How could I trouble you? Xiao Ye has a nanny to take care of him, so that’s settled.”

Now, she found out that Xun Yi had been missing for a while, leaving Xiao Ye alone at home, she was very eager to show her concern for Xiao Ye.

Xun Keru waved her hand. “I can take care of Xiao Ye by myself. You can go back and take care of your whole family of elderly and kids.”

Zhou Qin said hastily, “That won’t do. I’ll stay.”

With that said, she pulled her big suitcase and walked into the living room. She looked around as she walked, hardly able to contain her smile. “The home of a celebrity is so different indeed. How much is such a big house worth? Oh, this should be Xiao Ye. What a beautiful kid. You look like a star in the making!”

A little boy was leaning back on the couch in the living room, eating snacks while looking at the woman who just walked in.

The little boy was about five or six years old. He had a pair of green eyes more beautiful than the most dazzling gems in the world. His silver-white hair was shiny and soft, and he was too cute for words.

The little boy didn’t sit on the couch properly but climbed onto the back of the couch, swaying his little short legs back and forth.

“Who are you?” Xun Ye's voice was childish, but his tone was quite mature.

The smile on Zhou Qin's face froze and almost went out of control, but she replied in the end, “I’m your eldest grandma. Don’t you remember me, Xiao Ye?”

Xun Ye was still munching potato chips. “How can I remember someone I’ve never met?”

This time, Zhou Qin really failed to keep the smile on her face.

Xun Ye raised his chin. “What are you doing here with your suitcase?”

Zhou Qin managed to squeeze out a smile. “Oh, I'm here to stay for a few days, so I can take care of you.”

Xun Ye took out another potato chip with his white and tender hands, munched on it noisily, and said incoherently, “No need. I don’t welcome outsiders in my home. Don’t you know that I hadn’t needed a nanny since I was 5 years old?”

Zhou Qin could no longer maintain her smile. “Hey kid, didn't your father teach you to respect your elders? I'm your grandma. What nanny are you talking about?”

Xun Ye waved his little chubby arms nonchalantly. “I don’t need either grandma or nanny. Please leave.”

“Hey, this kid is really biased. Why can your aunt stay but not me?” Zhou Qin was very displeased. She had never encountered a child who spoke in such a forthright manner.

“It was very late when she got here last night so I have no choice but to keep her for the night. She has to leave today too,” Xun Ye answered with a serious face.

Xun Keru didn't expect to be implicated in their conversation.

Xun Keru was annoyed by the snobby Zhou Qin in the first place, so she could no longer hold back when she heard Xun Ye’s words. “Say, Xun Ye, I took time out of my busy schedule to take care of you. Don’t be an ingrate. A child like you should watch your words.”

Xun Ye tilted his head and looked at her in surprise. “Are you here to take care of me?”

Xun Keru was frustrated. “Why else would I be doing here?”

“Aren’t you here to suck up to me so that you can get my custody rights and get your hands on the huge inheritance left to me by my grandparents and father? Have I misunderstood?” Xun Ye opened his big jewel-like eyes wide and looked at the two women in front of him.

Xun Keru and Zhou Qin gasped. Was this really a 6-year-old kid or a freak? This small child actually knew so much, and easily exposed their intention with a simple remark. This was simply terrifying.

Xun Ye shook his head and sighed. “If you want to please me, you should be more professional about it. How can you take care of me if you sleep until noon? Do you expect me to cook for you and take care of you instead?”

“Y-You damn kid…” Xun Keru was so angry that her chest hurt.

Before she could lose her temper, Xun Ye took out the cell phone hidden under the pillow. “I kept the recording on. Just try to scold me. Now, get out of my house immediately, or I'm going to call the cops.”

“Y-You monster! Anyone can tell that you’re not human at a glance. You must be a monster reincarnated from somewhere. How dare you make a recording? Give me your phone. See if I don't teach you a lesson on behalf of your old man!” Xun Keru's voice became sharp, and she rushed toward Xun Ye while cursing.

Xun Ye turned over and fell onto the couch. While Xun Keru came from one end, Xun Ye ran to the other end.

Even if he wanted to call the cops, he had to ensure his safety. Xun Ye was not so stupid to stand still and wait for the cops to rescue him.

“Sister-in-law, stop him. This damn kid can’t possibly do anything.” Seeing that Xun Ye was about to run away, Xun Keru could only shout at Zhou Qin who was dumbfounded.

Zhou Qin was already stunned by this scene. “Oh, okay.”

While saying that, she tried to block Xun Ye's way. Xun Ye ran to the wall and knocked down the big fish tank placed by the wall. The tank shattered all over the floor with a loud crash, and Zhou Qin backed away in fright. Xun Ye seized the opportunity and ran to the door, stepping on the broken glass shards in the process.

As soon as he opened the door, he bumped into someone.

Yu Xiao hugged the child who bumped into her and asked repeatedly in shock, “What’s going on, Xiao Ye? What happened?”

As soon as Xun Ye saw Aunt Yu Xiao staying across from him, he quickly hid behind her and shouted, “They want to kill me! They want to seize my grandparents' and father's property!”

Xun Keru rushed over and saw someone she didn’t recognize but was unfazed. “Damn kid, watch your words! I’m here to take care of you. What’s wrong with that? Come back here!”

As Xun Keru said that, she reached out for Xun Ye, but Yu Xiao stopped her. “Please calm down. You’ll scare the child if you do this.”

“Scare him? He won’t be scared so easily, okay? I’m Xun Ye's aunt. This is our family affair. An outsider like you should keep out of it.” Xun Keru's voice was very loud. Even if Yu Xiao was anxious, her voice was gentle and soft, no match for Xun Keru's loud voice.

As Xun Keru said that, she tried to snatch Xun Ye back with Zhou Qin. Yu Xiao hugged Xun Ye tightly, and said anxiously, “How can I give you the child if you behave this way? You can’t do this even if you’re his relative. Don't grab the child so roughly. I'm going to call the cops.”

Hearing that, Zhou Qin felt a little scared, but she still shouted, “Okay, call the cops. Let’s see who the cops will arrest. Judging from your seductive appearance, I can tell at a glance that you’re a mistress being kept by a rich man.”

It was the first time that Yu Xiao was accused of this. She used to be a famous dancer in the country. She was beautiful, with a good figure and a good demeanor. Later, she got married and had a child. Her husband doted on her, and her son was obedient. As she got older, her husband and son persuaded her to stay at home and enjoy life. Who would have thought that she would encounter such a thing today?

Xun Yi rushed home anxiously and kept pressing the elevator button, hoping that the elevator could arrive sooner. The elevator finally reached his floor, and he never expected to see such a scene as soon as he got out of the elevator.

Aunt Yu Xiao, the neighbor across from him, hugged Xun Ye tightly. There were two women, one pulled Aunt Yu Xiao, while the other pulled Xun Ye with all her might. Xun Ye grabbed Aunt Yu Xiao's arms and refused to let go, and his little body staggered between the adults.

Xun Ye ran out without his shoes, wearing only white socks, leaving small bloody footprints on the light-colored floor.

Xun Yi's pupils shrank sharply, and his eyes turned red with overwhelming anger. He roared, “What are you doing?!”

The three people hustling and hurling insults suddenly stopped.

Zhou Qin and Xun Keru couldn't believe it. They never imagined that Xun Yi, who had been missing for three months, to turn up again. Weren't big stars like him usually the most popular with kidnappers? Why was he back after being kidnapped?


Xun Ye kept a straight face throughout the whole process. No matter what they did, he never showed any emotion. But when he saw his father, who had been missing for three months, finally back again, Xun Ye couldn't contain his fear any longer. He burst into tears and rushed over like a small cannonball.

Xun Yi stepped forward quickly, picked up Xun Ye, grabbed his ankle, and looked at the soles of his feet.

With one glance, his heart started aching. A few pieces of broken glass were stuck in the soles of Xun Ye’s feet, and his socks were stained with blood. He was also dragged all over the floor just now. How painful it would be to step on them again and again.

Xun Yi was so distressed that he kept stroking Xun Ye's little head. “Does it hurt? Does your feet hurt?”

Xun Ye sobbed and nodded repeatedly.

In fact, he never felt the pain before this. He was so scared that he couldn't care less about his pain. Now that his father grabbed his feet and asked him, he realized belatedly that his feet hurt.

Xun Yi looked at Zhou Qin and Xun Keru coldly. When their parents were still around, these two relatives were not close to them. Now that their parents were gone, Xun Ye had even less contact with them after he left with Xun Yi. For them to appear right now, Xun Yi knew exactly what they were after without asking.

Xun Keru stood at the door. When she met Xun Yi's gaze, her heart froze. “I didn't do this. He ran out barefooted by himself.”

Xun Yi glanced at his house. The living room floor was covered with water and glass shards, and the beautiful little goldfish that Xun Ye liked most were dead on the floor.

Xun Yi wanted to burst into anger, but he knew that this was not the time, which was running out.

He was about to ask Aunt Yu Xiao to go home and stay indoors. Doomsday was coming, and she would not be safe alone. Aunt Yu Xiao had helped the father and son a lot in the past two years. Xun Ye was close to her, and Xun Yi was very grateful to her.

But before he said anything, the cold mechanical voice appeared in his mind again.

“Doomsday Gaming Field officially begins. Players are requested to do your best to level up and obtain magic crystals.”

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