My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 198: The End

Hours ago, Hollow Mountain.

The demon spawn pointed at Jing Yue lightly, and Hollow Mountain entered the demon's domain.

The demons rose from all directions and started the killing spree again.

At this time, the formation was successfully deployed, and Jing Yue was free. Qin Yanzhi, Yi Ye, and the others joined in the fight against the demon soldiers.

Cheng Nian held Taihao in his hand. Because of the Chaos Technique he practiced, his level had improved by leaps and bounds, and he had reached Heavenly Grotto.

He moved like a nimble dragon, and with one strike from Taihao, countless shredded leaves appeared out of nowhere, dancing wildly in the air. Once the leaves landed on the demon soldiers, they immediately ignited a raging fire, like clusters of blooming red flowers, melting the demon soldiers.

The ashes fell on the ground, and thousands of giant trees grew immediately. The giant trees were so high that they went straight into the sky, igniting flames again, illuminating the domain full of demonic energy red, forcing the demonic energy so that it could only shrink in a dark corner.

Cheng Nian jumped onto a burning log and raised his arms. The land continued to rise, and the giant log continued to grow.

Cheng Nian on the giant tree was like a god of fire returning to the sky. He swung his sword decisively. The sword intent contained extremely cold metal energy, and the collision made a crack in the invisible domain barrier!

He didn't have the ability to break the domain yet, but he had helpers.


The azure sword light repeatedly slashed cracks, and the marks overlapped. Turbulent waves surged in the cracks, and the violent blue waves splashed foam. Everything exploded and pushed the cracks wider and wider.

Yi Ye seemed very solemn on a rare occasion. Only this appearance of his reminded others that he was the one who supported the sect single-handedly and continued the inheritance when Frostcloud Sect was in crisis.

Water droplets floated all over the sky. At a closer look, each drop of water contained the tide of the moon, and this technique was Yi Ye’s self-created skill—Moon Above the Sea Tide.

As Yi Ye swung his sword again, the water droplets burst open one after another, and the mighty tidal force tried to suck everything on the ground away. Even the cultivators had to use their spiritual power to stabilize their bodies.

The shadow of the bright moon hung in the domain, but the moonlight was blue.

The rays of light turned into hundreds of millions of sword energy. The incomplete domain completely shattered, and the sun once again shone on Hollow Mountain.

Breaking the domain was not very difficult for Yi Ye, but how to kill the demon spawn?

Jing Yue indicated that they should use the formation to attract the power of the stars, and then use the star power to attack the demon spawn. The blue phoenix taught him this method, which he relayed to Kong Miao and the others. But the effort of attracting the star power must be huge, and one careless move would result in death. Cultivators mostly chose to cultivate to transcend their own realms and live as long as the world existed. If not as the last resort, who would be willing to risk their lives?

Moreover, even the blue phoenix wasn’t sure if this could really destroy the demon spawn.

After all, Jing Yue and the others could attract too little star power, and the formation only gave them one day.

Jing Yue looked at the golden sun. As the person in charge of the formation, the star power he wanted to borrow came from the sun.

But suddenly, his eyes darkened again. The demon spawn unleashed another domain.

Jing Yue felt annoyed subconsciously. Before he could react, a familiar sword light pierced the sky and broke a hole in the domain.

Qin Yanzhi turned to Jing Yue without looking at him and said solemnly, “I’ll stand guard. You… just do what you need to do.”

Jing Yue, “Don't worry, I'll be fine.”

Qin Yanzhi laughed abruptly. “At a time like this, who can guarantee if something can or cannot happen? You can't, and neither can I.”

Jing Yue was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to say.

Qin Yanzhi finally turned his head, with reluctance and acceptance in his eyes. “Do what you want, and I will be with you. If you live, I live. If you die, I die.”

Jing Yue pursed his thin lips into a straight line, said no more, and began to cast spells to borrow strength.

Qin Yanzhi did what he said. In order to protect Jing Yue, he released the two sword souls of Taiqing and Daoyi. With a sword in each hand, he continuously destroyed the domain of the demon spawn.

When he dealt with the Yao Saint thousands of years ago, he merged his three ‘hun’ into the sword, and the sword soul that was born could even cut a crack in the sky. But the demon spawn today was far stronger than the Yao Saint, and the two sword souls no longer had his ‘hun’ as a boost. But even if there was, he dared not cut a crack in the sky and dared not wake up Heavenly Dao, because Heavenly Dao was on the demon spawn’s side.

The only thing Qin Yanzhi could do at this time was to protect Hollow Mountain for Jing Yue so that Jing Yue could borrow the power of the sun without interruptions.

But the demon spawn obviously knew that the main formation posed the greatest threat to it, and the domains continued coming.

In the end, be it Yi Ye, Cheng Nian, the countless cultivators on Hollow Mountain, or the huge fire dragon, everyone felt the strain, but Qin Yanzhi still kept his back straight, striking with his sword one after another, one domain at a time.

It was not that he was tireless, nor was his spiritual power endless, but that he had entered a mysterious state, and his whole person seemed to be an indestructible sword.

The sword souls of Taiqing and Daoyi had already returned to his dantian. The domains would shatter as soon as they came into contact with Qin Yanzhi's sword energy, unable to stop the sun at all.

The wind formed by the sword energy made Qin Yanzhi's clothes rustle. Half of his long hair was loose, but he didn’t look unkempt at all. Those emotionless eyes struck awe in everyone's hearts, admiring him from the bottom of their hearts.

After an unknown amount of time, Qin Yanzhi suddenly paused and looked south of the Central Region.

“Tao Xian-laozu…”

Right after that, the four directions illuminated and triggered movements in the star positions.

It was closely followed by screams that resounded through the World of Seven Continents... from the demon spawn.

The demonic energy quickly faded, and domains no longer formed. Everyone on Hollow Mountain was overjoyed, but West Shu was filled with Han Guang's angry roars!

Han Guang sensed that the demon spawn had been severely injured. In fact, since the Multiworld Star Formation took shape, he felt an ominous foreboding. When the premonition became a reality, he still couldn't restrain the anger in his chest.

“Tao Xian! Kong Miao! Liu Feng! And the goddamned Dragon Ancestor!”

Han Guang had paid a hefty price for the demon spawn, even sacrificing his confidantes for many years. How could he tolerate the righteous Dao ruining his plan?

He couldn't, and neither could the other demonic cultivators. Everyone cursed the righteous Dao whom no one dared to mention by name in the past. But the blow to the demonic Dao was not over yet. Another beam of golden light soared into the sky in Central Region. Under the light, every demonic cultivator felt suffocated as if all the demonic energy was about to dissipate.


Han Guang gritted his teeth and subconsciously rushed forward but he could do nothing. He could only watch helplessly as the blood-red sunset became more glaring and purer. The surface of the sun was surrounded by tens of thousands of golden threads, which finally broke through the light clouds and turned into countless burning golden waterfalls, falling straight upon West Shu!

“No! Stop! STOP!!!”

Han Guang was almost going crazy. The fading demonic energy told him that the demon spawn was extremely weak. With another burst of star power, the demon spawn that he had guarded for thousands of years would surely dissipate, and the demonic Dao would also fall into decline.

No, he would never allow that to happen!

Han Guang's crimson eyes swept around, and all he saw were demonic cultivators gathered from all sides, more than a hundred thousand.

These people trusted him, followed him, and fought with him against the righteous Dao cultivators who dared to mess around in West Shu. These people definitely wouldn’t want to return to the past, and they definitely wouldn't blame him!

Han Guang's eyes darkened, and he made a cruel decision!

Hollow Mountain.

Jing Yue's original jade-like face seemed dejected, and his eyes were full of disappointment. “Just a bit more.”

One sliver of the sun was left, and their time was running out. Before the next sunrise, they must kill the demon spawn.

Qin Yanzhi raised his hand to wipe the blood from his lips and said in a low voice. “Take a good rest. I’m still around.”

Jing Yue wondered, “You’re not in charge of the formation. How can you attract star power?”

Qin Yanzhi smiled and replied to the person who made his heart soften the most, “I have my sword.”

Seeing that Qin Yanzhi was about to leave, Jing Yue instinctively pulled him. Qin Yanzhi held his hand. “I still have you. If you live, I’ll live too.”

After saying that, he let go of his hand, and his figure melted into the darkening sky. A few minutes later, he floated in the air again, and slashed heavily in the direction of the demon spawn!

At this time, the sun finally set, and the silver moon and stars hung high.

The shooting sword light drew a trace in the dark night. One sword was like ten thousand swords, and it generated thousands of changes and hundreds of millions of vitalities. But in the end, it merged into the plainest move, which seemed all-encompassing and unstoppable!

If such a sword hit the demon spawn, the latter would surely die.

Everyone stared at the sword light intently and never looked away until the sword light disappeared.

But suddenly, someone shouted, “Oh no!”

West Shu suddenly glowed red, spawning a billowing demon stampede, forming a storm that rolled into the sky, but it disappeared quickly as if being swallowed.

“It's Han Guang!” Jing Yue said solemnly. “How dare he!”

To create such a big commotion, Han Guang had to sacrifice more than 100,000 demonic cultivators. How could Han Guang do it alone?

“The demonic cultivators were probably bewitched by him, and combined with their unstable mindsets, they sacrificed voluntarily.” Qin Yanzhi fell from midair. At this time, his face was pale and his breathing was unstable. “I'm sorry, I…”

Jing Yue stopped him. “You don’t have to apologize. It's not easy to go against Heavenly Dao in the first place.”

Everyone nodded and comforted him, “Don’t take it to heart, Qin-laozu.”

If Qin Yanzhi could really kill the demon spawn with one sword, it would be too smooth and too easy.

Everyone hoped so, but everyone was also ready for it to fail.

In order to know the situation in West Shu, Jing Yue waved an ice mirror in the air again. In the mirror, the demon spawn kept absorbing demonic energy. Its injuries were healing rapidly, and its evolution was getting faster and faster.

The demonic energy sacrificed by one hundred thousand demonic cultivators was too rich. Perhaps it would only take a moment for the demon spawn to evolve into an adult body.

“What should we do now?” Cheng Nian was very anxious and asked the question in everyone's mind.

They no longer had the energy to mobilize the star power again, and they didn't know how to save the situation. Everyone was at a loss.


Thunder rumbled in the sky.

Jing Yue's heart skipped a beat. He was very familiar with it, the aura of heavenly tribulation.

Its arrival meant that the demon spawn would evolve!

Looking at the silver snakes dancing in the dark night, Jing Yue suddenly had a thought, and a blaze flashed in his eyes. The sword that his Shizun, A-Wu used in the Torrential Realm was also the last movement in the Canglan Sword Technique.

Since Shizun was able to withstand the heavenly tribulation with a single sword, he could try it too.

Although he didn't have Shizun's ability, he had Shizun's courage and responsibility in life that he couldn’t relinquish.

With a slight movement of Jing Yue, his arm was held.

That person said, “I’m going with you.”

Jing Yue turned his head and met Qin Yanzhi's knowing eyes.

Yes, at that time, Qin Yanzhi was by his side and also saw Shizun's sword.

“We promised to face life and death together.”

Qin Yanzhi's tone was flat, but Jing Yue could see the imperceptible panic in those beautiful eyes, and the scene of Yi Wang kneeling alone on Nine Fraction Snow Mountain thousands of years ago flashed through his mind, and also the scene where Yi Wang tried to grab him in a panic when he left the Forsaken Flower.

Jing Yue suddenly felt that maybe leaving Qin Yanzhi alone was the true sin.

Moreover, he had no way to stop the other party.

Jing Yue covered Qin Yanzhi with his other hand, and all words were contained in the warmth of the touch.

Yi Ye walked over at this time, silent on a rare occasion, and merely looking at Jing Yue with gloomy eyes.

Jing Yue avoided Yi Ye's gaze and felt a little guilty. Yi Ye was able to support the sect alone back then. Now with Cheng Nian, they would definitely be able to defend Frostcloud Sect.

He faked a cough and wanted to leave Yi Ye some parting words, but the other party said softly, “This disciple understands.”

Jing Yue was startled, and finally decided to look at Yi Ye, but couldn't see anything from the other party's eyes. It turned out that after many years, this little crybaby who used to make him angry already had the ability to confound him.

Even so, Jing Yue didn't have time to get to the bottom of it. The first tribulation had befallen, and the lightning illuminated the sky like daytime.

Although they were far away from West Shu, they still sensed the terrifying power of the heavenly tribulation.

No one took any chances, and no one thought that the demon spawn would die from this.

Jing Yue's eyes hovered between Yi Ye and Cheng Nian. After a long time, he nodded slightly to the two and jumped into the air with Qin Yanzhi.

“Shizun!” Cheng Nian yelled anxiously, trying to give chase, but was stopped by Yi Ye.

“Many years ago, my Shizun Daoist-Master Jing Yuan once told me that I’m the hope and future of Frostcloud Sect.” Yi Ye looked at the two figures in the night sky and said slowly, “Now, the hope and future of Frostcloud Sect lies with you.”

Cheng Nian hardly understood, and Yi Ye added, “As long as Frostcloud Sect’s inheritance is still there, we won’t die.”

Cheng Nian felt uneasy, but a sudden pain in the back of his head knocked him out.

At this time, Jing Yue held his natal sword with both hands, and the icy temperature from Mini Canglan somehow calmed Jing Yue's mind.

Before rebirth, after rebirth; many people, many things… At this moment, everything revolved in his mind and buried in his heart. After that, Jing Yue’s eyes only reflected the heavenly tribulation surging in the thick clouds.

Perhaps he was too engrossed and too eager, but he saw a familiar figure in the flickering light.

The other party also held a sword, but his figure gradually merged into the sword. The sword that was slashed out was also the one that Jing Yue wanted to perform, which seemed like the Galaxy that Fell into Nine Heavens!

Jing Yue closed his eyes and composed himself. Shizun's voice rang in his ears, and the other party said—sword from my heart, I offer my body to the sword.

Jing Yue only felt a suction force pulling him from the sword blade, as if he heard Canglan and Mini Canglan calling for him. He didn’t resist and even felt a sense of affection as if this was the home where he belonged.

Jing Yue's figure gradually blurred, and his soul left his body, and the same was true of Qin Yanzhi beside him.

In an instant, the two disappeared without a trace, and Mini Canglan Sword became brighter than the lightning, the stars, the cold moon, and the sun!

But Mini Canglan remained on the spot as if waiting for someone or something.

Suddenly, a figure appeared and held Mini Canglan Sword without hesitation.

The person had gray hair but a youthful and handsome face. Who else could it be but Yi Ye? When he grabbed the hilt of the sword, he also felt a strong suction force. Yi Ye decisively relaxed and allowed Mini Canglan to take everything away from him.

The three master and disciples sacrificing themselves must produce a sword that could split the world apart.

At this time, the sword power emanating from Mini Canglan was enough to make all living beings submit, as if the overlord had descended upon the world, awe-inspiring and reverential.

When the sword appeared, the howling sound was like wind and thunder piercing through the ears, and thousands of swords in the World of Seven Continents reverberated.

“It's a divine artifact!” Someone looked at the swords hanging all over the sky above their heads and felt the trembling and fighting spirit coming from the natal sword. He exclaimed, “Only a divine artifact can produce this phenomenon!”

Perhaps a celestial artifact was enough to intimidate all swords, but only a divine artifact could make all swords produce the fighting spirit to follow it!

How long had it been since the World of Seven Continents saw a divine artifact? They thought that the divine artifact had already become a legend, but they were lucky enough to see one today!

Everyone's eyes were full of infatuation, their bodies trembling and their blood boiling. They wished they could snatch that sword for their own, but couldn’t help feeling humble as if they had desecrated this divine sword just by looking at it.

After a long time, someone finally figured out where the divine artifact came from. Their blood gradually cooled down, and they fell into silence.

Hollow Mountain was as silent as a graveyard.

Sorrow spread in all directions. Kong Miao leaned on an old tree, clasped his hands together, and chanted a mantra in a low voice

Lei Jing, who was unable to transform into a human form for the time being, crouched on the wet ground and closed his eyes to hide the complex emotions.

The weak Tao Xian was supported by his disciples. When he heard the sobs behind him, he sighed heavily.

And Liu Feng, the number one female cultivator in the world who was always smiling, had a tear falling from the corner of her eye.

At the foot of Hollow Mountain, a little blue chicken was flapping its little wings vigorously. His Jing-jing needed him, and he wanted to return to Jing-jing’s side as soon as possible.

But suddenly, the little blue chicken stopped, stared blankly at the sky, and muttered to himself, “Jing-jing doesn't want Ji-ji anymore…”


Another loud noise shook the world. The sword light illuminated everything and cleared away the surroundings.

After that sword, no demons were left in this world!

Be it the human race or Yao race, be it the righteous Dao or demonic Dao, the ups and downs of everything in front of the eternal Heavenly Dao were just a drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning.

No matter how painful the story, no matter how tragic the history, it would eventually fade with time and turn into a few lines on the classics.

500 years were enough to heal the wounds of the mountains and rivers, soothe the sorrows of the human race, and allow the World of Seven Continents to rejuvenate and flourish.

In the meditation room of Three Realm Temple, Cheng Nian sat opposite Kong Miao.

The head of Frostcloud Sect came here to participate in the Dao partner ceremony between Ruan Jiu, the only secular disciple of Three Realm Temple, and Wei Zhentu, the elder of Scattered Star Villa.

Everyone in the cultivation world knew their story, and they were blessed by all the righteous Dao cultivators. Now that the grand ceremony was over, Cheng Nian was also preparing to return to the sect.

Before leaving, he came to meet Kong Miao to show his respect for the most prominent figure of Three Realm Temple.

Kong Miao was very old now. During the Demon Catalyst, Kong Miao exhausted too much cultivation to attract star power, and he lost the chance to ascend. In fact, since a hundred years ago, Kong Miao's cultivation had been slowly regressing, and he was no different from a mortal centenarian now.

But the death that might occur at any time did not frighten this monk with thousands of years of wisdom. His eyes were peaceful and he exuded benevolence with his whole being.

Unfortunately, this atmosphere did not infect Cheng Nian. When he saw Kong Miao, he couldn't help thinking of the three people he hadn’t seen since waking up 500 years ago. He couldn't even find their bodies!

Cheng Nian didn't want to stay in Three Realm Temple any longer, and was about to bid farewell to Kong Miao, when he suddenly heard the other party say, “Frostcloud Sect is about to hold your open day soon, right?”

Cheng Nian nodded. “The day to open the mountain will be in 27 days.”

Kong Miao, “Hurry back. They are waiting for you.”

Cheng Nian was startled, not knowing who the other party was referring to, but Kong Miao didn't explain, just smiled mysteriously.

Cheng Nian felt his heart skip a beat, but he had no way to find out more. He could only go back to Frostcloud Sect to find the answer by himself.

Rushing back at top speed, Cheng Nian finally arrived at Lakhfrig Mountain on the 24th day.

Outside the Frostcloud Sect barrier, three teenagers waited there, one of them dressed in blue with a familiar little blue chicken on his shoulder.

The little blue chicken was as unruly as he remembered, cursing at the laughing youth on the right at this time, “Hmph! If Ji-ji hadn't been smart enough to retrieve your soul-minds, you would have been in great trouble! How dare you make Ji-ji angry! I'll beat you to death!”

After saying that, he was about to rush over to peck the other party, but was caught by the youth in blue, “Ji-ji, stop fooling around.”

The little blue chicken twisted around indignantly. Seeing he couldn't break free, he leaned against the youth's palm angrily and stopped talking.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the little blue chicken fell quiet, a childish voice came from nowhere, “Fool around! Fool around!”

The little blue chicken struggled angrily and vigorously, “How dare you repay kindness with grudge!”


The youth on the right couldn't stop laughing, while the boy in blue looked helpless. Only the youth on the left was silent like frost and snow, but his eyes never left the youth in blue.

Cheng Nian's eyes were hot. He held the trembling Taihao tightly and took a step forward nervously. “S-Shizun?”

The youth in blue turned around. Seeing him, a warm smile filled his eyes. “Yes, I’m here.”

That was the most beautiful sentence Cheng Nian had ever heard, just two simple words—I’m here.

Author’s Notes: The Last Mini Theater

Yi Ye: Hahaha! I can also take center stage now! Youth is auspicious in every way. Splendid!

Ji-ji: Everything is all thanks to me in the end! It’s all because of Ji-ji that you are what you are today!

Yi Ye: Hmph, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't know that my Second-shixiong became my Shizun’s wife. I was so shocked that I wished I could die again!

Jing-jing: …

Rouge: …

Yi Ye: But someone is more pitiful than me (glances at the only adult present)

Xiao Hei: ???

Translator’s Notes:

Extras coming up!

Some comments mentioned that the ending is quite vague. Although not explicitly stated, my personal take is that Ji-ji performed a spell to retrieve the soul-minds of Jing Yue, Qin Yanzhi, and Yi Ye after they sacrificed themselves to the sword, but in the process, all of them fell into a situation similar to Haotian Realm where Lil Yanzhi was reborn as a child, and it took them 500 years to return to the World of Seven Continents.

Other comments mentioned that it seems too easy to kill the demon spawn, resulting in an anti-climax. To sum up the situation, Heavenly Dao has been prevented from providing any further blessings to the demon spawn until sunrise, and the Yao star has greatly reduced the strength and luck of the demon spawn. Although Han Guang performed the sacrifice to bring it into adulthood, it doesn’t change the fact that it was greatly weakened. At the same time, it was also dealing with the heavenly tribulation. On the other hand, Mini Canglan absorbed the power of three Tribulation Passage cultivators and turned into a divine artifact before delivering the final blow, a heavenly-grade technique.

If anyone has a different opinion, feel free to ping me on ISO discord @lennie101 for further discussion and/or interaction. Stay tuned for the extras!

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