My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 197: The Final Battle pt. 2


With a soft sound, the merit stone heart split open.

A flame rose from the stone, and when the flame was extinguished, the heart of the stone was reduced to ashes.

A cultivator noticed it, and his heart skipped a beat. “Jing-laozu, is there something wrong with the formation?”

Jing Yue stood up. “Don't worry, the merit stone heart will turn into dust when the formation is activated, but it will not affect the effectiveness. We have one day to hide from Heavenly Dao. During this time, the demonic Dao will not receive any additional luck, and the demon spawn has not yet fully evolved. We must completely destroy the demon spawn during this time.”

The cultivators were overjoyed. “Yes!”

Everyone was full of energy. Killing the demon soldiers was like chopping vegetables, but they all knew that if the demon spawn was not eliminated, killing all the demon soldiers would be in vain.

Jing Yue looked up at the sky. Two thousand years after his rebirth, he finally mastered the power of the Tribulation Passage just like his previous life.

He flicked his sleeve, and a sheet of thin ice appeared in the air. In the ice was a child with a horn on his forehead, which was the demon spawn.

The blue phoenix was not there, and as the person in charge of the formation, only Jing Yue could find the trace of the demon spawn.

Qin Yanzhi, “I remember Ji-ji saying that it’ll only take half a month for the demon spawn to evolve from a baby to an adult. It has been eleven days since its birth. Why is it still a child?”

Jing Yue's eyes darkened. Even though he was focused on setting up the formation just now, and it was impossible to pay attention to the blue phoenix, he had a spiritual connection with the blue phoenix and knew exactly what he was doing.

“The hex star sucked part of the energy from the demon spawn. Surprisingly, the Yao race lent us a helping hand unknowingly.”

Jing Yue briefly explained what he knew. Qin Yanzhi was slightly startled, and said after a while, “It’s good that Ji-ji is okay.”

There was warmth in Jing Yue's eyes. “He’s fine, and heading this way right now.” Waiting for me to praise him.

Yi Ye and Cheng Nian were happy when they heard that the blue phoenix was fine. The latter said, “Shizun, since the demon spawn has been found now, shall we go after it?”

Just as Jing Yue was about to speak, he suddenly saw the demon spawn in the thin ice looking in his direction. Four eyes made contact, and the corners of the demon spawn's lips curved slightly.

It was not a child's smile, but seeing it on a child’s face looked quite bizarre.

Jing Yue immediately felt a surge of malice, and many bloody images flashed in his consciousness. But he soon came to his senses, and he was a little startled. That one look contained all the evil imaginable in the world. If his mind wasn’t steady enough, he might have been affected.

At this moment, ripples appeared on the surface of the thin ice, distorting the figure of the demon spawn. Vague, they saw the other party shed a layer of skin like a snake, changing into the appearance of a youth.

The youth’s skin was as white as a corpse. Even though they were separated by thousands of miles, Jing Yue could still feel the unique rotten smell in the graveyard. Suddenly, the boy stretched out his hand and pointed at him lightly.

At the same time, Miniwest Lu Region.

Ruan Jiu and Wei Zhentu had been staying here to help clear up the demon soldiers. They just wiped out the demon soldiers gathered outside the city. Wei Zhentu put away a scroll and said, “Fortunately, Jing-laozu successfully set up the formation, or these demon soldiers would be really tricky.”

He didn’t know that the demon spawn was quite intelligent and sent most of the demon soldiers to the main and auxiliary formations. Miniwest Lu Region wasn’t part of the formation, with few big factions here, not even many cultivators, so there were relatively few demon soldiers.

Ruan Jiu was still a little uneasy and said, “The success of the formation can only deceive Heavenly Dao. Without eliminating the demon spawn, the demon soldiers will continue to grow.”

Wei Zhentu, “I wonder how Jing-laozu plans to get rid of the demon spawn.”

“Great Master Kong Miao mentioned…” Ruan Jiu was halfway through speaking when suddenly, the illusion around him distorted, and it changed in the blink of an eye.

“What’s this? An illusion?”

Ruan Jiu looked around in surprise. They were in Skywater City, which experienced a catastrophe four thousand years ago. It was said that a level six beast invaded the human dwellings for some reason and ran rampant. The beast breathed out mutated fire and destroyed several cities in a row, but there were not many powerful cultivators in the Miniwest Lu Region, and no one was able to capture this beast for a whole month.

Later, the beast ran to Skyfire City, and the cultivators of Skyfire City joined forces with cultivators from several nearby cities to finally kill the beast, but the body of the beast turned into a raging fire, which could not be put out by ordinary water. The cultivators were already exhausted and could only watch helplessly as the city burned.

At this moment, three brothers surnamed Liu in Skyfire City stepped forward. They were all mortals, but their ancestor was a cultivator who knew a secret method to attract skywater. The three brothers immediately sacrificed themselves, summoned skywater to extinguish the fire in the city, and saved Skyfire City.

However, the skywater didn’t clear away but turned into several rivers and canals, running through this city in the desert. Since then, Skyfire City had never been short of water.

To commemorate the virtues of the Liu brothers, the mayor at that time renamed Skyfire City to Skywater City.

But right now, the clear river water had become dirty black, the water smelled foul, and blood-colored flowers bloomed everywhere in the city. One after another, demon soldiers emerged from the water.

Wei Zhentu was proficient in formations and easily saw the truth. He frowned and said, “It's not an illusion but a space controlled by demonic energy. Or in other words, it's a kind of domain of the demon spawn.”

Now that the luck of Heavenly Dao was balanced, the demon spawn could only rely on its domain to suppress the righteous Dao cultivators.

Ruan Jiu, “Domain? Could it be that the demon spawn evolved again?”

Wei Zhentu, “Most likely.”

Hearing the conversation between the two, the surrounding cultivators also looked solemn, but Ruan Jiu said, “Since it’s a domain, can’t we just destroy it?”

His tone was so matter-of-fact that gave them this idea—so what if it’s a domain? Just destroy it.

Wei Zhentu shook his head with a wry smile, “Do you think it’s so easy to destroy a domain of the demon spawn?”

But Ruan Jiu smiled. “Let me give it a try.”

With that said, Ruan Jiu took off the hanging beads around his neck, held them in both hands, and sat down cross-legged.

An obscure incantation sounded, and gradually became clearer, as if the voice of Ruan Jiu was everywhere, suddenly far and near, overlapping.

Most cultivators only thought that Ruan Jiu was chanting a mantra of Three Realm Temple, but Wei Zhentu was surprised. Although he couldn't understand a word, he had been to Ten Thousand Buddha Temple too. This was clearly Shi Zhen’s incantation when he delivered the demons!

He almost forgot that Ruan Jiu received Shi Zhen's inheritance.

But Shi Zhen’s cultivation was very high, so he could deliver one hundred thousand demons in one day. Would the same mantra be useful if Ruan Jiu recited it?

But soon, Wei Zhentu found himself worrying too much.

Ruan Jiu's hanging beads lit up one by one, and his exposed skin gradually turned golden, even his eyes were also stained with the same gold.

Ruan Jiu's eyes were half closed, one eye was filled with pity, while the other was utterly indifferent.

At that moment, Wei Zhentu suddenly understood why Ruan Jiu could get Shi Zhen's inheritance, because Ruan Jiu's innate two sides fit Shi Zhen's true intent of delivering demons by killing them—cruel but compassionate.

With Ruan Jiu as the center, the powerful Buddha power spread out, mighty like a galloping horse, rushing toward every demon soldier!

Under the Buddha's power, the demon soldiers turned into mist one after another, and even the black water slowly cleared.

Clear waves undulated forward like silver snakes, reflecting the blue sky, and Skywater City gradually returned to its original appearance.

Everything was taking a turn for the better, but suddenly, Ruan Jiu's spell was broken, and the black water immediately turned the tables. The water engulfed the silver snakes, and Ruan Jiu spat a mouthful of blood from the backlash!

Wei Zhentu's heart skipped a beat and guessed that Ruan Jiu’s Buddha power was too weak. After all, Shi Zhen's cultivation was far superior to Ruan Jiu's. Even if Ruan Jiu got the other party's inheritance, it would be difficult for him to display its full strength.

But he had no way to supplement Ruan Jiu's Buddha’s power. If this went on, would Ruan Jiu's previous efforts go to waste?

No, that wasn’t right.

Ruan Jiu wasn’t one to give up easily. Even if he had to give it his all, Ruan Jiu would complete the deliverance!

Sure enough, Ruan Jiu held up the beads as if he wanted to recite the mantra again.

Wei Zhentu was about to rush up to stop him when three people suddenly appeared beside Ruan Jiu.

However, it wasn’t right to call them people either. They were three phantoms, all men dressed in civilian clothing. One was in his 30s, another in his early 20s, and the youngest looked only 14 or 15.

Although sudden, Wei Zhentu subconsciously felt that these phantoms were not malicious.

And reality proved him right. After the three phantoms appeared, Ruan Jiu's condition improved a lot.

“I-It’s the three Liu brothers!” someone exclaimed.

“Who?” Wei Zhentu turned his gaze to the speaker and saw that he was a cultivator in Skywater City.

“It's the brothers from the Liu family who saved Skywater City four thousand years ago!” The man looked excited. “I've seen their portraits in the mayor’s residence. I can’t be mistaken. It’s them!”

Wei Zhentu was shocked and said in disbelief, “Guardian souls of the city!”

Everything had a soul, and a city was no exception. But most of the time, the city soul was just an abstract belief. The city soul could only become a reality if all living creatures in the city worshiped this belief to the extreme.

4,000 years of worship in Skywater City and the legends that had been passed down from generation to generation had given this city a real city soul!

The Liu brothers turned into three white lights and penetrated Ruan Jiu's body. The golden color on Ruan Jiu's body was instantly purified, and the Buddha's power became even stronger.

The hanging beads in his hands suddenly flew into the air, and 108 beads were like flying stars, illuminating the entire Skywater City with Buddha’s power.

The domain was destroyed!

Far away in West Shu, Kong Miao raised his head and looked in the direction of Miniwest Lu Region with a gratified smile in his eyes.

Then, he said to himself, “If he dares to try, why not me?”

Kong Miao threw his staff up and sat down cross-legged. The staff whirled in mid-air, turned sharply down, and penetrated the soil in front of Kong Miao.

As the mantra sounded, the sky was full of images of gods and Buddhas. The Sanskrit sound descended from the 99 heavens and turned West Shu into a cleansed land of gods and Buddhas.

As if everything happened discretely, the domain that besieged the West Shu auxiliary formation was instantly broken, but in the blink of an eye, another domain replaced it. Unlike the domain full of demon soldiers just now, this time, all the demon soldiers turned into demon Buddhas.

Kong Miao sighed secretly and realized that the demon spawn paid far more attention to the auxiliary formation than the Miniwest Lu Region. If he didn’t attack the demon spawn, the domain would only regenerate after being destroyed.

But he had anticipated this.

He looked up at the gods and Buddhas all over the sky, which seemed to be staring back at him. At this moment, Kong Miao felt unprecedented peace in his heart.

For 10,000 years, he always wondered what Great Master Zhen Rang was thinking when he sacrificed himself to slay the Yao Saint. But at this moment, he suddenly realized that it should be peace, the peace of making necessary sacrifices for a result.

Kong Miao raised his palms up and slowly put them together. The images of hundreds of millions of gods and Buddhas seemed to follow his cue and made the same movements.

Ruan Jiu couldn't touch the demon spawn, but he could. Kong Miao concentrated all his Buddha power into his dantian, and the red cassock swayed in the wind. Amid the abundant demonic energy, it was like a fire in the wilderness.

Kong Miao slammed his palms together. “Merge!”

At his command, all the images of gods and Buddhas quickly merged into one body, forming an indomitable Buddha!

The Buddha's face was hidden in misty clouds, flickering between phantom and solid. He slowly opened his eyes, which were filled with spinning stars.


Kong Miao shouted again, and the stars in the Buddha's eyes exploded. Half of the World of Seven Continents shook. The demon spawn, which suffered a direct impact, let out the first scream since its birth.

The injured demon spawn looked enraged, wishing he could dismember Kong Miao on the spot!

Kong Miao was completely shrouded by demonic energy at this time. The demonic energy gnawed his flesh and devoured his blood and bones, and he could only do his best to maintain a little clarity.

The nearby cultivators wanted to rescue him, but the demonic energy was too intense, and they couldn't get close at all!

Just when Kong Miao was about to lose it, he suddenly felt the pressure drop greatly. He opened his eyes in confusion and found that the demonic energy around him had indeed diminished a lot.

Then, he saw a huge sword standing upright in the south, a giant dragon soaring into the sky in the east, and a beautiful woman with a pipa in her arms in the north!

The three stars suddenly became brighter than the sun, and all the starlight shot in the same direction. The demonic energy surged rapidly before fading away, and everyone heard the hoarse cry of the demon spawn.

Kong Miao laughed. He thought maybe he guessed wrong. Great Master Zhen Rang wasn’t just at peace when he sacrificed himself back then, but also had a belief—even if the world trembled, the strong wind could never destroy all the trees in the forests!

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