My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 195: Birth of the Demon Spawn

It was said that the mythical Kunpeng could soar for 90,000 miles.

Although the blue phoenix couldn't reach 90,000 miles, one flap of its wings could reach 9,000 miles at least.

Two days ago, he exposed the Yao race’s true objective and immediately decided to stop it single-handedly, even if it would help the birth of the demon spawn.

In comparison between the birth of the Yao star and the demon spawn, the former was a catalyst for humans, while the latter was the catalyst for righteous Dao. Besides, Jing-jing was prepared for the demon spawn, not the Yao star.

Under normal circumstances, the Yao Emperors would have felt the pressure of this divine beast before the blue phoenix could get close, but now that the Yao star illuminated the world and Yao energy was pervasive, he was able to catch them by surprise.

Even if the strength of these Yao Emperors increased, the blue phoenix wouldn’t take them seriously. After all, even an Earth Tribulation cultivator couldn't stop his attacks.

The hurricane that blew out of his mouth easily swept away several Yao Emperors, leaving no trace behind. The blue phoenix flapped its wings again, and its claws caught the purple-red stone floating in the air.

The demon spawn contained extremely strong demonic energy, which was the luck and energy for the hex star, but it was very uncomfortable for the divine beast. The blue phoenix's golden claws were immediately surrounded by demonic energy, which caused extreme pain as if being stabbed by countless nails. Coupled with the rich Yao energy here, its blue feathers became slightly dimmed.

The blue phoenix screamed in pain, still firmly grasping the purple-red stone, looking at the shining star above his head with its long and narrow eyes.

His target was not the Yao Emperors, but the hex star in the sea of ​​stars that belonged exclusively to the Yao world. To break the connection between this star and the demon spawn, no one else except the only remaining ancient divine beast could do it, not even Jing-jing or Hooligan.

 Thinking of this, the blue phoenix suddenly felt proud and ambitious, and yelled at the Yao star, “Hmph! Just you wait! This world is Ji-ji and Jing-jing's home base. Don’t you dream of touching it!”

 But the blue phoenix didn't charge forward recklessly. He was waiting for the most appropriate opportunity.

Lan Ji-ji, who claimed to be the embodiment of wisdom, wanted to use the Yao star to consume part of the demon spawn's strength, and he would only act when the time was right.

The blue phoenix endured the pain, constantly imagining how Jing-jing would praise him after completing the task, so as to relieve his anxiety.

The blood thread linking the two was still spreading toward the hex star, more than halfway through by now. The surface of the purple-red stone was getting darker and darker, but the Yao star was getting brighter and brighter, even brighter than the sun.

The abundant Yao energy gradually became unbearable for the blue phoenix. When blood stains appeared on the blue feathers, he knew it was time!

The blue phoenix threw the demon spawn forcefully, and headed straight for the hex star through the Yao energy!

He didn't have the ability to destroy a star, but he could keep the star sleeping!


The blue phoenix broke through this world and soared into the void.

He stopped ten miles away from the hex star. With the reflection of the galaxy in his eyes, the blue phoenix vigorously flapped its wings. Circles of transparent waves rippled in the void with him as the center. Wherever they passed, time seemed frozen.

On the ground, many people paused.

Wei Zhentu had just forced a group of Yao back. He subconsciously looked at Ruan Jiu, and the latter was waving his hanging beads and fighting vigorously. A strange red color appeared at the tip of his eyes, a sharp contrast to his elegant and upright monk appearance.

He knew that Ruan Jiu was already inebriated from fighting, and definitely wouldn’t want his help. Although these Yao attacking the city were quite powerful, they were not Ruan Jiu's opponents.

Feeling relieved, Wei Zhentu turned to look for the next target. Suddenly, his body paused, and he felt that his breathing and heartbeat stopped at the same time. His body was too stiff to move, only his consciousness was active.

What happened? Yao sorcery?

Wei Zhentu soon discovered that not only him, but also everyone in his line of sight reacted the same way, humans and Yao alike, but the weird feeling only lasted for a few seconds and disappeared. Wei Zhentu frowned slightly, wondering what happened just now.

It was as if everything around him went still at that moment.

Wei Zhentu didn't know that all the living creatures in the entire World of Seven Continents went through the same experience.

On Hollow Mountain, Cheng Nian asked doubtfully, “Just now...was it Senior Lan?”

Yi Ye and Qin Yanzhi looked at the sky in unison and shook their heads. “I don’t know.”

Qin Yanzhi tried to stop the blue phoenix from leaving just now, but the blue phoenix never listened to him very much, and even retorted, “Don’t you try to stop my limelight.” Then, he turned into his big original form and flew away.

How could Qin Yanzhi catch up with Ji-ji’s original form?

He only hoped that nothing would happen to the blue phoenix. Not to mention Jing Yue, but even he would be reluctant.

While thinking about it, Hollow Mountain suddenly shook violently. The trees seemed to be blown by a strong wind, the fallen leaves were flying, and the rocks were rolling.

Qin Yanzhi was worried about Jing Yue's situation, so he rushed over but saw that Jing Yue had opened his eyes at some point, staring at the sky.

Qin Yanzhi looked up and saw that the direction of the hex star had turned crimson, like the glow of the setting sun.

Above the nine heavens, the blue phoenix had accumulated enough strength and charged headlong into the hex star!

A barrier condensed by Yao energy suddenly appeared in front of him. The blue phoenix felt the pure Yao energy eroding his body and the suppression and resistance from the stars. He was instinctively afraid, but when he thought of Jing-jing, he was quickly filled with boundless courage.

He followed Jing-jing from birth and ran away many times when they were in danger. Jing-jing never got angry with him, and was willing to continue to pamper him.

He really liked Jing-jing very much. In his heart, Jing-jing was his only kin.

So this time, he would not run again!

“Jing-jing said he wants to ascend with Ji-ji! Ji-ji won't die!”

The blue phoenix yelled, gathered all its strength, and broke through the Yao energy barrier!


The shattered star fell like fine snow drifting in the void.

The starlight gradually dimmed, and the beam of starlight connected with the purple-red stone was completely extinguished.

The blue phoenix disappeared without a trace. Without the suppression of the hex star, the purple-red stone floating in the air suddenly cracked all over.

With a crisp sound, the stone cracked open. A monster that looked like a human baby with a horn growing on its forehead sat cross-legged inside.

The monster slowly opened its blood-red eyes, and the demonic energy spread all over the place, descending on the World of Seven Continents.

The demon spawn was born.

“Oh no! The dark cloud is moving again!”

On Hollow Mountain, Yi Ye pointed at the sky and said in shock.

Jing Yue, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, suddenly drooped his shoulders and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

He had not stopped releasing his spiritual energy. At this moment, Jing Yue withdrew his hand, and a fruit appeared on the palm of his hand.

If Han Guang were here, he would be gnashing his teeth with hatred, because this was the Yao fruit that Han Guang couldn't find anywhere.

Back then, Jing Yue and the others brought out four Yao fruits from the Yao world. He never touched the one that belonged to him, but at this time, he swallowed the refined Yao fruit in one gulp.

The spiritual energy in his dantian skyrocketed, the merit stone became brighter and brighter, and the dark cloud in the sky could no longer advance half an inch.

But at the same time, a wave of demonic energy swept down, transforming into thousands of demon soldiers.

These demon soldiers had no physical body, but their strength was extraordinary. Coupled with their luck, everyone stood on guard.

Qin Yanzhi summoned Taiqing, Yi Ye took out Taicang, and Cheng Nian held Taihao.

Three swords and three people, and their only objective was to protect the same person.

At this moment, a dragon’s roar was heard. A huge fire dragon hovered in the air and looked down at the demon soldiers on the ground.


The fire dragon spewed out burning flames and drowned all demon soldiers in the sea of ​​flames. Hong Yan said angrily, “All demons deserve to die!”

The demons he mentioned were not demonic cultivators but heavenly demons! These demon soldiers were created by the demon spawn. To the dragon race, it was a grudge that existed in the bloodline.

Even Hong Shi yelled, “Die! Die!”

The fire dragon was occupied with the demon soldiers, and with the help of Qin Yanzhi and the others, they protected Jing Yue securely in the center.

Of course, not only Hollow Mountain was affected by demonic energy. World of Seven Continents was already a battlefield everywhere.

In the West Shu secret location, Han Guang had summoned his subordinates and broke free from the Fox Emperor's shackles. But the Fox Emperor ran away without a trace just now, and he had no idea where to give chase.

Han Guang was very anxious. Especially when he sensed that Yao energy was surpassing demonic energy, he was even more furious, wishing he could kill all Yao, and deeply regretted inviting the wolves into his lair.

Just when he made up his mind to make the last desperate attempt, Yao energy suddenly faded, and demonic energy increased again.

The demonic energy quickly healed his body, making Han Guang stronger, and the internal injuries caused by the Fox Emperor healed instantly.

Although Han Guang didn't know what had happened, he could sense that the demon spawn he had been guarding for thousands of years was finally born, and this world was about to welcome a new master!

“Hahaha!” Han Guang looked up to the sky and laughed loudly. He left the secret place and felt boundless pride in his chest when he saw the demon soldiers all over the mountains and plains.

Thousands of loyal subordinates followed behind him.

Han Guang, “For thousands of years, we have been trapped in West Shu. Everyone treated us like rats in the gutter, shouting and beating us. We couldn't live in the light at all.”

“A thousand years ago, Jing Yue brought a group of righteous Dao cultivators to West Shu to wipe us out. Thousands of demonic cultivators died in their hands. At that time, we were at a disadvantage and could only let them do as they pleased, but I vowed that one day, I’d definitely make the righteous Dao sects such as Frostcloud Sect, Three Realm Temple, and Sword Inscription Sect pay for their debt in blood!”

“The righteous Dao destroyed my sect and killed my comrades. Today, we’ll start from West Shu, from the place where I stand, to regain our dignity little by little, and use the blood of the righteous Dao to pay homage to our companions.”

“Follow me and kill!”




The shouts of killing shook the sky, the wind howled and the sand billowed.

The battle between righteous and demonic Dao that had brewed for thousands of years, perhaps even longer, officially began at this moment.

In the woods somewhere in the World of Seven Continents, a little blue chicken emerged from the shredded leaves all over the ground. Huge blood spots stained its feathers, and one of its wings seemed to be broken, and it seemed pretty miserable.

The little blue chicken whimpered and sobbed, twisting its neck to blow gently on its wings. When the pain subsided, it opened its beany eyes to identify the direction and staggered toward the east.

He was going to find Jing-jing. He would make Jing-jing pamper him, praise him, and ascend together with Jing-jing.

Because Ji-ji could not live without Jing-jing.

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