My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 194: Reversal

Dark clouds overwhelmed the sun, the light was getting darker and darker, and only half of the golden sun was left in an instant.

The demonic energy was so powerful that everyone on Hollow Mountain felt the tremendous pressure. Qin Yanzhi and Yi Ye were able to bear it due to their high level of cultivation, but Cheng Nian suffered the most and could only grit his teeth through it.

At this time, he felt something covering him, and the demon energy lingering around him disappeared in an instant. Upon taking a closer look, it turned out that the blue phoenix had turned into its original form and spread its huge wings to shield everyone from the demonic energy.

The little blue chicken that perched on Shizun's shoulder back then had grown big enough to shelter them from the wind and rain.

As a divine beast, the strong demonic energy made the blue phoenix very uncomfortable, but his strength had improved significantly since he became an adult, so the impact was limited.

At this moment, he looked at the sky nervously. If the sun was completely blocked by demonic energy, Jing-jing's formation would definitely fail! This was different from the darkness of night. When night fell, the sun still remained, just in a different direction. It wouldn’t cut off the connection with this world, but the demonic energy could completely isolate the sun!

The blue phoenix unleashed his spiritual consciousness with all his strength. As an omniscient and omnipotent clan of a divine beast, his spiritual consciousness domain was very broad. Back then, the most powerful ancestor of their clan could even cover the entire universe with its spiritual consciousness.

Ji-ji, as a newly grown blue phoenix, could at least discern the source of demonic energy—West Shu.

“Eh?” the blue phoenix suddenly widened his eyes. “Who is that person?”

Qin Yanzhi, “Who?”

With a thought in his mind, the blue phoenix visualized what he saw. Thus, everyone saw a man in a black robe snatching a purple-red stone, which was presumably the demon spawn.

“Who is that person?!”

Cheng Nian asked the same question as the blue phoenix, but no one could answer him.

Suddenly, two more people in black robes appeared out of thin air, standing guard before the first man in a black robe as if they were protecting each other, or rather, the demon spawn.

The three of them soared into the sky and quickly headed north.

What was the purpose of these people? What was in the north?

The blue phoenix couldn't figure it out. There was a vague idea in his mind but he couldn't grasp it until his spiritual consciousness saw a star that was so dim that it was almost extinguished—the hex star!

“They are the Yao race!” the blue phoenix was finally certain.

“What are the Yao trying to do?”

Meanwhile, in the secret location in West Shu, Han Guang was tightly bound by a bloodred thread. When the man in a black robe snatched the demon spawn and he wanted to give chase, Jia Lou next to him suddenly made a move. Not only did Jia Lou hurt him, but also tied him up with the magic weapon of the Yao race.

By now, even a fool could guess that the man in black was Yao, perhaps even one of the three emperors.

No wonder the Yao was willing to give 100,000 Yao to help him fight and also offered six holy Yao fruits. It was because the Yao race was also after the demon spawn!

Although Han Guang didn't understand why the Yao wanted the demon spawn, he realized that Jia Lou had been inciting him to confront the righteous Dao head-on, and hinting that he should sacrifice the demonic cultivators to accelerate the growth of the demon spawn. Not only was it for the demon spawn, but also to take the opportunity to consume the strength of demonic Dao, or rather, the human race.

The so-called alliance of Yao and demons was probably a conspiracy from the very beginning!

He was actually deceived by the simple-minded Yao race? Was it the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality?

Han Guang couldn't believe it and glared at Jia Lou viciously.

Jia Lou, who was back in his human form again, smiled with his red lips parted slightly. “Sect Leader Han, please don't be angry. You’re the great benefactor of our Yao race. You have really worked hard in the past thousands of years.”


“Don't worry, we won't treat you badly once this is over, but I have to go now. This immortal lock of mine cannot trap you for too long.” Jia Lou floated in the air and stared down at Han Guang. “As for what we want to do, I can’t tell you anything.”

“The Yao race must be trying to wake up the hex star!”

In Central Region, Qin Yanzhi asked the blue phoenix why the Yao wanted the demon spawn, and the latter replied.

Qin Yanzhi frowned. “The hex star? The Yao star?”

Yi Ye and Cheng Nian were also surprised. “Didn't the Yao star die a long time ago?”

Even if they had never seen the Yao star, they knew that the Yao star contained the luck of the Yao race, and its trajectory had not been seen for decades.

The blue phoenix said in disdain, “You wish! How can Yao star die if the Yao race is still alive? It’s just asleep, or the Yao race won’t be suppressed like this.”

Qin Yanzhi, “But the demon spawn is full of demonic energy. Can the Yao race use it?”

The blue phoenix, “To put it simply, the demon spawn is formed by the luck of the human race. Heavenly Dao chose the demonic Dao in the battle between righteous and demonic Dao, and put the luck of humans into the demon spawn. So, this is the luck that the Yao race wants to take away! By doing this, the humans will weaken and the Yao will strengthen, and the World of Seven Continents will soon be dominated by the Yao race.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Can they really use this to awaken Yao star?”

The blue phoenix, “There’s at least a 50% chance of succeeding, enough for the Yao race to take a risk!”

Qin Yanzhi glanced at Jing Yue who was still engrossed in the formation. He raised his head again, and said after a while, “The dark cloud seems to have stopped.”

Everyone looked over and found that the sun was like a new crescent moon, with only one sliver of golden edge left, while the cloud was motionless.

Of course, many people noticed this abnormal phenomenon. Mortals in towns and villages poured out one after another. They watched the apocalyptic scene, and many of them cried out.

It was not that they didn’t want to escape, but they didn’t know where else to go.

At this time, everyone was full of doubts—had the righteous Dao failed? Was the Demon Catalyst about to fall upon them?

But no one dared to speak out, fearing that the terrifying conjecture would come true once they said it.

Mortals acted this way, but the cultivators were not much better. Even the famous factions guarding the four auxiliary formations panicked.

They didn’t know that the Yao race had snatched the demon spawn. They only thought that Jing Yue failed to set up the formation, and the demon spawn was born first.

Seeing that many of his disciples were restless, Kong Miao suddenly recited the scriptures. The scriptures were the same as what Jing Wu had recited in Four Elephants Villa, the simplest peace mantra, but coming from him, everyone calmed down.

In Evernorth Lu Region, there was a commotion among the disciples of Frostcloud Sect, and someone said, “Could it be that Jing-laozu and the others failed?”

“Impossible! Jing-laozu never fails!”

“Then why is the phenomenon so weird? Why is the demonic energy so strong?”

“D-Didn’t you notice that the dark cloud has stopped? Jing-laozu must have figured out a way!”

Everyone argued with each other when suddenly, they heard a burst of pleasant music and saw Liu Feng-laozu holding a pipa and playing it.

As the music became more soothing, the disciples gradually calmed down.

Meanwhile, a clear sword cry from the place where the Sword Inscription Sect was stationed in Lower South Region, and Tao Xian's natal sword floated in the air like a symbol of peace, calming the minds of the agitated disciples.

Tao Xian said loudly, “No matter how Yanzhi is doing, we only need to do one thing well—live up to the sword in our hands.”


Only East Yu was the noisiest. The dragon race and the Rogue Cultivator Alliance had always been easygoing, but they were in chaos at this time.

The more Lei Jing listened, the more irritable he became, and the wrinkles on his face scrunched together. He couldn't bear it anymore and turned into his original form. He flew into the air and roared at everyone, “Whoever dares to make trouble again, I’ll swallow him!”

No one doubted Lei Jing’s threat. Both humans and dragons gulped and dared not make any further movements.

The four auxiliary formations returned to order, while the four Yao Emperors in the sky started their ritual.

The Tiger Emperor released the demon spawn in his arms, while the other three guarded one side each, sending Yao energy to the demon spawn according to the secret method passed down in the Yao race, chanting incantations incessantly.

Although the demon spawn hadn't been born, he instinctively felt that this would be bad for him. He wanted to struggle, but a star in the void suddenly brightened. Thousands of rays of light were emitted from the silvery star, one of which shone on the crack of the demon spawn, and immediately burrowed in like an awakened snake.

Of course, it was the hex star. The starlight connected to the demon spawn, and the ray of light near the demon spawn turned bloodred and quickly spread toward the hex star.

Wind surged, and Yao energy spread across the world.

Countless Yao on the earth became excited, and they all roared to the sky. A fire burned and they seemed to feel the breath of the ancient great Yao. Their strength grew steadily, their muscles and bones grew stronger, their teeth and claws grew sharper, and they just wanted to rush to the place where humans gathered, crush their bodies, and lick their blood.

The four Yao Emperors were even more excited. Their cultivations, which were stagnant for a long time, were now making breakthroughs one after another under the illumination of the Yao star. They knew very well that when the bloodred line finally reached the hex star, the prosperity of the Yao world would descend upon them!

The Fox Emperor laughed wildly. “Hahaha! Humans pride themselves on being scheming, but they have been manipulated by us today! When the hex star shines upon this world again, I’ll definitely let these hypocritical humans have a taste of what it is like to be locked up in one area!”

The Turtle Emperor, “Hmph! What’s the point of doing that? I want to take all the inner cores of human cultivators and savor them with all the little Yao of my clan. I’ll also gather all the bones of human cultivators and build a Yao city that is bigger and more magnificent than Frostcloud Sect!”

The Snake Emperor, “Don't! There are many beauties among the humans, and they must taste good. When the time comes, leave the beautiful ones to me, and you can take all the ugly ones.”

The Fox Emperor sneered, “You old lecher! Have you been bewitched by humans?”

The Snake Emperor also sneered, “I heard that your younger sister has a deep-rooted love for the child patriarch of Frostcloud Sect…”

The three Yao Emperors talked incessantly, anticipating the near future, only the Tiger Emperor remained silent.

The Tiger Emperor was cautious by nature. When he fought for the position of Yao Saint back then, he seemed to be moved by the Snake Emperor and chose to stay neutral, but in fact, he wanted to preserve his strength and didn’t want to be involved in disputes prematurely. It was the same now. Before the dust settled, he dared not drop his guard one bit.

Suddenly, he felt alarm bells ringing and subconsciously looked behind the Fox Emperor across from him.

A huge blue phoenix approached them rapidly. The phoenix's outspread wings seemed to be as wide as the sea, and its eyes seemed to contain everything in the universe.

A hallucination?

If not for the fact that the Tiger Emperor was still sending demonic energy into the demon spawn, he almost wanted to rub his eyes.

But the next moment, he knew he was wrong.

With a shrill cry, the phoenix whipped up a hurricane and rushed toward the demon spawn!

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