My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 192: The Scheme

Indeed, they had been tricked. These altars were useless.

In order to prevent the demonic Dao from ruining the plan, Jing Yue made arrangements to build altars in Evernorth, West Shu, Lower South, and East Yu, to attract the attention of the demonic Dao and cover up his real purpose.

But demonic cultivators were not easy to fool. They had to make it very realistic, so only a few righteous Dao cultivators knew about this.

Each of these cultivators who knew the inside story had a bell, which was specially refined by the Six Chasm Pavilion. No matter how far apart they were, as long as the main bell rang, the other bells would respond.

Of course, the main bell was with Jing Yue.

When he finished arranging the last formation, he rang the main bell. The other cultivators received the order and decisively retreated from the altars.

Although righteous Dao inevitably sacrificed during the process, it was all for the ultimate victory. Every cultivator who participated, no matter where he was or what battlefield he was in, was ready to sacrifice.

Maybe some people might be angry for a while when they learned that they had been deceived, but for the sake of the big picture, they would only sigh in hindsight.

In the face of the demon spawn, whether they were in the know or not, everyone must do their best to act out this scene.

They entered the play and also brought the demonic Dao and the Yao race into the play.

At this time, in a secret location in West Shu, Han Guang's roar spread throughout the hall.

“As I said before, none of the strongest members of the righteous Dao went to protect the altars. There must be something fishy about it!” He glared at a beautiful young man angrily. “It’s you! You insisted that all the righteous Dao have been dispatched recently, and you’re afraid that the altar has reached a critical stage, so we have to take one altar down by force! Not to mention the great loss we suffered, but we gained nothing in the end!”

The young man smiled slightly, his long and narrow eyes full of charm. “How would I know they were willing to give up so many cultivators just to put on a show? Besides, wasn't Sect Leader Han worried too? When you heard that the Three Realm Temple, Frostcloud Sect, and Sword Inscription Sect have started moving, didn't you panic too? Otherwise, why would you agree to send tens of thousands of demon cultivators?”

Han Guang's face was slightly distorted as if trying to defend himself. “I never thought that the righteous Dao would let so many fellow cultivators die just to trick us. How can they accuse us of being demons when this action is so contrary to human ethics and morality?”

The young man thought, ‘Isn’t the human race just this hypocritical? Regardless of righteous or demonic, it’s the same.’

Han Guang paced around the hall with his hands behind his back, his eyes full of gloom. “Now they are one step ahead of us, I'm worried that something may happen to the demon spawn. Fox Emperor, don’t you have any holy Yao fruit left in the Yao race?”

The young man was none other than the Fox Emperor, Jia Lou. He narrowed his eyes slightly. “Sect Leader Han, you should be very clear that all the holy Yao fruits from our Yao race have been handed over to you. As for the other four, you failed to get them from Jing Yue back then.”

As soon as this topic was mentioned, Han Guang wanted to get angry again. It was all because these Yao creatures were fooled by Jing Yue! But Jia Lou laughed and said, “Don’t worry, sect leader. The demon spawn is born by Heavenly Dao. No matter what the righteous Dao does, they can’t stop it. Within a year, the demon spawn will definitely descend upon us.”

“But the demon spawn is always weak when it is born so there’s always a risk. If not, why would the Yao race put in so much effort? If the righteous Dao really finds a way to deal with the demon spawn, the later the demon spawn is born, the more time they have to prepare, and my worry won’t ease for a day.” The more Han Guang talked about it, the gloomier he became. He recalled the four golden lights reported by his subordinates, and said solemnly, “Maybe they are prepared by now!”

Jia Lou's eyes flickered slightly, and he said with a faint smile, “If Sect Leader Han wants the demon spawn to be born earlier, there’s actually another way.”

Han Guang was taken aback for a moment. When Jia Lou glanced behind him lightly, Han Guang suddenly felt chills up his spine.

Standing behind him were the disciples of the Lurking Ghost Sect, who were not only powerful but also his confidantes. His heart went cold because he understood what Jia Lou meant—sacrificing these demonic cultivators could speed up the birth of the demon spawn!

Those people didn't notice Jia Lou's gaze or guess what Han Guang was thinking. They stood obediently with their arms hanging on the sides.

Han Guang glanced at them, hating the Yao for being cold-blooded and heartless. He wanted to yell, but in the end, he pursed his thin lips into a straight line, and his eyes were cold.

On the other hand, Jing Yue left West Shu and arrived in the Central Region after traveling for dozens of days.

At this time, he was in a small border town in the Central Region, but there was no living person in the city, only bloodstains and corpses all over the place.

Jing Yue frowned, knowing that a Yao stampede had occurred here, and sighed, “Unexpectedly, the Yao stampede has reached the Central Region.”

But it was no surprise. Central Region was not far from Miniwest Lu Region. Many major factions in the Central Region had left, and the cultivators had their own concerns, so no one looked after this small border town.

He took two steps and stopped suddenly. If this town was already in such a miserable state, the cities around…

Jing Yue quickly summoned Mini Canglan and soared into the sky.

Thousands of miles away from Jing Yue was Grace City.

The city used to be as graceful as its name. There were many scholars in the city, and the cultivators also used writing and ink as magic tools. The whole city seemed immersed in the fragrance of ink.

But now, no scent of ink remained in the city, only the smell of blood and Yao creatures. Yao invaded the city one after another, and the cultivators used their four treasures of the study to resist, but how could they put up a fight?

A cultivator dressed as a scholar held a shiny blue writing brush, which obviously didn’t seem ordinary.

His body was stained with blood, and there was a deep scar on his face from his left ear to the corner of his mouth, but he showed no sign of distress in his expression. Turning to the cultivator who was holding a scroll beside him, he asked, “Have all the mortals in the city been taken away?”

“They have left. Big brother and second brother have sent away the last batch of mortals. As long as we can buy some time, they can go further.”

“That's good. I hope they can successfully escape to Baihui City. With the Zhuge family standing guard over there, that place won't be easily breached by Yao.”

With that said, a big snake snapped at the scholar, who hurriedly wrote the word ‘seal’ with a brush. Each stroke was smooth, vigorous, and carefree. As soon as the writing appeared, the giant snake seemed to be imprisoned, unable to move forward, and could only struggle in place.

The word floating in the air kept trembling, with signs of getting weaker and weaker. The scholar tried his best to resist, his arms were trembling uncontrollably.

Seeing this, the picture scroll cultivator wanted to help, but a few more Yao appeared, and he was soon engaged in a tough fight.

But as more and more Yao creatures rushed over, the two gradually fell into a disadvantage. The word ‘seal’ shattered, and the picture scroll of the other cultivator was also scratched by Yao claws, ripped into pieces in the blink of an eye. Their exhausted figures were reflected in pairs of red eyes, already surrounded by Yao creatures.

This was probably the end. The scholar was a little disappointed, but he was not afraid. From the moment he decided to defend the city, he was ready to live and die with Grace City.

The city was breached, and the fragrance of ink in the city had faded. From now on, only the wind and rain were heard but not the sound of reading, and the cultural spirit of thousands of years was destroyed.

But the people in the city escaped. Although most of them were mortals, they grew up in Grace City and had been affected by the city's soul, and they also had a great sense of righteousness in their chests.

This sense would take root at the right time and grow into a second Grace City!

A tiger beast rushed toward him, and the scholar stared at the Yao without blinking.

He was still standing, which meant that he still had a little strength left. He would use his last strength to kill another Yao!


When the tiger leaped halfway, its body suddenly split open in the middle, and the smelly blood spilled all over the ground.

The scholar was stunned. From the gap between the two halves of the tiger, he saw a figure against the light—the man was holding a long sword, and he was as imposing as a sword with every step.

“I-It’s Qin-laozu!”

The picture scroll cultivator revealed the identity of the other party and saw a dazzling sword light flashing past. After the sword light passed, the corpses of Yao creatures fell all over the place.

He could hardly return to his senses. He was obviously about to die. How did the situation suddenly reverse?

At this time, he saw that Qin-laozu who was said to be as cold as ice suddenly smiled. Standing in the sea of ​​corpses and blood, his eyes were like stars.

“A-Jing is here.” He heard Qin Yanzhi say.

The next moment, he saw another Daoist landing from the sky. The Daoist was very beautiful. It was Jing Yue, the Laozu of Frostcloud Sect who was famous in the cultivation world!

Jing Yue gave chase through several cities but didn't meet any Yao stampede, only the people who were still in shock after narrow escapes.

He knew that Qin Yanzhi was ahead of him and had done what he wanted to do. They finally met up in Grace City.

“Yanzhi.” Jing Yue stepped forward naturally and smiled at Qin Yanzhi.

Qin Yanzhi, “Is everything ready?”

Jing Yue nodded.

Qin Yanzhi, “Let’s go. Don’t let Ji-ji wait too long.”

Jing Yue, “Okay.”

The two left without a trace.

The remaining cultivators in the city who lost themselves in fighting just now looked at each other and couldn't believe their good luck.

Scroll cultivator, “A-Are we safe now?”

The scholar smiled. “All the Yao are dead. What other danger is there? At least for the time being, we are safe.”

Even for a while, as long as they survived, they could do more things, drive the city forward, and continue to flourish!

The borderlands Grace City celebrated after the catastrophe, while in the Central Region, another city went by the name of Neversea City. This city was in the middle of the mainland, far away from the sea, so it was named Neversea.

There is a mountain outside Neversea City named Hollow Mountain. On the top of the mountain, a blue chicken sat on a rock, sometimes pecking its feathers, and sometimes looking up at the sky.

“Jing-jing isn’t here yet. Ji-ji is getting angry!”

“When Jing-jing comes, he has to kiss Ji-ji a hundred times before Ji-ji will forgive him!”

“This is the first time Ji-ji separated from Jing-jing for so long. I miss Jing-jing so much.”

The little blue chicken muttered with tears in its beany eyes.

Suddenly, he saw two black dots appearing in the sky, and the black dots were getting closer and closer. They were the two people he was familiar with!


The blue phoenix soared into the sky, straight into Jing Yue's arms, and suddenly transformed into his human form in his excitement.

With a bang, the blue phoenix crashed into Jing Yue. The sudden impact knocked Jing Yue off the flying sword and he smashed to the ground.

Witness to the crash Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Crash victim Jing Yue, “Ji-ji!”

Driver Lan Ji, the crash perpetrator, “Boo-hoo!”

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