My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 190: Yao Stampede pt. 2

Taiqing had been recuperating these days, either sleeping or awake. While asleep, he didn’t know what happened to the outside world, so he didn’t know about the merging of Canglan and Mini Canglan.

He only remembered that Canglan sword was broken, and he was sad for a while. Later, this sadness was diluted by Jing Yuan's resurrection. He didn’t expect to see Canglan again today.

After all, this was a friendship from more than 10,000 years ago. Taiqing was very excited, but he didn't understand why Canglan looked like Jing Yuan's phoenix, which made him a little uneasy.

Canglan didn't explain his current situation but just patted Taiqing on the head. “It's been a long time since we fought side by side. Don't let our masters down!”

Taiqing looked at the creatures in front of him and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, showing an indifference that didn't match his appearance and age. “Of course not!”

The two sword souls rushed into the horde of Yao at the same time, as fast as a stream of light. An elephant Yao saw a white light the size of a grain of sand approaching and waved its trunk, trying to brush the light away, but it felt a sharp pain, and half its trunk was cut off by the sharp sword energy.

The elephant Yao screamed, and four white lights hit its thick limbs. The limbs as hard as stone pillars exploded instantly, and the elephant fell to the ground.

Dozens of light spots spun around the elephant's huge body, and the afterimages wove into a net, completely dismembering the elephant.

The cruel and bloody killing was just the beginning, and the swarm of Yao fell by half.

Half of the battlefield was full of white, and the mountains, forests, and land were frozen into ice, which was derived from Canglan's ability. As a celestial sword forged with the five extreme cold elements, he was born to rule over ice and snow.

The handsome and unparalleled young man floated in mid-air, his black hair gradually turned silvery white, and kept growing longer, snaring all the creatures like a snake. Every strand of hair was formed by sword energy, which shredded the victims into pieces once trapped.

The other half was blinding gold. Taiqing disintegrated into countless light spots, like fireflies, and like a sandstorm formed by a sword energy in a strong wind. Where they passed, death followed, and no grass was left standing.

The two sword souls fought without reservations. On the tower, everyone in the Chen family had long been dumbfounded.

By now, they found out who was beside Jing Yue, but when they really saw it, they realized that their low strength limited their imagination. Just the sword souls of the two of them made the Yao stampede, which meant certain death to them, seem so fragile.

The wind picked up, and everyone’s robes fluttered.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Jing Yue asked with a faint smile, “Does it look familiar?”

A trace of nostalgia flashed in Qin Yanzhi's eyes. “Canglan and Taiqing fought side by side on Mortal Realm Mountain just like this back then.”

Jing Yue turned his head, and the two exchanged a smile.

At that time, he and Yi Wang fought side by side as master and disciple. Now, they still stood together, facing all life and death crises.

In just one hour, tens of thousands of Yao were completely wiped out.

Megasun City only relied on two swords to defend the city gate, and the city residents who fled in a hurry stopped in their tracks a dozen miles outside the city.

A woman hugged her child and said anxiously, “M-Mayor, why did you stop?”

The middle-aged man she was questioning was the person in charge of the Zhao family mayor residence, who frowned while looking in the direction of Megasun City.

Another cultivator hurried over. “Mayor, I don’t hear any sounds from Megasun City.”

The woman was startled. The immortals could hear the movement in the city from such a long distance?

Mayor, “Something’s wrong. I'm sure the Yao stampede has arrived, but why is it so quiet at this time? Has the Yao stampede retreated?”

Cultivator, “That’s impossible. Unless the creatures are too badly killed or injured, it’s impossible for them to retreat. Only the Chen family remained in the city. How could they stop the Yao stampede with only hundreds of them?”

Hearing the Chen family being mentioned, the mayor’s eyes dimmed. “The Zhao family is not worthy of the mayor's position.”

The cultivator was startled and fell silent.

After a while, the mayor suddenly said, “Take the city residents and run away.”

After saying that, he turned back in the direction of Megasun City. The cultivator shouted anxiously, “Mayor! It's too risky for you to go back now!”

The mayor didn't look back. “If I don’t turn back now, I’ll be uneasy for the rest of my life, and that’ll be the end of me.”

The cultivator stared at the mayor's back and was at a loss for words.

The people in the city didn’t know what happened outside the city.

At this time, the Chen family was in a state of jubilation, but after the excitement, Chen Guo said, “Laozu, the Yao creatures have suffered a great loss here, and they probably won't dare to come here again for the time being, but the nearby cities have been taken over by those creatures. I want to take a look.”

If there was anyone alive who needed help, they could still contribute a little.

Hearing this, Ruan Jiu wanted to help too. His current level of cultivation was not high, and it was difficult for him to play a big role in a big battle, but he could still do this part on a smaller battlefield.

After all, they were doing this for the human righteous Dao. Even mortals or low-level cultivators belonged to the human race and the righteous Dao.

Seeing that Ruan Jiu wanted to stay, Wei Zhentu would not leave either, but Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi had other priorities and had to go.

Everyone sent Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi to the city gates. Jing Yue turned around and said, “This is far enough.”

Chen Guo said anxiously, “Let us go a little further. After today, I don't know when we can see each other again.”

Ruan Jiu and Wei Zhentu looked at each other and agreed.

Jing Yue looked at the half-destroyed gates of Megasun City, and said, “As long as we can survive the Demon Catalyst safely, we’ll meet again. Time is running out. We shall take our leave.”

With that said, he summoned Canglan and flew to the sky with Qin Yanzhi.

When they disappeared, Chen Guo murmured, “Can we really survive the Demon Catalyst?”

“Of course!” Ruan Jiu said affirmatively. “As long as the righteous Dao is united, we can surely survive this catalyst!”

Chen Guo was taken aback for a moment, nodded heavily, and said, “Yes, we will survive!”

In the next few days, Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi rushed to Central Region. At the same time, they also sent letters to various factions, informing everyone that they had successfully obtained the merit stone heart.

Frostcloud Sect.

Yi Ye came to the Patriarch Hall again with Cheng Nian by his side.

The two respectfully offered incense to Jing Yuan’s portrait and walked to Yi Nian’s portrait. After offering incense, Yi Ye suddenly said, “Eldest-shixiong, I wasn’t strong enough during the last Yao Catalyst, so you and Second-shixiong refused to let me go with you. This time, you and I can finally fight side by side.”

Cheng Nian was taken aback when he heard that, not knowing what Laozu meant. He was about to ask when Yi Ye turned around and went to Yi Wang's portrait.

He stared at the person in the portrait for a long time and motioned for Cheng Nian to offer incense with him.

Amid the smoke, Yi Ye suddenly asked Cheng Nian, “Your sword is called Taihao, and the second-shixiong's sword is called Taiqing. Do you know what my sword is called?”

Cheng Nian shook his head. He had lived with Yi Ye for more than a thousand years and had seen various weapons and artifacts of Yi Ye, but he had never seen Yi Ye's sword.

The next moment, a dark green sword appeared in Yi Ye's hand. The blade was slender and soft, but there was no doubt that when the sword emerged, it would be a deadly weapon that killed at first sight.

Yi Ye changed his usual demeanor and said solemnly, “My sword is called Taicang!”

With that said, Taicang cried shrilly, and at the same time, Taihao on Cheng Nian's waist also trembled as if responding to Taicang.

“Back then, Shizun bestowed a sword to each of his three disciples. Things have changed now, but my sword is still in my hand, and I’ll use my sword to keep Frostcloud Sect prosperous for thousands of years!”

Yi Ye pointed his sword at the ceiling and said heartily, “All members of Frostcloud Sect, let’s go!”


On Bluecloud Summit, the Jadecloud Bell rang on its own, and the deep bellow reached every corner of Frostcloud Sect together with Yi Ye’s command.

No matter where they were or what cultivation level they were at, every disciple stopped what they were doing and cupped their hands in the direction of the Patriarch Hall. “This disciple shall obey!”

At the same time, Lakhfrig Mountain glowed with a brilliant light, and Frostcloud Sect's dust-covered mountain protection barrier was activated!

Before this, in Three Realm Temple, which was closer to Jing Yue, Kong Miao had already received the message.

He stood up from the futon, his thin body still upright, and his eyes were as calm as the deep sea at night. He walked out of the meditation room and came to a large hall.

The big majestic hall was full of carved beams and painted pillars. The legend of the Buddha that had been passed down for thousands of years was engraved on the wall. Just one look made people feel humble and dared not be contemptuous.

The plaque hanging on the top of the center of the main hall was inlaid with three words in gold—Hall of Annihilation.

Annihilation referred to the end of the Buddha's body and the world's predestined relationship. The Hall of Annihilation was the place that stored the Sarira of all the historically eminent monks of Three Realm Temple.

Kong Miao slowed down and gently pushed open the door of the main hall.

The sunlight from the outside spread inside, driving away the shadows and paving a bright path.

Kong Miao stepped on the illuminated ground and left a long shadow behind.

He came to the foremost altar full of tablets and wooden boxes, where a Sarira was stored in each box.

Kong Miao knelt and bowed. Then, he walked forward on his knees and dragged out a wooden box from under the altar.

The wooden box contained only a red cassock inlaid with gold thread. It looked ordinary, but it symbolized the status and glory of the top monk of the Three Realm Temple in each generation.

Kong Miao caressed the cassock lightly, and his memory drifted back to 10,000 years ago.

At that time, Yao Detention Mountain had already been engulfed by the mountain of corpses and the sea of ​​blood. The sword mark left by Yi Wang in the sky was slowly mending, declaring that the Yao Catalyst was over.

Snow fell all over the sky, and Great Master Zhen Rang, who raised Kong Miao, was sitting on the ground covered in blood, already at the end of his life.

Before his demise, Zhen Rang called Kong Miao's name, and the only thing he asked Kong Miao to do was to take off his cassock.

Zhen Rang, “Kong Miao, put it on.”

Kong Miao, “But I…”

Zhen Rang, “Put it on!”

Zhen Rang's tone was too stern. Kong Miao didn't dare to disobey, so he could only carefully put on the cassock.

When he turned his head again, he saw a gratified smile on Zhen Rang's wrinkled face. The latter said, “From today on, Three Realm Temple will be in your charge.”

Kong Miao knelt and bowed in apprehension. “This disciple obeys.”

“Remember your responsibility.”

Kong Miao heard Zhen Rang's voice getting weaker and weaker and couldn't help crying. He choked and said, “This disciple will keep it in mind.”

For a long time, he didn't receive Zhen Rang's answer. Kong Miao's heart suddenly skipped a beat and was about to look up when he heard Zhen Rang sigh. “My child, I’m sorry to put this burden on you.”

The breeze picked up and swept a bodhi leaf into the Hall of Annihilation, landing next to Kong Miao’s feet.

Kong Miao came back to his senses and clenched the cassock in his hand. He then stood up and put on the cassock solemnly, just like before.

He strode out of the hall, bathed in the sun, and never looked at the Hall of Annihilation behind him again.

—This disciple isn’t burdened. Peace in this world is this disciple’s responsibility!

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