The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

26) Chapter 19.2

Chapter 19 Part 2:

Li Luo’s otaku heart was once again struck by the female protagonist’s attractive looks. Originally, when he wrote the male protagonist’s woman, it was in accordance with his own preferences. So when the real version of such female was standing in front of him, he couldn’t help but unconsciously blush with a sped-up heartbeat.

However, once he thought of Qin Yu, Li Luo immediately calmed down.

The cold war was still vivid in his mind. Even now, he still remembered the feeling of his whole body being invaded by cold chills from Qin Yu and having to withstand them for two months. He didn’t want to experience that for a second time. Anyway, it was impossible to have this girl in the front of him. He didn’t want to once again make Qin Yu furious.

“Ruoyan, what’s the matter?” Li Luo asked after puting down the teacup in his hand on the table. His eyes were slightly lowered, not looking at Liu Ruoyan’s face.

Liu Ruoyan’s sweet smile disappeared, when she saw Li Luo’s expression becoming unenthusiastic after meeting her. Her heart couldn’t help but scold Qin Yu that was still having a meeting in the study room. If that annoying man didn’t make a request, Mucheng gege would certainly not treat her this way. Previously, Mucheng gege would never avoid her, so it must be that hateful demon’s fault.

Her bright and beautiful eyes only dimmed for a moment. She raised her head with a smile on her face and said in spoiled way: “Mucheng gege, I heard there will be a Lantern Festival tonight. Can you go with me?”

As a single man for more than 20 years and a otaku, he had never even held a girl hand before. At the moment, this rare chance finally arrived, the goddess in his fantasy invited him to a date. Although his heart was beating hard, as soon as he thought of Qin Yu, he immediately calmed down his own heartbeat.

Li Luo lifted his head up and while looking regretful, he turned towards Liu Ruoyan, “Ruoyan, sorry, I can’t accompany you.”

Liu Ruoyan smile immediately became somewhat lonely, “Is it because Qin Yu? But today is my birthday. Can’t you accompany me even for a little bit?”

Seeing Li Luo being so forlorn, he hesitated.

Looking as if she was grabbing her last hope, Liu Ruoyan advanced two steps and grasped firmly Li Luo’s broad sleeves with her two delicate white hands. Her two big eyes anxiously looked at Li Luo, “Mucheng gege, even on my birthday, you can’t fulfill this small request of mine?”

Seemingly thought of something, Liu Ruoyan turned her big eyes and pouted her mouth as she said, “If Mucheng gege is afraid of being found out by Qin Yu gege, then you don’t have to worry. Just a moment ago, Yan’er saw Nangong shushu [1] arrive. So they will stay in the study for a long time. He wouldn’t know that we went out as long as we come back before they finish.”

Li Luo was silent for a moment, before letting out a sigh in his heart. Even if Qin Yu didn’t know, he still couldn’t go. With regret, he turned towards Liu Ruoyan and said: “Ruoyan, I’m sorry.”

Tears immediately gushed out from Liu Ruoyan’s eyes. She was really feeling very upset. Before he was very caring towards her, but ever since she came with them, he had become colder and colder.

After all, she was a girl who had been spoiled her entire life, she had never suffered any setbacks. But at the moment she was being rejected by the man she like, so how could she not feel any grievance?

Li Luo looked at Liu Ruoyan in front of him. Her tears were drifting at her clothes, and her nose was completely red, so Li Luo couldn’t help, but sigh. In the end he was still soft-hearted, “I’ll accompany you to buy a lantern, and then we are coming back here, okay?”

Liu Ruoyan immediately stopped crying and with red eyes she nodded at Li Luo.


They walked out of the residence door together, and walked toward the busy street. But unbeknowst to them, the moment they walked out of the door, there were several pairs of eyes staring at them in the dark. They followed them quietly, waiting for the best time to take action.

These few people were Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s subordinates that had been dispatched to capture Li Luo. They were the secret guards with the strongest martial artist under her.

They were very proficient in hiding their whereabouts and they also followed them from a distance, so neither Liu Ruoyan nor Li Luo noticed them.

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