Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 19: Dangerous Pursuit

The giant zombie glanced inside and punched twice in succession until the storage rack was flattened. It looked inside again and sniffed as if trying to catch the scent of prey.

Several people huddled in the Magic Cube Domain, not daring to move. Everyone closed their mouths tightly, not even daring to open their eyes.

Whether they could survive or not was up to fate. If the Magic Cube Domain couldn’t withstand the attacks of the giant zombie, they’d be smashed into pulp by those fists.

It was likely that it didn’t smell any prey. The giant zombie wandered outside the door back and forth before heading elsewhere. At this time, all the ordinary zombies had already disappeared.

The weak wouldn’t linger on the strong one’s territory.

Yin Fuchuan was closest to Xun Yi and asked softly, “How are you? Are you injured?”

Xun Yi took a tight breath before saying, “I’m not injured, but I consumed a lot of magic crystals. Three punches consumed more than 20 magic crystals.”

Even Xun Yi had no idea if the Magic Cube Domain could withstand attacks.

In such an emergency, he could only hope for the best.

Fortunately, the Magic Cube Domain had the same ability as the Supernal Magic Cube and actually protected them.

However, his magic energy kept dropping after that attack, and three punches cost him more than 200 magic energy.

When Xun Yi used the Magic Cube Domain to fetch Yin Fuchuan and back earlier, he only used more than 100 magic energy in such a long time. Xun Yi was very shocked that the three punches consumed so much.

At the same time, he felt a lingering fear. If his magic energy was insufficient and the Magic Cube Domain suddenly disappeared, then they would be doomed for sure.

“Saving your life is the most important thing. You can collect magic crystals again later.”

Yin Fuchuan asked in a low voice, “Xun Ye, how are you?”

Yu Xiao released her hand covering Xun Ye. She thought she was going to die this time, but they survived.

Xun Ye replied softly, “I’m fine.”

He looked up and said, “Xun Yi, can you control your protective shield at will already?”

The height of the Magic Cube Domain was only over one meter this time, unlike the 2 meters when it appeared in the past, which would definitely catch the attention of the giant zombie if that were the case.

In that emergency, Xun Yi did it completely subconsciously.

He initially thought that he’d have to spend some time trying out the functions of the Magic Cube Domain, but that wasn’t the case at all. As long as he had enough magic energy, he could do whatever he wanted.

It probably wouldn’t be difficult even if he wanted to suspend it in the air as done by the Supernal Magic Cube.

“I just hope that the other two storage rooms won’t make any noise now. After the giant zombie is gone, we can leave before the ordinary zombies return.”

However, their worst fear came true.

A voice full of doubts suddenly rang in the quiet first floor.

“Huh? Have the zombies outside all disappeared? Come out quickly. This is a rare opportunity. Let's run!”

It was the storage room where Yin Fuchuan was in earlier.

When the survivors inside heard that the zombies outside were gone, no one stopped to wonder why that had happened. Everyone ran outside, trying to break out of this cage-like building.

The person running at the front was overjoyed when he saw that the anti-theft mesh door had disappeared.

“The anti-theft mesh door is gone. Let’s go!”

The survivors smiled in relief.

“That’s great. Let’s…”

A survivor who looked back suddenly choked to a stop. His legs seemed to be filled with lead and were stuck to the ground. His body was so stiff that he couldn’t move. In the end, he could only let out a scream.

All the survivors who ran out discovered the huge figure standing in the shadows.

The giant zombie roared and rushed toward them. Its purpose was not to eat.

It was to kill.

That huge fist could kill a living person with one punch.

The survivors screamed and rushed out. Those who were left behind and couldn't rush out ran to the other two occupied storage rooms, crying as they knocked on the closed doors.

“Help, help! Let me in! Let me in!”


The sound of the door being smashed was heard, and screams came from the storage room.

Xun Yi, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened them. He stood up from the debris, jumped up, and rushed to the door.

As Xun Yi ran, he didn’t deactivate the Magic Cube Domain, which moved along with him. However, the doorway was narrow and the Magic Cube Domain was horizontal, making it impossible to get out.

“We’re about to hit the wall!”

Xun Ye yelled in fright, but just when they were about to hit the wall, the horizontal Magic Cube Domain turned vertical as Xun Yi rushed out, and they passed through the door successfully.

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