My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 189: Yao Stampede pt. 1

Not only Jing Yue was surprised, but the other three were equally shocked.

“How could the Yao race come to the human world? Aren't they all trapped in Yao Detention Mountain?” Wei Zhentu thought he was hearing things. After all, the secret realms that connected the Yao world with the human world had been destroyed long ago. Could there be other secret realms that they haven't discovered?

Seeing that this party didn't even know about the Yao stampede, the cultivator who spoke was suspicious, “Where did you guys come from?”

Wei Zhentu glanced at Jing Yue, uncertain if he should say anything, but the cultivator looked at them warily and ran away in a hurry.

Seeing this, Jing Yue said, “Let’s take a look in Megasun City.”

They quickly rushed to Megasun City. The city wall was in shambles, and spots of mottled dark red that looked like dried blood were seen everywhere. From time to time, people escaped from the city gate with their bags on their backs.

When they entered the city, they found that the city was in chaos. Sundries, fruits, and vegetables were scattered everywhere on the ground. Many merchants' doors were open, but there was no one in the shops, and the goods in the cabinets had been emptied.

Even the houses of some rich families seemed to have been patronized by bandits.

Few people were seen on the streets. Everyone who wanted to run was gone, while the remaining people roamed around aimlessly. Maybe they were left behind, or maybe they didn't know where else to go after leaving Megasun City.

Wei Zhentu, “The city is almost empty.”

Jing Yue didn’t say anything. Based on his memory, he found the Zhao mayor's residence, but the building was empty.

He went to the Chen family next. The door of the Chen family was closed, but Jing Yue could sense some people inside.

He stepped forward to knock on the door. Very soon, the door was opened slightly, and a youth of 17 or 18 looked at them suspiciously. “May I know…”

Jing Yue, “I’m an old acquaintance of the Chen family. I heard that the Megasun City Yao stampede is approaching, so I’m here to help.”

The youth saw their outstanding demeanor, and they were also human, so he said joyfully without any suspicions, “Thank you. Please come in!”

The youth led Jing Yue and others to the main hall, where many cultivators were sitting. Jing Yue glanced around, but Chen Shi was not among them.

The only familiar face was the young man sitting in the main seat, if he remembered correctly, he should be called Chen Guo.

The cultivators in the room were startled when they saw someone coming suddenly and looked at the youth suspiciously.

Youth, “These fellow Daoists are old acquaintances of the Chen family, and they are here to help us!”

Old acquaintances? The Chen family looked at each other. Although these people looked a little familiar, they didn't know any of them.


Someone in the room suddenly exclaimed, followed by the sound of chairs being scraped on the floor. Everyone turned their heads and saw the head of the family, Chen Guo, standing up excitedly.

Jing-laozu? There seemed to be only one Laozu surnamed Jing in the whole cultivation world.

Jing Yue was quite surprised. He had only met Chen Guo once. Back then, when he found the cave ruins of the Nine Fraction Snow Mountain near Megasun City and took back the Canglan Sword, he was disguised as Chen Guo's distant relative.

At that time, he and Qin Yanzhi had changed their appearances most of the time, so it was surprising that Chen Guo could recognize him today.

What surprised him even more was that at that time, Chen Guo was obviously of mediocre aptitude. He didn't expect that after a thousand years, the other party had reached Golden Core. He must have found a chance encounter during this time.

On second thought, Chen Guo had good luck in the first place, or he wouldn't have suppressed that stupid demonic cultivator who was trying to take possession of his body.

Jing Yue smiled. “Long time no see, you still remember me!”

With his affirmation, everyone in the room was stunned, and Chen Guo was even more excited, trembling all over. “I-It’s really Laozu!”

Seeing Jing Yue nod slightly, Chen Guo's knees went weak and he fell to the ground with a thud.


Everyone in the room followed suit. As part of the family, even though they had never met Jing Yue, they had heard about the relationship between Jing Yue and the Chen family. Without Jing Yue's help, the Chen family would have ceased to exist!

Jing Yue raised his eyebrows. “Get up, and tell me what's going on with Yao stampede.”

Chen Guo knew that Jing-laozu didn't like people kneeling, so he stood up quickly. After he was saved by Laozu back then and returned home, he found a portrait of Jing-laozu, hung it in his room, and burned incense day and night. How could he not recognize Laozu today?

Unexpectedly, when Megasun City was in crisis, Jing-laozu would come to help. He could hardly contain his happiness!

Chen Guo didn't dare to waste time and hurriedly explained the current situation in detail.

It turned out that during the three months that Jing Yue and the others entered the ruins, a major event happened in the World of Seven Continents.

Han Guang saw the righteous Dao's strong approach and was afraid that they had found a way to deal with the demon spawn so he decided to take the first strike. Sacrificing half of his cultivation and 10,000 demon cultivators, he set up a large formation to open a portal, creating a passage between the human and Yao worlds, and guided the Yao race into the human world.

Jing Yue was shocked. “Han Guang reconnected with the Yao world?”

Chen Guo nodded. “I heard that his formation is called the Yin-Yang Dual Formation, which consumes one-tenth of the demonic Dao's luck. If not for the enhanced luck of demonic Dao after the demon spawn was born, he wouldn’t have dared.”

And because of this, the matter of the demon spawn could no longer be hidden. Even the Chen family, a small family in a remote area, heard about it, and the entire righteous Dao was in a state of panic.

Jing Yue looked grave. “Oh no! Han Guang sacrificed so much, it must be for the holy Yao fruit. I don’t know how many the Yao race will give him, but I’m certain that the demon spawn will definitely be born early!”

Qin Yanzhi and others were also solemn. They thought they still had one or two thousand years to prepare, but now it seemed that the crisis was imminent.

Chen Guo, “There are rumors that the demon spawn will come to the world within one year at most.”

Jing Yue forced himself to calm down, and asked the blue phoenix, “How long will it take to set up the Multiworld Star Formation?”

The blue phoenix, “Based on Jing-jing’s strength and with Ji-ji giving advice, it will take three months at most.”

Jing Yue was slightly relieved, but Chen Guo said, “Multiworld Star Formation? So all the powerful people are building altars everywhere during this time just to set up this formation?”

Jing Yue shook his head without saying anything and asked, “When will the Yao stampede occur?”

The so-called Yao stampede referred to many Yao attacking the human world at the same time, killing everyone in sight, and looting territories and treasures. The World of Seven Continents had not seen a Yao stampede for many years since the Yao Catalyst ten thousand years ago.

Chen Guo, “A Yao stampede happened here half a month ago. The Yao race has occupied several cities near Megasun City. If not for someone’s help, I’m afraid that Megasun City will no longer be under the control of humans.”

Jing Yue thought no wonder the city gates were in shambles. It should be the trace left by the Yao stampede last time.

Just as he was thinking, he heard footsteps coming from outside the door. At the same time, a hearty voice said, “Chen-daoyou, I have checked, the Yao stampede is only a hundred miles away from Megasun City. Are you sure you don't want to leave?”

Jing Yue looked back and saw a cultivator in green clothes. His appearance and behavior were quite average, and his cultivation should be at the upper level of Golden Core.

“Pfft…” Jing Yue laughed suddenly, puzzling the others. How could Jing-laozu laugh at this time? What was so funny?

Only Qin Yanzhi and the blue phoenix laughed at the same time. The former glanced at the cultivator in green robes and then at Chen Guo. He sighed, “This is fate.”

The reason why he and Jing Yue laughed was that they both recognized the cultivator in green robes as the demonic cultivator who tried to take possession of Chen Guo back then.

Thousands of years ago, they sent this person to Three Realm Temple and asked Kong Miao to deliver him for reincarnation. Unexpectedly, although this person lost his memory after reincarnation, he came to Megasun City and met Chen Guo again.

But Chen Guo didn't know the inside story. Although he was wiser than before, he was still a little taken aback, and asked, “Why is Jing-laozu laughing?”

Jing Yue didn’t want to say much. He and Qin Yanzhi could recognize the origin of the cultivator in green because they had high cultivation bases, and secondly, they were the ones who sent the other party for reincarnation, which formed a big causal effect. But since it was something of the previous life, they should avoid saying anything to prevent any problems.

He glossed over this topic and said, “You said you had help in the last Yao stampede. Is this the one?”

Chen Guo, “That's right. Zhao-daoyou is a Zhenren from Linshui Sect, who happened to pass by Megasun City. Seeing the crisis in the city, he acted out of righteousness.”

After that, he introduced Jing-laozu to Zhao-daoyou.

Zhao-daoyou hurriedly greeted Jing Yue but dared not look at him again. For some reason, he felt scared when he saw Jing Yue. This fear came from his bones, but he had obviously never met the other party.

After thinking about it, he only thought it was because Jing Yue's status was too high and he was too powerful.

At this time, Jing Yue asked, “What is the scale of the Yao stampede this time?”

This question was most probably directed at him. Zhao-daoyou hurriedly replied, “It’s around thirty to fifty thousand.”

Jing Yue asked Chen Guo, “How many people are left in Megasun City?”

Chen Guo's eyes dimmed. “We sacrificed too much in the Yao stampede last time, and most of the cultivators who survived also left. Other than the old, weak, sick, and disabled, only the Chen family remained in Megasun City now.”

Jing Yue, “Why don't you leave? How can the Chen family defend the city alone?”

“Why leave? Megasun City is the territory of our human race. If we don't defend it, who will?” Chen Guo said matter-of-factly. “The old Patriarch said that outsiders can help us for a while at most. Only we can help ourselves forever. If all of us ran away, who else can Megasun City rely on?”

The old Patriarch he mentioned was naturally Chen Shi. Jing Yue said with a smile, “Aren't you afraid of death?”

Everyone in the Chen family shook their heads, and Chen Guo said, “The righteous Dao is doing their best for the human race now. We can’t reach that level, but we want to try our best too. If everyone backs away, we’ll be doomed even before the demon spawn arrives.”

Jing Yue felt quite gratified. Since his rebirth until now, he passed through Megasun City several times. The Chen family had finally found their soul.

He said, “In that case, let's defend Megasun City together.”

Chen Guo was overjoyed. “Yes!”

Thus, a group of people came to the city gate, waiting for the Yao stampede to approach.

After about four hours, some creatures gradually appeared.

This Yao stampede was nothing to Jing Yue and the others. Qin Yanzhi summoned Taiqing sword. “You have been recuperating for a long time. Go now.”

With that said, a small human figure appeared in the air, it was Taiqing's sword soul.

The sword soul quickly rushed toward the creatures, but another person suddenly appeared beside him. That person looked identical to the blue phoenix, but Taiqing felt very close to him.

“Little Taiqing, do you still recognize me?” that person asked.

Taiqing was stunned for a moment before his eyes widened. “Senior Canglan!”

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