My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 187: Ten Thousand Buddha Temple pt. 4

Benefactor Wei?

Xue Ming was startled. Why did Wei Zhentu appear here?

He watched the Preceptor, who had the same appearance as Wei Zhentu, walk up to the emperor and bowed slightly. The emperor said nervously, “Dispense with the formalities, Preceptor. Stand up quickly.”

After that, the emperor said that he had something to discuss with the Preceptor, and waved away the others, leaving only the two of them in the hall.

The emperor stepped off the platform in a hurry and dragged the Preceptor to the dragon seat. “What took you so long?”

The Preceptor smiled and calmly shared the throne with the emperor. “The barbarian country sent 400,000 troops this time, and they had the spies they arranged more than ten years ago to support them from the inside, so it was a nuisance to deal with them. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The emperor shook his head. “Actually, it's already very fast, but I’m very worried about you and miss you very much.”

The preceptor half smiled, leaned close to the emperor, and asked softly, “How much?”

The emperor blushed. “Very much.”

The preceptor kissed him. “I miss you too, very much.”

The emperor paused, pushed the preceptor down on the dragon seat, and kissed the preceptor's lips fiercely.

Soon, low moans filled the hall. Xue Ming blushed at the obscene scene and covered his eyes, not daring to look at it again.

Suddenly, the sound of panting was replaced by violent coughing. Xue Ming was taken aback and opened his fingers slightly, and saw that the scene just now had changed. In the bedchamber, the white-haired emperor was lying on his back on the dragon bed, his eyebags heavy and his appearance was haggard.

“Ahem, I'm afraid I won't get better.” The emperor couldn't stop coughing but struggled to sit up.

The preceptor hurried forward to support him. “Don’t move.”

The emperor leaned against him weakly, staring blankly at something with his eyes that were no longer sensitive, and said slowly, “It's really unfair. I'm already so old, but you haven't changed at all.”

He slowly turned his head, and seriously looked at the Preceptor's face that was the same as when he was young. “If I can be like you, I can be with you forever.”

The preceptor hugged him tightly, concealed the sadness in his eyes, and comforted him, “As I told you, I’m here because of you, so of course we’ll be together forever. When you reincarnate, I’ll find you again.”

The emperor's eyes lit up, and his bony hands grabbed the preceptor's robe. “It’s a promise.”

The preceptor kissed his eyes tenderly, pressed against his wrinkled face, and said softly, “It’s a promise. I’ll find you in every lifetime.”

At that moment, it was as if a collapsing rock fell into the lake of Xue Ming's soul, setting off a huge wave. He clutched his head and felt that the preceptor and the emperor were moving away from him.

The splendid palace gradually faded, and in the blink of an eye, he saw them again, but this time, they were two young children.

It was raining heavily. A four or five-year-old child knelt on the hard stone slab, soaked to the skin.

The little boy's eyes were red and swollen from crying, and his voice was dry and hoarse, but the door he was looking at never opened.

Suddenly, an umbrella covered his head. The little boy raised his head in a daze, his lips trembled, and he said in a trembling voice, “Cousin.”

His expression was slightly puzzled as if he didn't understand why the eight or nine-year-old boy in front of him wanted to talk to him, but he still said, “Cousin, you’re weak. Go back quickly.”

Seeing the youth motionless, he added, “I made the ancestor angry, so leave me alone or you’ll be punished too.”

The youth smiled gently. “Then let us get punished together.”

Then, the youth lifted his robe and knelt with him in the rain, but the hand holding the umbrella for him never let go.

After that, the little boy fell ill, and when he woke up after sleeping for a few days, he found that someone had sought justice for him, and the truth that no one else wanted to believe was finally exposed.

His ancestor and parents finally knew that he was wronged and punished those who were truly at fault.

And everything happened because his cousin helped him.

But the little boy didn't understand why this cousin, who was not close to him and had always been sick, suddenly treated him so well.

He asked his cousin later, and the cousin just smiled. “If I'm not nice to you, who else can I be nice to? If it wasn't for you, I would have died long ago.”

The little boy didn’t understand but it wasn’t important because, with his cousin around, he never suffered any injustice again.

Together, they faced all kinds of crises lurking in the complicated household, dealt with the court together, and called off their marriages together.

At dusk and under the moon, plum fragrance lingered in the air, giving off a beguiling undercurrent.

The little boy had long since grown up, and at this time he was blushing and saying to the gentle young man in front of him, “Cousin, I, I like you.”

After saying that, he stared at the young man nervously. The other party showed astonishment, then his eyes darkened, and his expression was very serious.

Just when he thought his cousin would not answer, and wanted to say something to diffuse the awkwardness, the other party suddenly smiled. “What a coincidence, I like you too.”


“I said I like you.”

Hearing the unfamiliar yet familiar voice, Xue Ming's heart beat rapidly. He felt that he was surrounded by an indescribable warmth, which made him jump with joy, and bowed his head shyly like the young man who resembled him.

But when he raised his head again, he saw Wei-daoyou passing through the golden ears of wheat in the field, walking toward him as if shining with light.

The other party said, “From now on, I’ll be your teacher.”

In front of Wei-daoyou, there was another little boy who was very similar to him, standing barefoot in the mud at this time, who raised his head and said in a daze, “Teacher?”

“Teacher?” Xue Ming kept repeating this word in his mind. He watched as the little boy grew up to be more sensible, wiser, and more mature under this teacher’s guidance, and finally became a famous official of this era.

From the moment this teacher appeared, the little boy received the most important person in his life.

There was no love between them, but there was a deep friendship, and they accompanied each other until the end.

At this moment, no matter how stupid Xue Ming was, he had his guesses. Maybe everything he saw were his previous lives.

In every previous life of his, Wei-daoyou was with him.

Xue Ming suddenly had a sense of enlightenment—no wonder Wei-daoyou was so attached to him. Before he knew it, they had gone through so much.

But the strange thing was, no matter in which life, he was not called Xiaojiu, so who was the Xiaojiu that Wei-daoyou mentioned?

Once that thought popped into his mind, his vision suddenly turned red.

In a daze, Xue Ming saw a Daoist dressed in a red robe slap his palm down on him, and the severe pain from his body was as real as if he had experienced it.

Who was this Daoist? Was this a scene from his previous life too?

Before he could think about it, the red-robed Daoist struck at the top of his head again.


The sound of rocks exploded in his ears and almost shattered his soul!

The smoke and dust were mixed with countless flying flesh, and he heard Wei Zhentu's voice.

“Ruan Jiu!”

At that moment, Xue Ming’s mind was unprecedentedly clear. Regardless of past and present, everything became extremely clear.

Ruan Jiu was his name.

He was Ruan Jiu.


Xue Ming screamed and passed out again.

In the main hall of Ten Thousand Buddha Temple, Wei Zhentu was hugging Xue Ming tightly, and said anxiously, “It has been nearly ten hours. Why isn’t Xiaojiu awake yet?”

Jing Yue was about to comfort him when suddenly, he saw Xue Ming's eyelashes tremble slightly.

Seeing Jing Yue’s pause, Wei Zhentu lowered his head subconsciously and saw Xue Ming slowly open his eyes, which were no longer frenzied.

His body went slack and felt his panicking heart return to its original position. “You…”

Wei Zhentu only said one word, but Xue Ming suddenly hugged him with such strength that he almost crushed his shoulders.

Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi only thought that Xue Ming was going crazy and were about to stop them, they heard Xue Ming crying, “I remember it! I remember everything! I’m sorry I forgot about you!”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

Jing Yue, “…”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

So, Ruan Jiu regained his memory?

The three of them were happy, fearful, and apprehensive, afraid that maybe they were having hallucinations or misunderstood something.

Wei Zhentu hesitated for a long time before carefully saying, “Ruan Jiu?”

“Yeah!” Ruan Jiu let go of Wei Zhentu a little bit, looked at him shyly, and said, “It’s me, I remember!”

Not only Ruan Jiu's life but also the three lives he spent with Wei-daoyou.

Wei Zhentu, “You remember everything?”

Ruan Jiu nodded, slightly embarrassed. “Teacher, cousin, and preceptor.”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

At this moment, Wei Zhentu's emotions were extremely complicated. Ecstasy was inevitable, but also a bit of shame.

He always thought that even if Ruan Jiu remembered one day, it would only be the life when he was Ruan Jiu. After all, Ruan Jiu’s other three lives were mortals, so he never expected…

If the blue phoenix were to describe it, it was the same as someone using an avatar to wreak havoc all year round, but one day, the avatar and disguise were exposed, and everything he said and did back then became his dark history and cause for embarrassment.

Wei Zhentu saw that both Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi were puzzled, and the blue phoenix was sneaking peeks at him, so he quickly covered Ruan Jiu's mouth. “We can talk about these things in private.”

Ruan Jiu was startled but nodded obediently.

After several people calmed down a little, Jing Yue asked, “Xiaojiu, what happened just now?”

Ruan Jiu shook his head at first, but in an instant, he felt something more in his consciousness, seemingly like a technique or enlightenment. Although vague, it really existed.

At the same time, he suddenly knew all the secrets of Ten Thousand Buddha Temple.

“It’s the incense.” Ruan Jiu said, “There’s something wrong with the stick of incense you broke.”

Jing Yue looked at the half stick of incense and said, “So that’s it.”

Ruan Jiu, “When Shi Zhen became a Buddha, it was also purified by the golden light of merit and virtue, and gave birth to a sliver of spiritual consciousness.”

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