My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 182: Upgrading Mini Canglan Sword

Whether it was Jing Yue, Qin Yanzhi, or the leader of the Six Chasm Pavilion, they were all stunned at this moment.

Shen Qiu didn’t recognize anyone anymore, but he knew Mini Canglan Sword. Moreover, he only upgraded Mini Canglan Sword once back then, and the duration was very short.

A servant boy mustered his courage and said, “M-Master can remember every sword that passed his hands.”

Jing Yue couldn't help looking at Qin Yanzhi, who was filled with respect, but also a bit of regret and loss.

Jing Yue suddenly had an impulse, whether for Mini Canglan Sword, Qin Yanzhi, or himself. He bowed to Shen Qiu again and said, “Mr. Shen, I have found the Tianyin essence fire and the other five extreme cold elements. I’d like to ask you to forge the Mini Canglan Sword for me.”

“Jing-laozu…” The leader of Six Chasm Pavilion wanted to stop him, but he saw Shen Qiu raise his hand to hold the Mini Canglan. At that moment, his frenzied eyes became clear as if his aged appearance had faded away, and he became energetic again.

Shen Qiu stood up tremblingly, stared at Jing Yue, and said, “Are you really willing to let me forge the sword?”

Jing Yue said seriously, “Please go ahead, Sir.”

Shen Qiu stroked Mini Canglan's sword blade lightly. After a while, he bowed to Jing Yue and said, “Thank you for your permission.”

This time, Six Chasm Pavilion prepared a special sword room for Jing Yue, which contained only a jade-white sword furnace in the room. It was said that this furnace was built by the leader of Six Chasm Pavilion 7,000 years ago with meteorites from outer space and was now considered the guarded treasure of the pavilion.

But there was no fire in the sword furnace, so Jing Yue handed a box to Shen Qiu, who slowly opened the box. When he saw a bit of Tianyin essence fire in the box, Shen Qiu's hands holding the box clenched tightly, and even the veins bulged out.

Similar to the Tianyang essence fire, this was the supreme fire of artifact Dao, an item that every craftsman pursued his entire life.

Shen Qiu might not recognize people, but he remembered everything about artifact Dao, and he had to be excited when he saw the Tianyin essence fire.

After a long time, he murmured a mantra, pointed his fingers together at the sword furnace, and the Tianyin essence fire jumped into the furnace. After a few seconds, thin black lines emerged on the outer wall of the sword furnace, spread upwards, and formed mysterious runes one after another.

Shen Qiu picked up the Mini Canglan Sword again and whispered, “Go.”

Mini Canglan moved in response to his voice and entered the furnace.

The door of the sword furnace closed.

In the next dozens of days, Shen Qiu put the Ice Cicada Leaf, Fire-In-Ice, and Ice Soil into the sword furnace according to the supporting order of the five elements, and the quality of Mini Canglan Sword also increased day by day.

Qin Yanzhi waited outside, but he could sense that a high-quality sword was being born. If successful, it would become a celestial artifact.

The leader of the Six Chasm Pavilion was also very excited. Not only him but all the prominent figures and swordsmiths in Six Chasm Pavilion gathered in front of the sword room, waiting for a miracle. They had been waiting for thousands of years for the second celestial artifact to be born in Six Chasm Pavilion.

On the 49th day, everyone suddenly had a feeling in their hearts—the sword was about to be completed.

In the sword room at this time, Shen Qiu's physical strength had reached its limit.

His face was pale, his lips were black, and his silver hair was clumped with sweat, making him appear quite miserable.

Jing Yue looked at him worriedly. Halfway through, he wanted Shen Qiu to stop, but Shen Qiu firmly refused and signaled Jing Yue not to disturb him. But Jing Yue was really worried that Shen Qiu would collapse before the sword was finished.

At this time, Shen Qiu suddenly shouted, “Retrieve the sword!”

His fingers tweaked rapidly as he slammed the sword formulas into the sword furnace, which shook uncontrollably as if unable to contain the sword. The pressure that belonged exclusively to a celestial artifact leaked slightly.


Shen Qiu spat out a mouthful of blood and he swayed.

“Mr. Shen!”

Jing Yue was shocked, but Shen Qiu gritted his teeth tightly, the veins on his forehead bulging, and raised his hands. “Open!”

The sword furnace opened in response, and the sharp sword energy exploded. Deep sword marks marred the floor, ceiling, and all four walls. Even Jing Yue’s Daoist robe was ripped. If he hadn't protected Shen Qiu in time, Shen Qiu might have been seriously injured.

The temperature in the sword room dropped sharply, and the sword furnace was covered with a layer of frost. At this moment, Jing Yue suddenly felt his dantian swell, and a ball of blue light suddenly shot into the sword furnace.

Before he could react, he felt his body being pushed away vigorously. Shen Qiu rushed to the sword furnace anxiously but stumbled along the way.

The sword furnace began to vibrate violently, and the Tianyin essence fire in the furnace burst into flames as high as ten feet. Shen Qiu simply lay down on the ground and chanted the mantra quickly, forming the hand sigils with his ten fingers again.

“Canglan, it’s Canglan!”

Jing Yue finally understood what it was that rushed into the sword furnace just now. It was Canglan Sword that had been hiding in his dantian all this while!

In fact, he never thought that Canglan Sword could ever recover one day, because the broken sword of Canglan was not complete, and some fragments had been blasted into smithereens by the heavenly tribulation. He never expected that the sword spirit of Canglan Sword would try to integrate into Mini Canglan!

Jing Yue was surprised and delighted. He stared at the sword furnace intently, but he soon realized that something was wrong—cracks gradually appeared on the furnace, which obviously couldn’t hold out much longer.

If the furnace exploded at this time, not to mention Canglan, even the original Mini Canglan Sword wouldn’t survive!

“Mr. Shen, you…”

Jing Yue wanted to ask Shen Qiu for help, but he saw that Shen Qiu's hand movements were getting slower and slower as if he might collapse at any time.

He was terrified and dared not disturb Shen Qiu from forging the sword, so he was helpless for a while.

—Master, master!

Suddenly, Jing Yue heard someone calling him.

—Master, we need your blood essence.

“My blood?” Jing Yue was taken aback. “Is it Mini Canglan?”

—And Gege. We’re together.

Without further hesitation, Jing Yue forced a drop of blood essence into the sword furnace.

In a trance, he heard a clear sword cry, and the flames in the furnace jumped higher, constantly gathering and compressing.

Outside the sword room, Qin Yanzhi and the others fell silent.

Just now, they all felt the birth of a celestial artifact, and all the swords in Six Chasm Pavilion resonated. But in an instant, the coercion of the celestial artifact disappeared, and everything returned to tranquility.

No one knew what happened in the sword room, but they all knew that the most important step in sword refining was to retrieve the sword.

With one careless step, not to mention all the previous hard work, even the sword might be destroyed.

Judging from the phenomenon just now, something had gone wrong when retrieving the sword, which led to the failure of refining the sword.

The leader of Six Chasm Pavilion dared not look at Qin Yanzhi, but he couldn’t help complaining about Jing Yue in his heart. He had already reminded him that Shen Qiu was not suitable. Since the other party encountered a bottleneck, his cultivation had stagnated. Seeing that his lifespan was coming to an end, his strength was declining year by year.

If sword forging didn’t place more importance on experience rather than cultivation, he wouldn't have dared to take the risk, but it seemed that he had made a mistake.

The leader was worrying about how to explain to Jing Yue when suddenly, the sword on his waist came out of its sheath, rushed straight to the sword room, and stopped three feet away from the sword room, motionless.

No, it was not just his sword, and not only limited to swords!

Everyone’s weapons within the vicinity were out of the master's control at this moment. They all rushed to the sword room but stopped, and even Qin Yanzhi's Taiqing was no exception.

Qin Yanzhi could feel that Taiqing's sword soul in his dantian was very excited and even wanted to come out. In fact, since Taiqing was seriously injured by Han Guang last time, he had rarely been this active.

At this moment, everyone heard a huge explosion, and the roof of the sword room was blown away. Thick smoke billowed and flames shot up into the sky, forming the shape of a giant sword.


The ringing of weapons came from all directions, but the people here didn't know it. At this moment, all the weapons in the World of Seven Continents reacted strangely.

The stronger the weapon, the more violent the reaction.

In the Three Realm Temple closest to the Six Chasm Pavilion, Kong Miao, who was sitting cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at his shaking staff, made a deduction, and said with a smile, “What a happy occasion.”

Upper South Region, Sword Inscription Sect.

The water in the sword pond surged again, and the sword capsules jumped out of the water one by one like swimming fish before falling into the water again, repeating the cycle endlessly, as happy as could be.

The disciples swarmed to the main peak. Everyone knew that this was the signal of the birth of the best celestial artifact.

Evernorth Lu Region, Frostcloud Sect.

Yi Ye, who was talking to the sect leader, suddenly stopped talking. Both of them lowered their heads and looked at the Sumeru Ring in their hands.

Cheng Nian stretched out his palm, and the pitch-black Taihao appeared in his hand, also trembling.

“It’s Mr. Shen.”

Yi Ye, “Who is Mr. Shen?”

Cheng Nian, “He’s Taihao’s swordsmith. Shizun asked him to improve the Mini Canglan Sword back then.”

He frowned slightly. “It must be a celestial sword. Mr. Shen forged a premium-grade celestial sword.”

Yi Ye realized. “Mini Canglan Sword!”

The cultivators of the World of Seven Continents were either surprised or delighted, upset or jealous. Most people deduced that the celestial artifact appeared in Central Region, but no one knew if it had an owner, so many powerful people rushed there immediately.

But at the moment in Six Chasm Pavilion, everyone was staring blankly at the giant sword-shaped flame.

A stunning boy slowly walked out of the flames.

“…Ji-ji?” Qin Yanzhi hesitated, doubting his own judgment on a rare occasion.

Immediately following that, he heard the little blue chicken's familiar voice coming from the direction of the sword room, “What? Who dares to impersonate me?!”

The blue phoenix flew out from Jing Yue's arms in a huff and rushed to peck the boy.

Jing Yue didn't stop it either because he was stunned silly.

The appearance of that boy was exactly the same as that of the blue phoenix’s human form!

The boy was scratched by the blue phoenix and dissipated in an instant. He reappeared behind Jing Yue in a blink of an eye, pulling Jing Yue's robe and complaining aggrievedly, “Master, he’s bullying me.”

Jing Yue's scalp tingled. He knew who the boy was but he still couldn't believe it.

“Mini Canglan?”

The young boy nodded. “It’s me and Gege too. We merged!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Jing Yue was still immersed in the shock of Mini Canglan giving birth to a sword soul when someone suddenly approached him and said quietly, “Why does Mini Canglan's sword soul look like Ji-ji?”

Jing Yue froze and felt that there was a huge misunderstanding.

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