Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 18: President Yin’s Thank You Gift

The ‘ground’ Xun Ye was sitting on wasn’t the actual floor of the building but the transparent layer like the surrounding transparent walls. To put it plainly, it was the bottom of the transparent cube, a separate entity from the ground.

Xun Yi was still confused.

Yin Fuchuan took over. “When you move forward, we don't have to follow you. We can move with the protective shield. Only you can control the protective shield.”

Xun Yi, “…”

Was there such a function?

Xun Yi walked forward doubtfully, looking back as he moved. Sure enough, the cube moved with him. The people inside didn’t have to move with him. The cube would simply carry them along without letting them fall out.

Well, it was similar to driving a car, and Xun Yi was the driver. As long as they got into the ‘car’ and sat inside, Xun Yi merely had to ‘drive’ on foot. As long as the people inside didn’t leave the ‘car’, they would always stay inside.

Xun Yi was dumbfounded. He didn't realize it before and even pulled Aunt Yu to run with him. He suddenly felt a little silly.

“Ahem, in that case, you can sit down.”

Xun Yi was a little embarrassed and stole a peek at Yin Fuchuan. It was so embarrassing to show his stupidity in front of him. His observation skill was less than a 6-year-old. Would Yin Fuchuan think he was stupid?

The other four adults in the Magic Cube Doman stood close to the wall, trying to leave as much space as possible for Xun Yi to walk, not displaying any oddness at all.

Xun Yi planned to head to the storage room earlier. Most of the zombies inside had run away. Only a few were stuck in the storage rack and couldn't get out.

Xun Yi moved the Magic Cube Doman to the door of the storage room.

“Let's wait here. If they don't want to save themselves, then we'll leave.”

A door appeared on the transparent wall facing the door, and Yin Fuchuan was the first to enter the room.

He dealt with the stuck zombies first before pulling the storage rack to the door with Lu Di, planning to block the door to prevent the zombies from entering.

The storage rack with a metal structure was very heavy. The bottom and back consisted of 50 squares separated by wooden boards for storing things. A storage rack as big as a wall was indeed very heavy.

Seeing this, the thin man lent a helping hand too.

Three men pushed the storage rack to the door, leaving a gap for one person to step in sideways.

Yu Xiao entered with Xun Ye in her arms.

Xun Yi went last.

The moment he put away the Magic Cube Doman, the zombies following behind pounced.

Xun Yi slashed out with his saber, killed several zombies, and quickly entered the storage room.

Yin Fuchuan, Lu Di, and the thin man quickly pushed the storage rack to block the zombies outside and used other small storage racks, tables, benches, and other objects they could find to prevent the storage rack from toppling over.

Seeing a floor full of zombie heads, Lu Di and the thin man were shocked. How many zombies did they kill?

Yin Fuchuan just glanced at it calmly,

He walked to Xun Ye. “Did you kill any zombies?”

Xun Ye looked up at him, a little excited. “I did. I killed one all by myself. It wanted to sneak attack me, but I used the storage rack to trap it and killed it with the dagger you gave me.”

“Well done,” Yin Fuchuan praised.

He took out the golden badge and a pistol and handed them to him with a smile. “Let’s see how you will perform from now on.”

Xun Ye's eyes lit up and he wanted to accept it without thinking.

“Xun Ye, you can't just take things from others,” Xun Yi quickly stopped him.

He refused in embarrassment.

“We have taken your saber and dagger earlier, so we shouldn’t accept more things from you. You should keep them. If I’m not mistaken, the golden badge represents the gunner’s profession. It’s very rare. Don’t waste it.”

Of course, Xun Yi felt very happy when Yin Fuchuan gave him something, but he knew what he should or shouldn’t accept.

Yin Fuchuan smiled and said, “This is a thank-you gift for saving me.”

“The badge and pistol are useless to me. I prefer using a saber and am not very good at this. It's better to give it to Xun Ye so that he can protect himself.”

Yin Fuchuan brought the whole set just for Xun Ye.

Yin Fuchuan added, “I may have to trouble you again later. If we can't find the next safe shelter after leaving this place, we can only flee for our lives. It’s very important to improve your individual strength as much as possible.”

Of course, Xun Yi wanted to find weapons and equipment for Xun Ye too. He wanted to arm Xun Ye to the teeth so that no harm could come close to him, but he couldn't get any for the time being, so he could only protect Xun Ye carefully.

Xun Yi was very grateful that Yin Fuchuan could think of Xun Ye's safety.

He saw Xun Ye looking at him with longing in his eyes and couldn’t bear to disappoint him.

“In that case, thank you, President Yin.”

He was very touched. Yin Fuchuan was indeed a good person.

Xun Ye happily took the golden badge. After using it, the badge disappeared into Xun Ye's body.

Yin Fuchuan took Xun Ye to the side and taught him how to use the pistol.

Xun Yi watched for a while and felt that Xun Ye was very lax around Yin Fuchuan and seemed very close to him. Those who didn’t know would think that Yin Fuchuan was his biological father.

Yin Fuchuan was a courteous person but he seemed to treat Xun Ye differently. Was he very fond of children?

That was the only possibility Xun Yi could think of.

Xun Yi stood at the door and glanced at the two from time to time, feeling a warmth in his heart.

If… If things could remain like this, that’d be great.

Xun Yi pierced his saber through a wooden board and rotated the saber handle hard, digging a hole in the board. Before he could pull his saber out, a zombie's arm reached inside.

Xun Yi pulled out his saber and stepped back, looking at the frenzied zombies outside. They kept clawing at the hole and using their unusual strength to break the board into pieces.

After breaking off a square of wooden boards but unable to lift the metal frame, they decided to crawl in through this square hole.

Xun Yi backed away and waited until a zombie leaned half of its body in. With one swing of his saber, he took off the zombie’s head.

With one kick, he sent the headless corpse flying outside.

Another zombie followed and crawled in, and Xun Yi used the same method to harvest the zombies' heads.

Next to him, the thin man and Lu Di were stunned. It could be done this way?

Xun Yi kicked the head that fell to the ground to Lu Di. “Help dig out the magic crystals.”

“Oh, okay.”

Lu Di mustered his courage and looked at the zombie heads. He wanted to dig for magic crystals but didn't have the tools at his disposal.

“I’ll lend this to you.” Xun Ye handed him his dagger.

“Thank you.” Lu Di took it and squatted down to dig for magic crystals.

“Remember to give it back to me once you’re done,” Xun Ye reminded him.


“Do you have experience? I'm a veteran. I can teach you,” Xun Ye said solemnly.

“Thanks.” Lu Di could only thank him.

Yin Fuchuan followed Xun Yi's example and dug a hole on the side, waiting for the zombies to come in and chop off their heads.

There was a sudden commotion outside.

“Close the door, hurry! There are too many of them! Kill them! Quick, quick, quick!”

The noise didn’t come from the storage room where Yin Fuchuan was earlier but from another direction.

After the commotion, calm was restored.

Not long after that, maybe the zombies that they let inside had been killed, so they opened the door and let in another batch of zombies.

They must have found a way to kill the zombies. After all, zombies were not as smart as humans.

This time, someone shouted in this direction.

“Hey, that dude just now! If we can pay 200 magic crystals, can you take us with you?”

The person who negotiated the terms just now hadn’t made an appearance until now, but the people who overheard the conversation had already taken action.

That should be the way if they wanted to live.

Xun Yi glanced at Yin Fuchuan and answered, “Sure! Before noon!”

“Hey, you promised us first! You can't go back on your word!”

Angry curses came from the storage room where no one dared to show their faces.

Xun Yi sneered. “When the time is up, I’ll take anyone who can pay up.”

The survivors in the two storage rooms began to try their best to kill the zombies. No one wanted to die if they could stay alive.

Xun Yi was not idle either. Together with Yin Fuchuan, he kept killing zombies.

Lu Di dug magic crystals with the thin man, and Xun Ye followed them to collect magic crystals. When one was dug out, he would take one away, just like a little supervisor.

The thin man's name was Yin Weiping, who used to be a teacher. Since he offered to help, Xun Yi had no reason to refuse.

(TN: The Yin in Yin Fuchuan is a different character from Yin Weiping, so they are not related, although the pinyin is the same.)

“64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69… Keep up the good work. We already have 69.”

Xun Yi neatly chopped off the head of another zombie.

After waiting for a while, no more zombies entered, and he found it strange. With so many zombies outside, it was impossible to kill them all, so why didn’t they come in?

“Help! Help!”

A hoarse cry for help could be heard faintly from the street.

At this time, no one could save anyone. How could they save others when they couldn't even save themselves?

Suddenly, a loud noise came from the entrance of the first floor, accompanied by a man's scream. There was a loud cracking sound as if something metal had been ripped off, followed by silence.

Xun Yi wanted to look outside through the hole but Yin Fuchuan reached out to stop him with a grave expression.

Xun Yi looked at him, and a strong sense of crisis suddenly hit him, which made his hair stand on end.

Xun Yi finally realized that he could no longer hear the roars of zombies outside. It was full of silence.

“Duck!” Xun Yi yelled.

With a loud crash, the storage rack was knocked over.

Fortunately, the storage rack was high enough and was placed across the wall facing the door, so it didn’t fall directly.

Several people squatted in a triangular space.

When Xun Yi saw the giant zombie outside through the hole in the storage rack, his whole body shuddered. Without even thinking, he activated his Magic Cube Domain and shielded everyone inside.

Almost at the moment when the Magic Cube Domain appeared, there was another bang, and the storage rack that fell was deformed by a punch. The fist that hit it was as big as a pot.

Through the deformed storage rack, everyone saw the giant monster outside, as high as 3 meters tall. Its flesh was not rotten like ordinary zombies, but black and purple like steel, looking very strong and tough.

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