The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

24) Chapter 18.2

Chapter 18 Part 2:

Qin Yu didn’t despise this murderous-looking man in front of him. He carefully dealt with the attack, found a weak spot and give him a few blows. Qin Yu still had the upper hand, even though now his body also had a few bloodstains.

But compared to him, Qi Cheng’s situation was even more miserable, his whole body was covered with a layer of blood. Qi Cheng was not a fool, knowing that he couldn’t kill Qin Yu with his own ability, he no longer continued fighting.

Instead Qi Cheng shifted his gaze to the battlefield for a moment, and found that the troops he had brought had a slight advantage. For some reason, there were very few soldiers on the horseback in Qin Yu’s troops, which made his own cavalry almost invincible. However, occasionally there would be a few infantry troops, who would rush to the cavalry. They were usually equipped with heavy and thick armor that difficult to penetrated, and surrounding by cavalry.

Qi Cheng suddenly felt alarmed and immediately announced a retreat. But at this moment a few dozens of horses rushed out from Xiang Bei Army’s camp towards his cavalry and penetrated them. The soldiers that sat on top of them were dragging bags with unknown contents.

The sacks were cut open and big yellow particles in the size of palm started gushing out and tumbling down on the ground.

The originally obedient horses that were retreating suddenly stopped, they lowered their head and eat the yellow particles on the ground. Even if the soldiers riding on them repeatedly urged them to move, they would be unwilling to move even a little bit.

After this the situation quickly reversed. Every cavalry soldiers, who was unable to move was immediately stabbed into a hedgehog by Xiang Bei Army. The infantry that had originally rushed forward to take care of Xiang Bei Army cavalry, at this moment become a lamb to be slaughtered.

Qi Cheng’s face became very ugly. He quickly give the retreat signal, however, it was too late. Most of his army soldiers have been killed by Xiang Bei Army’s sword. The soldiers that managed to return safely to Jing City were only three-fifths of the original amount.


Qi Cheng brought back the remaining soldiers into Jing City and went on defense. But, the error had resulted in his forces dwindling to less than 150,000, which when compared to Qin Yu’s more than 200,000 troops, put him in huge disadvantage.

In addition, after Qi Cheng returned to city, he fell ill and go a high fever, because his wounds were infected. Even Jing City’s most capable doctor could not do anything about it.

Since Qi Cheng was ill and the vice commander thought he would have the opportunity to make meritorious service after he was given responsibility over the army. He immediately used his new authority to secretly dispatch the soldiers and initiate an attack.

He was very proud with himself, thinking that his command was spectacular. He had no idea that it was because of his foolish commands that Jing City, which originally could hold on for one or two months under Qi Cheng’s command, was unable to hold on for much. Xiang Bei Army lead by Qin Yu immediately broke into the city.

The moment Qi Cheng heard the report of Qin Yu’s break-in into Jing City, he killed the vice commander and escaped through a secret tunnel in his recuperated room.

By the time Qin Yu broke in Qi Cheng’s room, the room had been deserted for a long time, the only thing remaining was the slightly opened bookshelf. Other than that he found splattered blood together with a bloody body on the ground. It was a middle aged man with a horror-stricken face. He had obviously died with grievances.

Qin Yu looked gloomily at the dark exposed entrance of the secret tunnel, his temples wrinkled as he thought deeply. He quickly sent a few scouts to examine the tunnel.

Hopefully Qi Cheng wouldn’t return to Qin Yan’s side. Because if that person insisted on staying by Qin Yan’s side, he would certainly slow down his pace of taking back the country. He needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the secret tunnel that Qi Cheng used had many roads and it was not the kind of tunnel that had only one exit. So, in the end, the people Qin Yu sent to find Qi Cheng, returned without any success. Qin Yu had no other choice, but to give up on the idea of directly killing Qi Cheng.


Bian Capital City, Royal Palace.

Qin Yan smashed his favorite glass cup. Suddenly he felt a sweet taste in his throat and almost vomited a mouthful of blood. He clutched his chest and sat down on the chair, his complexion was very white almost like a piece of paper.

Seeing this Jing Chun Empress Dowager anxiously stepped forward. She stretched out her hand, and stroked his chest to calm him down, “Huang’er [1], do not worry, Muhou has a solution that would certainly be successful.”

“Muhou has a solution, what is it? Muhou, even Bei Da Great General that had never lost before was defeated. What solution could we possibly still have?” Qin Yan strocked his chest and felt out of breathe, so he opened his mouth and sucking in mouthful of air. His hands were trembling as he said, “We obtained this country with such difficulty. Could it be that in the end it would return to the hands of that little bastard?”

“It won’t happen.” Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s beautiful face flashed with a trace of ruthlessness, before she affectionately stroked Qin Yan’s head, “Bengong heard that, that little bastard has a close person that he favored a lot. He is so valued, that they are constantly together. So if Bengong finds a way to kidnap that person and bring him over here, we would make him our bargaining chip. Even if we encounter an unexpected result in the end, Bengong will drag that person to the grave as well! Bengong plans to make that little bastard have painful life, even if he seized your position, we won’t let him have an easy life.”

At this moment, Li Luo had no idea that the storyline had experienced a 180 degree change and that he now was the target of the villains in his own book. He was still boringly calculating how long it would take until Qin Yu seized the Qin Country and then calculating how long it would take him to return to his original world—this was what mattered the most to him, so he often thought about it while riding his horse on the road.

After all, a march of army in ancient times was not same like in modern times. There were no electronics that could be used for entertainment. That made the journey very boring, so he could only daydream and imagine things to pass the time.

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