The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 18.1

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Chapter 18, Part 1

The next morning in the dining room, Jean felt that Clarisse's face looked completely fine as soon as she entered his sight. Yesterday, she looked somewhat upset, but she seemed to be in perfect control of her emotions this morning.

As usual, he approached her with several steps and dropped a morning greeting kiss on her soft hand. He could see no hesitation in her violet eyes as he continued to stare down at her.

'As expected... you found the answer yourself.'

"Good morning, Clarisse."

"Good morning, Jean-sama."

"So, what do you plan to do?"

"I'm going to ---."


When Clarisse came down the entrance to go to the morning tea party that the Farenheit family invited her to, she was glowing so beautifully, far more so than she had ever been.

Her violet eyes complemented the pale, delicate blue day dress she and Lotte had purchased.

The dressmaker's madam boasted that her soft, elegant sleeves were the best on the market today. The round neckline and hem of the skirt were adorned with the layered lace she recommended as the latest fashion trend. At the same time, the simple cut enhanced Clarisse's slender body.

Gorgeous rhinestones were scattered around the dress without being too extravagant, making it look more luxurious than an evening dress.

Mary's makeup and hair arrangements were so sophisticated to match the dress. To be frank, Jean wished he could go out with Clarisse alone instead of going to the unpleasant Farenheit mansion; she was that lovely.

As they boarded the carriage, Jean sat down next to Clarisse, now ready to go; the ride to the Farenheit mansion began; Jean took her left hand in his and gently kissed her ring finger.

"Here, let me put this on you."

He pulled out a ring box from the inside of his suit's pocket, a ring with a beautiful, large violet stone that no one would believe was artificial.

No matter how you look at it, it looked like a perfect engagement ring. When Jean slipped the ring on her finger, the stone sparkled brightly, making Clarisse's eyes smile even though she knew it was artificial. She couldn't help but sigh in admiration as she held out her left hand and gazed at the ring with great care.

"It's very beautiful against the light."

"Yeah. And this one too."

He took out a teardrop-shaped gold chain necklace with a similar-sized violet stone. This, too, glowed beautifully when it caught the rays of sunlight.

"..Is this artificial too...?"

When Jean placed this necklace around Clarisse's neck, the violet stone sparkled brilliantly on her chest.


He nodded in satisfaction.

Clarisse listened silently to the sound of the carriage ruts. Her spirits became heavier as they got closer to her parents' house.

'I mustn't be so frail; I've made up my mind.'

"Clarisse, for the record."


"I'm going to respect your wishes and stay out of your way as much as I can. But I might start saying unnecessary things if I just can't stand it. If I do, feel free to hit me, and I'll probably come to my senses."

"I would never do such a thing hitting-..."

Jean burst into laughter, a soft smile on his masculine face. Ever since they arrived in the royal capital and spent more time together, he had been smiling like this more often when they were alone. And every time he did, Clarisse couldn't help but be charmed by the smile he only gave her.

"It's okay. I'm giving you that right especially."

Clarisse knew he was joking with her, hoping to make her feel a little better.

"Jean-sama, may I hold your hand .... just until we get home?"

As soon as she said that, his big hand smoothly snatched Clarisse's slightly cold hand. All Clarisse could do now was close her eyes, take a deep breath, and wait for the time to pass.

Meanwhile, Mary, who had stayed behind at the Ainsworth mansion, was so worried that she couldn't help but step out into the hallway to find some work that she could help with, even though she was allowed to stay in her room since Clarisse was out and didn't have any work to do.

Her strategy was to keep herself busy to avoid thinking about anything else. As she made her way toward the kitchen to help with washing dishes or something, she was approached from behind.

"Didn't you go with Clarisse today?"

She really didn't have the energy to talk to the degraded version of Marius right now, so she bowed and turned to leave for the kitchen.

"You're worried, aren't you? I can take you to the Farenheit residence if you want to."

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