My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 179: The Big Day pt. 1

Frore City.

Early in the morning, a richly dressed middle-aged man came to the tea house. When several customers saw him, they said happily, “Old Chen, you’re in luck recently. I heard that Frostcloud Sect has bought all the most valuable Huanshui gauze from your Chen family. Isn’t that right?”

The middle-aged man laughed and said, “You’re too kind. It’s just sharing in Laozu’s glory.”

Customer A sighed and said, “Since the founding of Frostcloud Sect, no Laozu has taken a Dao partner. It’s a grand event this time so they’re searching for good things all over the world.”

Customer B said with pride, “But of course. Just look at all the famous people in this city recently. Especially for today's grand ceremony, I heard that even the Dragon Ancestor of the Dragon Palace has turned up. Tsk, tsk, our Frostcloud Sect deserves to be number one in the world. Now that we have two Tribulation Passages and two Return to Voids in command, who else can compare?”

Customer A, “That's right! Jing-laozu first achieved Heavenly Grotto a thousand years ago, and it only took him a thousand years to reach Return to Void. Everyone said that Qin-laozu was the number one genius in the cultivation world, but when Jing-laozu joined the Frostcloud Sect, Qin-laozu was already an Amethyst Abode. The gap between the two was so different back then, but they are at the same cultivation level now.”

Customer B, “Do we need to state explicitly who exactly is the number one genius?”

The middle-aged man surnamed Chen laughed and said, “You can’t say that either. Jing-laozu’s rapid advancement has a lot to do with Qin-laozu too.”

Several customers were puzzled and asked, “What do you mean?”

Middle-aged man, “Don’t you know? The two of them disappeared together for a thousand years, and it’s rumored that they hid somewhere to dual cultivate for a thousand years. Although the two Laozus were not Dao partners in name, they have long been together as Dao partners, so their Dao partner ceremony today is to be expected.”

The customers suddenly realized, “Oh, I see.”

Someone thought about it carefully and couldn't help sighing, “A thousand years… so energetic…”

A chorus of approvals followed.

The rumor spread like wildfire. Of course, some people of Frostcloud Sect heard about it, but no one dared to ask Jing Yue for confirmation. In fact, many people shared the same thoughts.

But among these people, Yi Ye, who knew Jing Yue's whereabouts very well, was an exception.

At this time, he was alone in the Patriarch Hall with three sticks of incense, bowing to Yi Wang’s portrait.

“Second-shixiong, today is Shizun's big day.” Yi Ye looked directly at the portrait with a rare serious expression on his face. “The name of Shizun's Dao partner is Qin Yanzhi, and he’s a sword cultivator. He’s as sincere to the sword as you are.”

“Although he’s still young, less than 3,000 years old, he’s a genius second only to Shizun in the cultivation world. He’s a Return to Void cultivator now, with a righteous and kind character, and he’s sincere to Shizun.”

“The great path of Dao is long. With this person to accompany Shizun in the future, you, me, and Eldest-shixiong can rest assured.”

After saying his piece, Yi Ye stuck the incense into the pot, looked at the painting behind the curling smoke, and remained silent for a long time.

Frostcloud Sect, Sunset Summit.

Red silk brocades hung everywhere, and lanterns spread from the foot of the mountain to the main hall on the top of the mountain.

Outside the hall, Liu Feng was holding a red robe and respectfully said, “Zushi, disciple Liu Feng is here with your wedding robe.”

Jing Yue’s voice was soon heard, “Please come in.”

Liu Feng entered alone and saw that the hall was newly decorated. Zushi was sitting on the futon with his hair all messed up, holding Ji-ji in his arms. He smiled at Liu Feng but made no move to get up.

Liu Feng, “Zushi, how is your stay at Sunset Summit?”

Originally, Jing Yue and Yi Ye lived together at Whitefog Summit, but now that he had reached Return to Void, and his wedding was right around the corner, he had to find another summit, of course. The best one was no doubt Whitefog Summit, which Yi Ye wanted to give up to Jing Yue, but Jing Yue said that he had already chosen Sunset Summit and moved here on the same day.

“Very good.” Jing Yue's gaze fell on the wedding robe. “Why did you especially make one? Why don't you just pick a new Daoist robe?”

Liu Feng, “Everything has to be prepared properly on Zushi's big day.”

Jing Yue said, “There won’t be a wedding veil, will there?”

Liu Feng smiled and said, “Not really. Do you want one, Zushi?”

Jing Yue, “…No.”

Liu Feng smiled meaningfully again. She put the wedding robe on the square table in the hall and said, “We can hold the ceremony after you get changed. Qin-laozu and all the guests have been waiting at Bluecloud Summit for a long time.”

Jing Yue, “Have all the guests arrived?”

Liu Feng, “Yes, they have.”

Jing Yue muttered softly, “It's so grand, it makes me a little nervous.”

Liu Feng said with a smile, “Zushi, please go ahead. This disciple will be waiting outside the hall. Call me anytime if you need something.”

As soon as Liu Feng left, Ji-ji immediately turned into a human form and said excitedly, “Jing-jing, Ji-ji will help you change.”

“…No need.” Jing Yue looked at the blue phoenix’s colorful robes and his eyebrows twitched. “Your outfit is…”

The blue phoenix, “It’s made from Ji-ji’s feathers! Mary Sue colors! Does it look good?”

Jing Yue, “…Mm.”

The blue phoenix received Jing Yue’s affirmation and felt satisfied. He urged, “Jing-jing, change into your clothes quickly. Don’t miss the auspicious hour.”

Jing Yue stood up slowly and said casually, “Don't you dislike Yanzhi? Why are you so excited when I’m marrying him?”

The blue phoenix, “Hmph! Although Ji-ji detests him and thinks he’s not good enough for Jing-jing, today is Jing-jing’s big day. Even if Ji-ji's heart bleeds for you, I have to pretend to be happy so I don’t make things difficult for Jing-jing.”

Jing Yue, “…” No, I think that you’re very happy.

Of course the blue phoenix was happy. He read another BL storybook recently, more than a thousand chapters in length. The story was average, but the emotional drama was full of ups and downs, the sweetness and angst were well-balanced, and every word struck his heart. In the end, the couple finally got married, but on the day of the big wedding, ten cannon fodder male supporting characters who once liked the little Shou came to disrupt the wedding, confessing their love to their sweetheart one after another, and the scene was in utter chaos.

The little Shou was caught in a dilemma. He couldn't bear to let anyone down, and he couldn't bear to let those who loved him turn into enemies with each other, so he finally abandoned the little Gong, took his only pet, and left for another country, never to be heard of again.

The blue phoenix thought that since Jing-jing was so perfect, he should at least have 500 admirers if not 1,000, so the scene must be very lively later.

At the thought that 500 people would compete with Hooligan later, and the ending where Jing-jing led him into seclusion, the blue phoenix wanted to change into its original form and rub its wings.

Seeing the blue phoenix having fun all by himself, Jing Yue didn't bother to guess his thoughts but changed into his wedding robe silently.

When the two walked out of the hall, Liu Feng, who was waiting, suddenly saw a stunning young man beside Zushi, and her usual calm smile froze. “Zushi, this is…”

Jing Yue, “Oh, my son.”

The blue phoenix, “…”

Liu Feng, “…”

Liu Feng seemed to have been struck by lightning, unable to walk for a long time. In her daze, the boy picked a red flower at random, and said coquettishly to Jing Yue, “Jing-jing, can you put it on Ji-ji's head? Ji-ji wants to dress up more festively.”

“…You look festive enough.”

“Ji-ji needs to be more festive!”

Liu Feng didn’t know if the boy finally got what he wanted because her mind was already in a mess. When did Zushi have a son? No, between Zushi and Qin Yanzhi, who could give birth???

Jing Yue didn't know the impact Liu Feng suffered. When he arrived at Bluecloud Summit, he saw people crowded inside and outside the hall, and his legs went weak for no reason.

In his previous and present lives, he had never felt this kind of feeling in countless times of life-and-death crises. It was like stepping on cotton, and his head was all fuzzy.

Especially when everyone fell silent upon his arrival, those complicated gazes made Jing Yue's spine tingle.

At this time, a red-robed figure in the hall suddenly turned around and smiled at Jing Yue.

At that moment, Jing Yue suddenly thought that the first time he saw Qin Yanzhi in this life was also in Frostcloud Sect. The other party emerged from the shadows, faced the sun, and finally became a ray of light in his life.

He took him back to his past life and illuminated his present life.

Jing Yue's heart suddenly settled down. He looked straight at Qin Yanzhi and walked up to him one step at a time.

When he walked to Qin Yanzhi's side, everyone pricked up their ears, wanting to hear what this pair of newlyweds who were well-known in the cultivation world would say to each other.

But there was nothing. The two simply stared at each other silently, exchanging a thousand words in one look.

Qin Yanzhi held Jing Yue's hand. “Let’s go.”

Jing Yue, “Okay.”

The two walked to the front of the main hall together, where there were Xiao Hei and Yi Ye and all the memories of their past and present lives.

Everyone’s eyes followed them with smiles and blessings.

This was a newly wedded couple, also the hope and dawn of the righteous cultivation world.

In the crowd, three people stood together, their faces flushed with excitement.

They were Jing Yue's roommates when he was disguised as Jing Shan—Liang Yuan, Shi Nian, and Yu Xiaobao.

More than a thousand years later, they had reached Golden Core and had a deeper understanding of Jing Yue's warning back then.

They watched Jing Yue go all the way from the Qi Refining stage to today. Amid their admiration, they were more grateful because they had spent a short time with Jing Yue.

Not only them but also Long Ritian, Long Ridi, Mu Feng, Gu Xia, Zheng Bai... and many others.

Jing Yue was different from other Laozu. He was not unattainable from the very beginning. Everyone witnessed his growth and was amazed.

The disciples of the Frostcloud Sect focused on Jing Yue, while the Sword Inscription Sect focused on Qin Yanzhi.

Neither Tao Xian nor Fu Chen thought that Qin Yanzhi would find a Dao partner. When Qin Yanzhi announced the news, the entire Sword Inscription Sect was shaken. They could hardly wait to rush to Frostcloud Sect on the spot and ask what Jing Yue had done to move Qin Yanzhi, who was so dedicated to sword Dao. But on second thought, if anyone in the whole cultivation world could match Qin Yanzhi, it could only be the genius Laozu from Frostcloud Sect.

In their hearts, Qin Yanzhi was the best, so only the best person was worthy of him.

The inner thoughts of the two sects ran wild. If everyone spoke their thoughts, a big fight might ensue.

In front of the main hall, another person was more emotional. Yi Ye-laozu of Frostcloud Sect couldn't help crying again in the face of this situation.

Of course, with so many people in the hall, he was quite restrained in his crying.

At this time, Yi Ye looked at the couple standing side by side and said silently in his heart, “Second-shixiong, are you seeing this?”

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