My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 175: Torrential Realm pt. 15

The shadow covered the sky and the sun, and darkness loomed.

Yao Ji looked up and saw sharp claws the size of a hill stepping on her. The visual pressure made her feel the long-forgotten fear.

Yao Ji ran away quickly, but she had a foreboding that she would not be able to escape from the giant claw no matter what. She simply submerged into the soil and escaped from the crisis with the earth-traversing technique. God knew how long it had been since she was in such a miserable state!


The giant claw landed and soil flew everywhere. A huge deep pit immediately appeared on the ground. If it rained, this pit would definitely form a lake.

Yao Ji barely escaped this time, and there was only one thought left in her mind—to flee.

She wasn’t afraid of the pre-historic dragon just now because she sensed that it wasn’t a real pre-historic dragon. Among the various types of dragons, the fire dragon was just a relatively mediocre one.

However, the blue phoenix was ​​different. The aura exuded by the blue phoenix was ​​indeed the aura of a pre-historic divine beast. Moreover, the strength of the blue phoenix clan had always been only inferior to the ancestor phoenix. A full-grown blue phoenix was simply not something that any human who had not passed the Immortal Tribulation could contend with!

But Yao Ji was puzzled. Hadn’t the phoenix race disappeared completely? There was even a rumor that the phoenix race had sacrificed the entire race in order to convert the innate pure energy of the world into source energy. Where did this blue phoenix come from? Why did it know the traitor? And even helped them?

Yao Ji was upset, but another dragon was more upset than her.

Hong Yan crouched on A-Wu's head with its small dragon body, looking up at the blue phoenix that replaced the sky. He also recalled the little blue chicken that he scared into fainting just a few days ago, and couldn't believe that the two were actually the same phoenix!

He always claimed that he was mighty, tall, brave, and domineering in his original form, but in front of the blue phoenix today, he was like a soft little earthworm. He felt heartbroken.

The aggrieved Hong Yan said stubbornly, “Hmph! What's so amazing about it? With that stupid bird's IQ, everything will collapse the moment it speaks!”

Hong Shi, “Amazing! Amazing!”

Hong Yan was furious. “Do you know how to choose your words? Are you doing this on purpose?”

Hong Shi, “On purpose! On purpose!”

Hong Yan went mad.

While the dragon souls were secretly communicating, A-Wu couldn't help running over to ask Jing Yue, “Is it really Ji-ji?”

Jing Yue, “Of course.”

“I can’t believe I’d make a mistake one day.” A-Wu sighed with longing. “So, a pre-historic divine beast looks like this, so beautiful and domineering.”

Qin Yanzhi, who was always a man of few words, also took the initiative to comment, “I’m seeing your son in a different light today.”

Jing Yue glanced at him. “It’s your son too. It even calls you mother.”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Perhaps it was his illusion, but he felt that the phoenix hovering in the sky seemed to pause for a moment.

While getting rid of Yao Ji’s clones, they watched the battle calmly, the tense atmosphere just now was gone.

It was easy for them here, but Yao Ji was about to die. She thought she had already escaped thousands of miles, but just as she got out of the soil, she felt a gust of hurricane blowing.

The wind pulled her out of the soil, just like pulling a carrot, and there was a crisp sound of her ribs breaking.

“Ah!” Yao Ji screamed. If her physical body hadn't been cultivated to a tough state, she might be smashed to pieces with just one blow!

The disdain and contempt in Yao Ji's eyes were finally replaced by fear. She was afraid and resentful at the same time. If this continued, she’d be tortured to death by the blue phoenix!

Before she could think of a way out, another hurricane hit her. The wind seemed to be able to split time and space. If she got caught in it, even if she had the body of a rock, she might be smashed to pieces!

On the brink of death, Yao Ji's eyes gradually turned bloodshot. Since they refused to let her go, since she was doomed to die today, she’d also take the three of them and one phoenix to the underworld. Besides, she might not necessarily die. She could still make the last desperate attempt!

Enduring the severe pain in her body, Yao Ji held the Dragon Bone Carving Brush again.

Everyone knew that this brush was a secret treasure of the dragon race, but few people knew that this brush was not made of a single dragon bone.

She could use the brush to draw dragons and water armies before because the brush head was made from the beard of a pre-historic ice dragon, but the brush rod was derived from a pre-historic lightning dragon.

The lightning dragon was a famous battle dragon in the pre-historic period. If it was still alive, it might be able to fight the blue phoenix, but there was only one bone remaining that was forged into a brush now. However, this was enough. Yao Ji held the brush firmly and swiped with all her strength. She couldn't summon the revived lightning dragon, but she could attract lightning tribulation!


Muffled thunder from all around shook everyone's heart.

Although shrouded by the blue phoenix's huge body and no one could see the changes in the sky, the muffled thunders and pressure from the lightning tribulation easily repelled the strong winds caused by the blue phoenix. Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi fell to their knees at the same time, their blood boiled, and their muscles and bones creaked as if they would break at any moment.

“It’s lightning tribulation!” Jing Yue managed to squeeze out a few words. “And it’s not the lightning tribulation that I’ve experienced before, but more powerful.”

Qin Yanzhi didn't speak but pressed Jing Yue forcefully under him. The lightning had no choice but to strike him first.

“Could it be Earth Tribulation?”

A-Wu looked at the silver light flickering in the sky, and his eyes widened in horror.

Earth Tribulation could only be achieved after going through nine levels of Earth Tribulation. At this stage, he was only Mortal Tribulation. He couldn’t handle this at all!

“Hahaha!” The disheveled Yao Ji got up from the ground. Her hair was a mess, her chest was covered in blood, and she looked much older than before, but she smiled happily at this moment. “Earth Tribulation? How naïve. I’ve passed through the nine layers of Earth Tribulation, so how can I place my hope on it? This is the everlasting Heavenly Tribulation. Even a pre-historic divine beast will face a life-and-death situation. Let’s see if this blue phoenix can get through it!”

Heavenly Tribulation, if all living beings wanted to transcend this universe, they had to go through the nine layers of Heavenly Tribulation. Even the most powerful pre-historic gods, demons, dragons, and phoenixes were no exception!

Yao Ji refused to believe that the blue phoenix that suddenly appeared wouldn’t be afraid of lightning!

The next moment, she saw the blue phoenix move. The huge wings flapped rapidly, and the strong wind fanned the land they stood on into the air, drifting like dust.

The blue phoenix screeched and soared in the sky to face the heavenly lightning!


Thunder roared, the earth shook, and it seemed that the whole world was about to collapse.

The receding power left Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi oozing blood, and the corner of A-Wu's mouth also trickled with blood.

The sky was silvery white, and no one could open their eyes in the dazzling light. When Jing Yue heard the blue phoenix call out, he felt anxious. “Ji-ji!”

The light in the sky gradually dimmed, and the huge body of the blue phoenix stopped in the air, looming over the blue sky. From time to time, lightning struck its body in ripples, like silver waves.

Huh? The blue phoenix seemed to be getting bigger?

Could it be...

Jing Yue was suddenly ecstatic. He recalled that the blue phoenix fed on innate pure energy and heavenly lightning. The lightning tribulation seemed impossible, but it actually turned into the blue phoenix's nutrients!

After the lightning on the blue phoenix completely faded, even its feathers looked shinier. Who wouldn’t realize that the Heavenly Tribulation was beneficial to it?

“How is it possible?!”

Yao Ji was infuriated. Even if one Heavenly Tribulation couldn't kill the blue phoenix, it must hurt, right? But not only was it not hurt, but it even became stronger.

Yao Ji was so angry that her anger consumed her sanity, or rather, she had no other choice. The Dragon Bone Carving Brush was her last resort. If this brush was useless to the blue phoenix, she might as well just wait for death!

So, she drew a stroke with the brush again.

How could the power of a Heavenly Tribulation be so easily dispelled? The blue phoenix just received one. She wanted to see if the blue phoenix could withstand another, and whether it could strengthen itself with Heavenly Tribulation!

Just like a person who consumed rare treasures, one needed time to refine them. If they were stuffed into the body, the person might end up dying from self-combustion!

With another swipe of the Dragon Bone Carving Brush, a silvery light flashed in the shadows.

This Heavenly Tribulation was stronger than the previous one. Yao Ji stared at the sky, and Jing Yue also held Qin Yanzhi's hand tightly.

The blue phoenix cried out in pain among the lightning. After the light faded, everyone was the blue phoenix's feathers spotted with blood, and its huge body swayed and fell straight down from the nine heavens.

“Ji-ji!” Against Heavenly Tribulation's pressure, Jing Yue struggled to step forward. He saw the blue phoenix's body shrinking and shrinking and soon turned into a black spot.

After falling from such a high altitude, even a divine beast couldn't avoid serious injuries. He must catch Ji-ji!

“Taiqing!” Qin Yanzhi shouted urgently.

Taiqing sword shot out in response, flew into the air, and firmly caught the blue phoenix.

When Jing Yue took the blue phoenix from Taiqing, he saw that although it was seriously injured, it was breathing smoothly, obviously not in life-threatening danger.

At that moment, Jing Yue only felt that his legs went weak. If something happened to Ji-ji, he really didn't know what to do.

“Jing-jing, I tried my best,” the blue phoenix in the palm of his hand said weakly.

Jing Yue was distraught. “Yeah, Ji-ji is amazing, Ji-ji saved us.”

The blue phoenix nodded slightly and rubbed its head against Jing Yue's palm.

But the crisis was not over yet. Yao Ji, now gray-haired and aging, picked up the brush again. She laughed miserably and hysterically.

She knew that after this last brush, no one could stop the Heavenly Tribulation. Even if she would die after this stroke, it was no loss if she could die with her enemies!

The sky was no longer covered by the blue phoenix, and everyone could clearly see the rolling clouds.

The ten-foot-thick lightning kept wiggling as if it was about to tear the sky apart.

Jing Yue paid no heed to the lightning. His body was suffering endless pain, but he held the blue phoenix tightly in his arms and held Qin Yanzhi with the other hand.

The two looked at each other calmly without any panic or fear.

Jing Yue smiled. “Perhaps we can’t leave anymore.”

Qin Yanzhi pursed his lips. “We haven't found a way to deal with the demon spawn yet.”

Jing Yue sighed, and half leaned on Qin Yanzhi. “Suddenly, these things feel so far away from me.”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Jing Yue, “But you’re very close to me.”

For you guys, I have to give it a try.

Author’s Notes:

Hong Yan: After reading the title, I was very unhappy.

Hong Shi: Happy! Happy!

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