My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 174.2: Torrential Realm pt. 14

On the other side, Hong Yan was enjoying the rare scenery when a small human dared to provoke him. At this time, he had forgotten that this was the Middle Ages, with humans more powerful than Jing Yuan who suppressed him back then. Hong Yan lowered his head slightly and breathed fire at Yao Ji who was trying to whip him!

The fire was divided into seven colors—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The higher the level, the hotter it became, burning all the moisture in the air. Even Jing Yue, a talented water spiritual root, felt suffocated. The bare tree trunks in the forest were already scorched black and turned into ashes.

However, Yao Ji's whip net was made of special material that didn't fear dragon fire at all. It even created a path in the fire and wrapped around the dragon's tail.

Barbs sprouted from the whip net, piercing into the flesh of the giant dragon. Blood-red flower bones grew from the mesh. When each flower bone bloomed, sharp teeth could be seen in the heart of the flower.

Hong Yan howled in pain and struggled vigorously, but the net wrapped tighter around him.

Hong Shi, “Ow! It hurts! It hurts!”

Hong Yan was in pain and angry, and scolded Hong Shi, “Stop crying! What happened to your usual arrogance? You only know how to bully me. You should do the same to outsiders too!”

Hong Shi was so frightened that he hiccupped. Aggrieved, he bumped into Hong Yan's soul-mind and took control of the dragon's body.

With a muffled sound, the giant dragon immediately shrank to the size of a finger. The sharp teeth and barbs lost control of the dragon's body in an instant, and the little dragon fell out of the mesh.

Yao Ji, “…”

Hong Yan, “…” So, they could escape so easily. He must be an idiot.

At this moment, Hong Yan fell into deep contemplation.

Hong Shi, “Idiot! Idiot!”

Hong Yan got angry from his embarrassment. “Stop it, you fool!”

Hong Shi, “Fool! Fool!”

Hong Yan, “…”

He felt like crying too.

In this way, Hong Shi flicked the dragon body and flew to A-Wu before Yao Ji could react. At this time, A-Wu was swinging his sword to ward the mantises away. Of course, the mantises were no match for him, but they were very annoying, continuously regenerating.

He also knew that Yao Ji's purpose was to stop him, and she had obviously succeeded. A-Wu was anxious and was about to make a big move when he saw a long worm rushing toward him and quickly got into his hair.

A-Wu thought it was Yao Ji's attack at first, but when the long worm approached, he finally saw the other party clearly. The long worm had dragon horns on its head, its expression was tense and frightened. “Help! Help!”

A-Wu, “…”

He said dryly, “As expected of my beloved disciple's pet. You’re so smart!”

Hong Shi was delighted. “Smart! Smart!”

Hong Yan, “…”

I was the one who needed help, okay?!

Now that the dragon was out of danger, A-Wu had no more concerns. He shouted, and the surrounding air froze as if even time had frozen.

Ice-blue butterflies emerged out of thin air, flapped their wings, and brought frosty white mist. They landed on the mantises and tangled vines on the ground, which stopped for a moment and were quickly sealed alive by the extreme freezing power.

A-Wu, “Good job, my babies!”

As if they understood A-Wu’s words, the butterflies fluttered their wings lightly, the spots and lines on them were like smiling faces.

In the next moment, all the butterflies soared and swirled into the sky, and the sky was covered with ice blue. The frozen mantises and vines turned into ice dust, crystal clear and pure like flying snow, blurring the boundary between heaven and earth, and even time came to a standstill.

It was clearly a beautiful scene, but Yao Ji felt furious. She pressed her hands to the ground, and seven-petal lotuses bloomed. A faceless woman stood in each stamen. They were dressed exactly the same as Yao Ji, all of Yao Ji's clones.

If divided according to the strength of later generations, there were Heavenly Grotto, Return to Void, and even Tribulation Passage cultivation bases.

Surrounded by a group of faceless women, A-Wu said, “It looks disgusting.”

Yao Ji, “…”

She vowed that she must tear this stinky man into pieces!

The two parties fought again. A-Wu faced Yao Ji's thousands of clones alone, while Jing Yue in the black sea observed the situation before him and said, “Since the Dragon Bone Carving Brush is useless now, why should we run away?”

Qin Yanzhi thought for a while. “Let’s go and help.”

With that said, he dragged Jing Yue across the black sea in a few steps and arrived at the shore.

The addition of the two somewhat reduced A-Wu’s burden. Yao Ji noticed that Qin Yanzhi was back and got distracted. She tried to kill Qin Yanzhi several times but was blocked by A-Wu.

A-Wu restrained Yao Ji and kept killing Yao Ji's clones, keeping the latter busy.

He was a little worried about Jing Yue, but he saw that his apprentice was like a fish in water. Not only could he easily get rid of the weaker clones, but even had a fighting chance against the most powerful clones.

A-Wu was startled before he realized that Jing Yue shared the same source as his technique, using his domain power to enhance his combat power to the strongest.

He taught Jing Yue, and Jing Yue passed on his heritage.

A sense of satisfaction suddenly welled in A-Wu's heart. It was a good feeling to fight side by side with his apprentice.

There was really no need for A-Wu to worry about Jing Yue. Within his Shizun’s domain, he only felt stronger than ever. Even his mastery over the Art of Ten Desolate Universe became more proficient, and even all the small details that he had overlooked in the past seemed magnified today, displaying every detail in his consciousness.

He summoned Mini Canglan Sword, which was almost unstoppable. When he used the Cold Moon Falls on the Galaxy technique, he even killed a Tribulation Passage clone of Yao Ji.

Now that he had the enhancement of his Shizun’s domain, his strength was not inferior to Tribulation Passage at all!

Although everything went smoothly for Jing Yue, it was different for Qin Yanzhi.

Qin Yanzhi couldn't take advantage of A-Wu's presence. In terms of cultivation level, he was no Tribulation Passage, after all. Even though he had always been able to kill people beyond the same level, he fought one-on-one most of the time, rather than one person fighting against two or three people whose level far exceeded him.

Furthermore, these clones were not just Tribulation Passage. They were also controlled by Yao Ji who had passed Earth Tribulation, and Qin Yanzhi was no match for her combat awareness and combat experience.

Fortunately, his physical body was no longer what it used to be. He hadn't suffered any injuries despite fighting for a long time.

As for Yao Ji, she also sensed Qin Yanzhi's struggle through her clones, and a sneer appeared on the corner of her mouth.

But it wasn’t enough. Today, she must not be held back. She must kill all three of them, and pay homage to her Xiang'er!

The next moment, Yao Ji's gaze sharpened. She flew into the air, her dress fluttering with the wind like a lotus flower blooming in the air.

She shrank the scope of her domain to protect herself so that A-Wu could not attack her for the time being. After that, Yao Ji closed her eyes, made a praying motion with her hands, and chanted an obscure ancient mantra.

A-Wu's heart shuddered as he felt a foreboding.

Then, he heard the wind.

The wind was very pleasant. It seemed to convey the language of all things and listened to the demands of all things.

A blurry figure gradually appeared in the wind, which looked like a woman.

The other party's long hair covered her naked body, The strong wood vitality made everyone feel comfortable as if they had been soothed by a pair of gentle hands, leaving only tranquility and peace.

Green plants grew on the ground again, flourishing upwards, dancing wildly.

In an instant, this space overflowed with the fragrance of flowers, and the air of vitality permeated the dead land.

—Who woke me up?

Yao Ji, “It's your devout believer.”

—What's the matter?

Yao Ji, “I need your help. Please bestow to me a little bit of your strength.”

—What will you give in exchange?

Yao Ji, “A thousand years of my cultivation. When this is over, I’ll also offer to you the soul-minds of three people.”


No one could hear this conversation except Yao Ji, but A-Wu felt that his body was losing strength. No, to be precise, it was not losing strength, but more like taking a hypnotic substance that prevented him from mustering his strength.

Contrary to him, the attacks of Yao Ji and those clones in front of him became stronger.

Oh no! A-Wu woke up suddenly. It was Wind Maiden, one of the great witches of the god race in the pre-historic era!

The gods turned into humans, and their divine sense faded into the air and merged into everything.

He didn’t expect that Yao Ji could summon the great witch's divine sense. An Earth Tribulation could actually do this!

A drop of cold sweat slipped between A-Wu's brows. Even though he had all kinds of abilities, he had no idea how to fight the god race!

If A-Wu was like this, it was even more difficult for Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi.

Yao Ji's avatar took advantage of the situation to surround the two of them. They wanted to resist, but they felt weak all over as if their bones had been pulled out.

Seeing that the ultimate move was about to fall, suddenly, a sacred and majestic cry came from a distance.

Several people looked over subconsciously, their pupils shrank suddenly, and their scalps felt numb.

On the dead black sea, pieces of silver leaves turned into pure snow and fell into the sea. The sea surface immediately reflected a dazzling brilliance. When the brilliance faded, the sea water turned into a clear blue as if it had been purified.

At this time, a large shadow covered the sea area, and a huge blue phoenix came through the clouds. Wherever it passed, huge waves surged in the sea as if celebrating its arrival.

Amid the tumbling clouds, the spots at the tail of the blue phoenix could be faintly seen shining like stars. Its wings were spread out flat, as vast as thousands of miles. With a light flutter, it seemed like the falling sea water and the reflection of the sky. Nothing in this world was a more beautiful blue than it.

“B-Blue phoenix?”

A-Wu and Yao Ji were dumbfounded, and even Qin Yanzhi was stunned.

Hong Yan, who was hiding in A-Wu's hair, said tremblingly, “Am I mistaken? Is that the stinky phoenix?”

Hong Shi, “Stinky phoenix, stinky phoenix!”

Only Jing Yue’s stiff expression gradually softened, and finally, a smile filled his eyes. “Oh, it’s Ji-ji.”

With that said, he saw the eyes of the blue phoenix looking at him. Those eyes contained the wisdom to accommodate all worlds and a sense of affection he was familiar with.

Immediately, the blue phoenix swooped down from the sky with a loud screech.

—I have to go.

Yao Ji, “No, please.”

—It’s an ancient divine beast. If I still have a physical body, I may be able to fight, but this is only my divine sense. I’ll be completely destroyed.

Yao Ji, “Wind Maiden!”

But no matter how much Yao Ji begged, Wind Maiden's shadow gradually faded away, while another shadow above instantly enveloped her.

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