My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 174.1: Torrential Realm pt. 13

The person who spoke was a beautiful woman. Even though she was angry, she had her charm.

Needless to guess, this person must be Yao Ji.

A-Wu stood up from the ground, patted the dirt on his body, and smiled gallantly. “So it’s Lord Yao Ji. I’ve long heard…”

Before he could finish his compliment, Yao Ji waved her sleeves and pushed A-Wu to the ground. He slid back a few feet by inertia and almost fell into the black sea.

It was so comical that Jing Yue really wanted to laugh if the situation wasn't critical.

Yao Ji's eyes narrowed slightly. The anger in her eyes looked more than pain. “You lowlifes are really bold!”

If she was one step late, these people would have escaped into the black sea. Even though she had Earth Tribulation cultivation, she still didn't dare to chase into the depths of the black sea so casually. Fortunately, she got to them in the nick of time!

Yao Ji's gaze swept across the three of them like a snake and finally landed on Qin Yanzhi. She enunciated each word, “It’s you!”

With that said, Yao Ji’s deadly attack arrived.

Qin Yanzhi hurriedly threw Taiqing out and barely resisted this attack. The collision of the two forces uprooted the dead trees around them, which fell in a row.

Qin Yanzhi felt that under such tremendous power, he was as small as an ant. In comparison, the pressure Yao Ji caused him was even more severe than when he was fighting against the Return to Void demonic cultivator while he was still at Amethyst Abode!

Yao Ji gasped in wonder. “I didn't expect that a fragile thing like you can withstand one blow of mine.”

But suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something, and her face turned black like a pot. “You ungrateful traitor, die!”

Yao Ji struck again, and Qin Yanzhi immediately fled into the black sea. At the same time, A-Wu pulled out the stone sword and slashed it on the spot. The sword energy rushed toward Yao Ji with the speed of stars, neutralizing the opponent's attack.

“Are you A-Wu?”

As soon as A-Wu’s stone sword appeared, Yao Ji recognized him.

Jing Yue didn't know that his Shizun was quite the famous character back then, simply because everyone saw him as a wastrel, but he had achieved Mortal Tribulation through his efforts, which was something even the mightiest beings couldn’t imagine.

Many people were looking for A-Wu, but few had seen him.

Everyone only knew that he had a tattered stone sword, but the stone sword was sharper than the precious sword in his hand.

“Wow, Lord Yao Ji actually knows me.” A-Wu lowered his head shyly, but there was no trace of holding back when he made his move just now.

Yao Ji sneered. When she gave birth to Miao Wenxiang, she had thought of sending Miao Wenxiang to A-Wu to be his apprentice. Unfortunately, she never found any trace of the other party. Unexpectedly, the meeting today was an unending vengeance.

No, Miao Wenxiang wasn’t dead, and it wasn't A-Wu who did it.

But Miao Wenxiang no longer had a soul. Even though she attracted the remnant souls of the world and managed to reconstruct her son's soul after many difficulties, that soul was no longer complete, leaving behind irreparable regrets after all that.

A-Wu was the murderer's accomplice, and also someone she wanted to kill!

“Cut the crap!” Yao Ji took out a foot-long writing brush from her sleeve. “It’s said you’re favored by the heavens to survive the Mortal Tribulation with that trash body of yours. Today, let’s see whether the heavens favor you or me!”

A-Wu's pupils shrank. “Dragon Bone Carving Brush!”

He didn't wait for Yao Ji to make a move but pushed Jing Yue into the black sea. Qin Yanzhi hurriedly took him and quickly covered Jing Yue in his domain.

A-Wu, “Run!”

Jing Yue, “Shizun!”

A-Wu, “Go!”

Qin Yanzhi tried to sweep Jing Yue into his sleeve. If he was careless, Jing Yue would be injured by those silver leaves even in his sword domain, but the other party saw his intention and hurriedly said, “I’ll stay outside!”

Even though Jing Yue was too weak to help when facing Yao Ji, his intuition told him that if he really ran and left Shizun alone against the enemy, he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life!

Jing Yue believed in Shizun's strength. With Shizun against Yao Ji, even if it was difficult to win due to the suppression of realms, would Yao Ji not show any flaws?

However, this was not the time to fight recklessly. He glanced at Qin Yanzhi, and the two turned around and flew away. Suddenly, a wave as high as a small mountain emerged from the black sea and hit the two.

“As I said, no one can run away from me. Everyone will die!”

Yao Ji waved her brush, and a hundred thousand water soldiers appeared in the waves, each with a long halberd in his hand, and the sound of killing shook the sky!

Why were there living creatures in the black sea? Wasn’t this place dead? And why didn't the silver leaves attack the water soldiers?

Jing Yue was startled, but A-Wu shouted, “The Dragon Bone Carving Brush in her hand is a secret treasure of the ancient dragon race, which can be used to create images out of water!”

In short, as long as there was water, anything Yao Ji painted would come to life. However, it was painted, after all, without any life force, so the silver leaves would not attack.

…A secret treasure of the dragon race?

Jing Yue suddenly laughed. The dragon race? He wondered who the water soldiers would listen to, this secret treasure or a real dragon.

With a thought in his mind, his Sumeru ring became slightly hot, and a dragon’s roar resounded across the earth. The sky darkened, and a fiery red dragon frolicked in the air, majestic and solemn.

The water soldiers stopped and fell in unison. Even though they were lifeless, they continued the common habit of all the water creatures - submit to the dragon race!

Hong Yan, who was contained in the dragon's body and playing a game of repeating words with Hong Shi, looked around in confusion. “What are you doing, surnamed Jing?”

At this moment, countless silver leaves attacked the giant dragon, attaching to its body like scales.

Hong Yan, “Ouch, it hurts!”

Hong Shi, “Hurts! Hurts!”

Jing Yue ordered, “Leave the black sea and go to shore!”

The huge dragon moved in response to the command. With the help of Jing Yue's divine consciousness, Hong Yan and Hong Shi quickly forced the silver leaves that had sucked enough blood out of the body, but the bleeding dragon looked terrifying.

This superficial injury was nothing to the giant dragon. Hong Yan yelled angrily after he was out of danger, “Stinky Daoist, you're messing with me again!”

Jing Yue, “You think too much. I just need your help to control the water creatures. If something happens to me, you’ll die too.”

This was not a threat. Since he had formed a contract with the dragon, he controlled the dragon’s life. If he died, the dragon would die with him. If the dragon died, even if there was no contract between Hong Yan and him, where would he find another dragon body? His soul would only disappear with the body.

Hong Yan paused. He understood the implications, but he didn't want to be threatened by Jing Yue, so he tried to speak in a dignified manner, “How dare these small water soldiers cause trouble in front of this dragon? I’m not doing this for the stinky Daoist. I just want you ignorant people to know who calls the shots in the water!”

Yao Ji was dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of a dragon, “…”

Seeing that Jing Yue was out of danger and also found a way to restrain Yao Ji's Dragon Bone Carving Brush, A-Wu relaxed a little and rushed forward to attack Yao Ji.

Yao Ji was very angry, and said bitterly, “It’s just a dragon. Let’s see whose dragon is more powerful, yours or mine!”

She waved the brush again, and more than ten dragons appeared on the black sea. They were painted dead objects, not afraid of the threat of the silver leaves too, and immediately tried to bite the nearest Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi.

Jing Yue and the others were startled, and even Hong Yan was shocked. However, he immediately realized that these giant dragons were not real living dragons, and immediately became angry from embarrassment. He roared loudly at the black sea.

That roar petrified more than a dozen dragons. Because the flesh and blood of the giant dragon were transformed by the ancient dragon race, ordinary dragons were born to submit to him.

Hong Yan was also a little surprised by this, but he couldn't help but feel relieved. He felt that he had regained his confidence as a dragon, and found his presence as the only one in the world, so he commanded smugly, “Little one, beat her up!”

Hong Shi, “Beat her! Beat her!”

That ‘her’ referred to Yao Ji, of course.

More than a dozen dragons were created by Yao Ji. In other words, Yao Ji was their mother, so they dared not do anything to her, but their bodies could not disobey the orders from the ancient dragon. After some struggles, they crashed into each other, seeking relief by committing suicide.

Dragon horns broke, dragon scales peeled off, and dragon blood spilled everywhere.

As the dragons got injured, the figures became more transparent, and they disappeared from everyone's sight very quickly.

This made Yao Ji suffer a backlash. Although she was the master of Dragon Bone Carving Brush, everything she painted consumed her energy and was limited by her strength. If she was not an Earth Tribulation practitioner, she couldn’t have painted more than ten dragons in a row.

Yao Ji didn't know where these people got the ancient dragon. She was only angry that she couldn’t paint an ancient dragon with her cultivation. With no other choice, she had to stop and turned to attack the dragon instead.

So what if it was a dragon? As an Earth Tribulation powerhouse, she wouldn’t be afraid even if a few more dragons turned up!

After getting rid of the dragon, she’d see how these people could resist her Dragon Bone Carving Brush!

A-Wu read her thoughts and quickly chased after her. He would never allow Yao Ji to do what she wanted or let the Dragon Bone Carving Brush go out of control.

Yao Ji sneered, “Someone like you dares to stop me?”

With that said, she flicked a long green whip toward the giant dragon. The whip looked ordinary, but once it was thrown into the air, vines immediately grew out, and it instantly turned into a giant net.

At the same time, Yao Ji made seals with one hand. Green mist filled the air, and green grass suddenly grew on the dry and dead ground. A crack appeared on the wet ground, and dense red eyes could be seen in the crack.

Spiked legs emerged from the crack, followed by two, three, countless…

Countless mantises about two to three feet long quickly filled everyone's sights. They waved their forelimbs, flapped their transparent wings on their backs, and flew toward A-Wu in unison under Yao Ji's command.

For a moment, the sky and the ground were shrouded by Yao Ji's domain, and in the domain, thick blood vines were crawling toward A-Wu, and the mantises had fully surrounded A-Wu!

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