My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 172: Torrential Realm pt. 11

Chapter 172: Torrential Realm pt. 11

(TN: In Daoism, every human soul灵魂 ‘linghun’ is made up of 3 魂 ‘hun’ and 7 魄 ‘po’. For easy reading, I used ‘soul’ for ‘hun’ in earlier chapters, but for this chapter, ‘hun’ and ‘po’ have to be differentiated from a person’s soul, so I’ll be using pinyin for these two terms. However, I’m not quite sure why the author used 3 hun and 6 po instead of 7 po.)

After the storm that day, moonlight once again baptized the earth.

The mountain behind the Royal Purple Palace was covered with a nameless flower, which looked like roseleaf raspberry, white and fragrant, and commonly found everywhere. However, when it was dipped in rootless water and exposed under the silver moonlight, the petals would be stained with crimson.

The red within the white seemed like the shyness of a young girl or the blood of a virgin on the newlywed’s bedspread.

Mist hung like a light veil. An alluring fragrance of flowers floated in the air, as well as occasional moans.

In a certain hall of the Royal Purple Palace, the interior of the hall was luxuriously furnished. A tuft of blue hair was faintly exposed behind a flower stand that was ten feet high, and a beany eye was looking in the direction of the bed through the gap in the flower stand.

Two young men sat beside the bed, hugging each other at this moment, both of them with flushed faces and breathing heavily.

One of them had his neck raised, with patches of red on his fair neck, while the other buried his face in the other's neck, hiding his expression. Only his sweaty temples and slightly trembling shoulders could be seen.

Of course, these two were none other than Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi. Although they were on official business, two young men at the prime of their vitality and connected with each other emotionally would inevitably get a little carried away when their souls were fused.

With a loud thump, Qin Yanzhi pushed Jing Yue away and fell off the bed. He accidentally knocked over the table and chair, and the chair knocked down the flower stand on the side.

A blue-feathered chick fell out violently, and the two humans and one bird stared at each other. Just when Jing Yue was about to explode from embarrassment, the little blue chicken quickly jumped into Qin Yanzhi's arms.

“Mother! Ji-ji misses you so much!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Qin Yanzhi hadn't recovered from his upheaval yet. He hugged the blue phoenix instinctively, and his fingertips also subconsciously produced a little innate pure energy.

The blue phoenix was promptly excited. Ignoring Jing Yue’s intense glaring, it started sucking ‘milk’ from Qin Yanzhi's fingers, and couldn’t stop one claw from twitching uncontrollably.

Jing Yue, “…”

Although he felt very helpless, Jing Yue looked at Qin Yanzhi, who lowered his brows and gently embraced Ji-ji, and couldn't help smiling. Even though the former Yanzhi was only a fragmented soul, he inherited everything Yi Wang had handed down right down to the very core.

Such as kindness, his sword, and… Jing Yuan.

Jing Yue had glimpsed the truth from Qin Yanzhi's narration and soul-mind.

Back then, Yi Wang's three ‘hun’ entered the sword and helped to form Taiqing’s sword soul. He slayed the Yao Emperor in the end and received the merit from the heavenly Dao.

This merit protected his fragmented soul, which finally had the chance to be reincarnated after many years of nourishment by heaven and earth.

However, heavenly Dao chose an incomplete soul for Yi Wang, only ‘hun’ without ‘po’.

By right, this incomplete soul shouldn’t be able to form a fetus, but the three ‘hun’ in combination with Yi Wang’s six ‘po’ finally made it complete and gave birth to Qin Yanzhi, the genius of that generation.

Because of this, Qin Yanzhi and Jing Yue had a great causal relationship and met each other without a hitch.

Later, the two fell into the Haotian Realm together and got the Taiqing sword from the Void Sword Tomb.

From the moment Qin Yanzhi held Taiqing, he regained Yi Wang's memory very slowly because Taiqing contained Yi Wang’s three ‘hun’.

Back then, the three ‘hun’ acted as an external force to help Taiqing's sword spirit evolve into a sword soul. In fact, even Taiqing didn't know that its master's three ‘hun’ had been hidden in the sword.

In the Sword Tomb, it recognized Qin Yanzhi because of the strong sense of familiarity brought to it by the other party, and also because of the secret guidance of the three ‘hun’.

The ‘hun’ and ‘po’ that originally belonged to a soul naturally had a strong perceptiveness and cohesion.

However, the ‘hun’ and ‘po’ had been separated for many years, not to mention the three other ‘hun’ in Qin Yanzhi's soul-mind. For six ‘hun’ and six ‘po’ to merge, hundreds or thousands of years were barely enough. Maybe even tens of thousands of years were not enough for him to recall the memory of his previous life.

But Qin Yanzhi fell into the torrent of time, and the time that passed through him was chaotic and disorderly, with no sequence to speak of. When the time exceeded the limit, the ‘hun’ and ‘po’ merged completely, and Qin Yanzhi finally merged with Yi Wang.

He was Yi Wang, but not quite Yi Wang.

Jing Yue could see the shadow of Yi Wang in Qin Yanzhi, but Jing Yue knew in his heart that they were different, after all.

“Burp~” After the blue phoenix had its fill, it still held onto Qin Yanzhi's finger. Jing Yue picked it up, pushed open the window, and threw it out.

After closing the window, he heard Qin Yanzhi ask, “Do you believe me now?”

Jing Yue, “I never said I don’t believe you.”

Qin Yanzhi, “That’s true. A-jing seems to have known about it a long time ago, so it's not surprising at all.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Seeing that Jing Yue didn't refute, Qin Yanzhi raised his eyebrows in surprise. “You really knew?”

Jing Yue, “…Mm.”

Qin Yanzhi, “When?”

Jing Yue, “When I came out of the illusion of the Forsaken Flower.”

He recounted his experience in the Forsaken Flower, and said to Qin Yanzhi, “I'm sorry, I made you sad. I was forced to do so.”

Qin Yanzhi shook his head. “I had no memory at the time, so I felt depressed. Now that I think about it, I’m lucky enough to have you accompany me through the illusion for more than ten years.”

Jing Yue was taken aback for a moment, but couldn't help laughing.

Qin Yanzhi, “Why didn’t you tell me back then?”

Jing Yue, “I couldn’t help feeling weird about it.”

Qin Yanzhi, “What’s weird?”

Jing Yue, “Isn’t it weird for a master and disciple to be in a relationship? The pure master-disciple relationship with you has suddenly turned into this.”

Qin Yanzhi, “No wonder you said that back then.”

Jing Yue was about to ask what he said when he felt a soft touch on his lips. Qin Yanzhi pressed against his lips, and asked seriously, “Do you still think it's weird?”

Only Qin Yanzhi could make such an intimate act become so serious. Jing Yue was amused, and said half-heartedly, “It’s a bit weird…”

With that said, his lips became hot and humid again. Qin Yanzhi's breath blended with his lips and teeth. Only when they got closer, he realized that Qin Yanzhi was not a cold and unattainable flower at all, but was as hot as a ball of fire, burning his reason and robbing his breath.

Half-dizzy and half-drunk, Jing Yue remembered that when he was certain that Qin Yanzhi was the reincarnation of Yi Wang back then, he was worried about causing a psychological burden on Qin Yanzhi.

Now… burden? Hehe, that didn’t exist.

For several days after that, they didn’t leave the Royal Purple Palace. Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi searched through all the records in Royal Purple Palace, but they still failed to find a way to eliminate the demon spawn.

A-Wu wanted to go back to the tribe at first, but seeing that both of them looked anxious and disappointed, he proposed to try going east.

“There’s a Deadlands in the East, but a legend has been circulating for tens of thousands of years that the Deadlands contains a great wisdom who knows everything in the world, and is omniscient and omnipotent.”

Jing Yue, “East?”

He suddenly remembered that the opportunity that the blue phoenix had sensed when they first arrived was in the east, so he agreed without thinking. “I have to trouble Shizun for leading the way.”

A-Wu laughed heartily. “Who else can Shizun help but you?”

Looking at A-Wu's innocent smile, like the purest and warmest rays of the sun, Jing Yue felt even guiltier.

He would leave Torrential Realm eventually. He couldn’t be Shizun's apprentice forever, or fully accept Shizun's inheritance. Every time Shizun helped him, it was actually helping him to leave this place faster, and speeding up their separation.

But he had to leave.

But he couldn’t say anything.

There was a sudden warmth in his hand. Jing Yue glanced sideways and saw Qin Yanzhi comforting him with a smile.

Maybe Qin Yanzhi guessed his thoughts, or maybe he was just worried about him, but with someone like this by his side when he was in low spirits made Jing Yue's heart soft and throbbing.

He returned Qin Yanzhi’s smile and his spirits lifted a little. He secretly made a decision. In his lifetime, he must finish the incomplete Canglan Sword Technique so that the Art of Ten Desolate Universe could be passed on forever.

In the next few days, they headed East.

On the eighteenth day after they left, a beautiful middle-aged woman came to the Royal Purple Palace.

The woman also came in a sedan chair, but it was a flying chariot pulled by eighteen flying beasts. With every step of the creatures’ hooves, flying flowers drifted in the air. This design was more ridiculous than the sedan chair that Miao Wenxiang prepared for the Holy Son the other day.

When she arrived outside the Royal Purple Palace, the woman saw piles of corpses frozen in ice and snow. She clutched her chest and trembled.

When she entered the hall and saw that the former palace master was without a soul-mind, only an empty husk left, she spat a mouthful of blood.

“Who is it?! Who harmed my Xiang'er?!”

The woman hugged the broken Miao Wenxiang and wept unceasingly. After a long time, she raised her head, her eyes were full of hatred.

“Whoever it is will die!”

The mountain reflected the setting sun, and the sky was blood-red.

In the lush forest on the mountain, two people were fighting with swords. The exquisite swordsmanship of the two was a rare sight. If someone was lucky enough to watch this scene, even if they didn’t know the sword Dao, they could enter the path from this.

On a thick old tree not far away, the blue phoenix was bouncing and cheering for its mother. Suddenly, a sword energy slashed over, and the old tree fell with a loud bang.

After a while, the blue phoenix emerged from the pile of dead leaves, crying aggrievedly.

Jing Yue couldn't stop laughing. He caught it in his arms and said softly, “Behave.”

With that said, he carefully observed Qin Yanzhi and Shizun practicing swords.

These days, he had long been used to Shizun practicing sword with Qin Yanzhi when he had nothing to do. As the only… no, one of the two bystanders, Jing Yue gained a lot every time.

Although he was already very familiar with Qin Yanzhi's swordplay, so familiar that he could refine talismans to imitate his sword intent and sword energy, Qin Yanzhi's physical body had been transformed by this time, and many changes took place in his sword skills. The sword moves that could not be completed due to physical limitations in the past could now be performed freely and with ease.

As for Shizun, Jing Yue could feel that each round of sparring yielded more improvement than the previous round, but Shizun's Canglan Sword Technique was incomplete, so how could it match the Daoyi Sword Technique that was born from Heavenly Dao?

Jing Yue suddenly had an idea. When he got the fragmented copy of the Art of Ten Desolate Universe back then, he completed most of it on his own, only missing the last move of the Canglan Sword Technique. Therefore, he always thought that the last move, the Galaxy that Fell into Nine Heavens, was lost like other incomplete parts. But now that he thought about it, could it be that Shizun never came up with this move at all? The Canglan Sword Technique had always been incomplete?

As Jing Yue was lost in thought, Shizun suddenly withdrew his sword and stopped attacking, his expression grave.

Before they could ask any questions, A-Wu said, “Someone is tracking us.”

Author’s Notes:

Modern Poetry: <Ji-ji’s Heartfelt Voice> by Ji-ji

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Ji-ji very badly


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