My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 170: Torrential Realm pt. 9

“Welcome, Holy Son!”

The people on the street kneeled reverently to welcome the Holy Son, while Jing Yue and A-Wu who were still standing seemed particularly out of place.

When the sedan passed by the two of them, the person in the sedan chair suddenly opened his closed eyes and turned to look at Jing Yue.

“Yanzhi!” Jing Yue was overjoyed and was about to step forward, but he saw Qin Yanzhi glance at him indifferently as if he didn't know him.

Jing Yue's heart thumped and he frowned tightly, but he no longer wanted to go forward.

Qin Yanzhi's eyes only stopped on him for a moment before he looked away, and the sedan also passed him slowly.

Jing Yue silently looked at the sedan going away without saying a word.

“Isn’t it him?” A-Wu noticed that Jing Yue was very excited at the beginning. He obviously knew the man in the sedan chair, but the man didn't seem to recognize Jing Yue. Moreover, Jing Yue's reaction was not quite right. By right, he should rush forward to question the other party, but he did nothing, just stood there silently.

“It’s him.” Jing Yue didn't hesitate.

A-Wu, “Why didn’t you approach him?”

Before Jing Yue replied, the blue phoenix, who was shocked by Qin Yanzhi's attitude, finally came to its senses and cursed at the sky, “Hooligan! That heartless scoundrel! Ji-ji officially announces that Ji-ji will cut all mother-child relationship with him and never talk to him again!”

Jing Yue, “…”

On second thought, the blue phoenix felt that something was wrong. It changed its previous snarky attitude and said nervously, “Jing-jing, has Hooligan lost his memory? Has he forgotten both Jing-jing and Ji-ji?”

Once it accepted this setting, the blue phoenix felt that its phoenix future was gloomy. Amnesia—what a classic plot. How many people found new love after amnesia and forgot their old love? Even if the memory was restored one day, the old love was lost forever.

Jing Yue, “He didn't lose his memory, nor did he forget us.”

The blue phoenix, “Then why did he ignore Jing-jing when he saw you? He also ignored Ji-ji.”

Jing Yue didn't answer immediately, but said after a while, “He must have his reasons. We have to believe him.”

The blue phoenix looked bewildered but still nodded.

Although Qin Yanzhi's attitude was indifferent just now, Jing Yue knew him too well. Even through the tulle, he could still see Qin Yanzhi's instantly tense back and the excitement he tried to hide, but Qin Yanzhi didn't give him any response, not even a voice transmission.

No, perhaps Qin Yanzhi's indifference was a response in itself.

Qin Yanzhi was warning him.

He suspected that Qin Yanzhi was under watch, and that observer was very powerful, so much that Qin Yanzhi dared not take any chances. After all, this was the Middle Ages, so there was no guarantee that the voice transmission between the two would not be intercepted.

Or maybe Qin Yanzhi had something important to do and couldn’t expose himself, and didn’t want to implicate Jing Yue.

But since he ran into Qin Yanzhi, how could he allow Qin Yanzhi to do it alone?

Jing Yue turned his head and answered A-Wu's previous question, “Of course, I’m going to find him.”

A-Wu raised his eyebrows, “He doesn't know you anymore. Why still look for him?”

Jing Yue smiled and said, “If he doesn’t, I’ll snatch him back, and we’ll get to know each other again.”

A-Wu was delighted. “That’s the spirit! Let's go, Shizun will help you!”

On the other side, Qin Yanzhi sat alone in the sedan, his palms clenched tightly.

Jing Yue wasn’t wrong at all. He was under surveillance, and he was secretly planning his escape.

He wanted to do it slowly to ensure that nothing would go wrong. Moreover, there were many records about ancient times in the Royal Purple Palace. He wanted to find out if there was a way to deal with the demon spawn, but unfortunately, he couldn't find any.

But Jing Yue had already appeared in front of him, so he didn't need to wait any longer, and he didn't have the patience to wait any longer. But if he wanted to leave, he still needed to get rid of future troubles, so he pretended not to recognize the other party in order not to alert the enemy.

However, Jing Yue called his name just now, and those people watching him should have noticed that. He must act as soon as possible.

Qin Yanzhi pursed his lips slightly, and there was murderous intent in his eyes.

The sedan circled around Suna City, and Qin Yanzhi returned to the Royal Purple Palace.

When he walked into the holy palace Miao Wenxiang arranged for him, he saw several maids waiting outside the palace.

“Holy Son.” The leading maid bowed slightly.

Qin Yanzhi ignored them and walked into the palace.

The maids quickly followed. When Qin Yanzhi was seated, the leading maid made a gesture. Another maid slowly stepped forward holding a bowl of medicine.

The leading maid, “My lord, this is today's Fortifying Soup. After you finish absorbing it, please go to the main palace.”

“Understood.” Qin Yanzhi simply picked up the medicine and drank it.

Seeing that there was no drop of medicine left in the bowl, the leading maid left with the other maids.

After everyone left, Qin Yanzhi forced the medicine he had just drank out through his fingers. Then, he went out of the palace gate with his sword in hand.

At this time, Jing Yue was in trouble. As soon as he left Suna City, he was surrounded by several burly guys.

Those people were dressed in purple clothes, and he didn’t recognize the material of the clothes. It looked like the skin of a sea animal, which was thin and strong.

One person stepped forward and said, “Why didn't you worship our Holy Son just now? And why did you call our Holy Son Yanzhi?”

Jing Yue rolled his eyes. “You guess?”

The man was stunned for a moment and sneered. “A lowly person like you dares to hanker after the Holy Son? No matter what your relationship was in the past, the two of you are as different as a swan and an ugly duckling now!”

Jing Yue, “Does your Holy Son know that you see him as an ugly duckling?”

The burly man's face twitched slightly. He finally couldn't bear it anymore and attacked Jing Yue.

As soon as he moved, the others followed suit. Their original purpose was to kill this person. The palace master said that no hidden danger should be left behind.

They wasted words with this person just now because they wanted to find out some information about the Holy Son's past, so they could take care of everything in one go, but since this person was so obstinate, there was no need to talk anymore!

They clearly saw the target, but the next moment, the person disappeared from their sight. He was replaced by a stone sword, which cut off the heads of several people in an instant.

Jing Yue, “Thank you, Shizun.”

A-Wu, “You’re welcome.”

It turned out that not long after the sedan left, Jing Yue realized that he was being watched. At that time, there were many people on the street, so he pretended that he didn’t know A-Wu, and walked out of the city alone.

After luring out the stalkers and finding out their purpose, A-Wu took care of the enemies.

A-Wu, “These people should be the guards of the Royal Purple Palace.”

Jing Yue, “So Yanzhi is probably there.”

A-Wu, “Let’s fight our way in.”

Jing Yue, “Of course.”

As for alerting the enemy, Jing Yue was not worried, because he knew that there was not a single person in the Royal Purple Palace who had achieved Mortal Tribulation, while his Shizun stood behind him.

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse. A young man approached the 9,000 steps stairway in front of the Royal Purple Palace. Of course, this person was none other than Jing Yue. He appeared under the moonlight calmly without any effort to hide and naturally attracted the guards of the Royal Purple Palace.

The two parties fought, but within a moment, more than ten guards fell into eternal sleep under the moonlight.

The commotion at the bottom of the mountain spread to the top of the mountain. The lights at the end of the long steps were brightly lit, but Jing Yue didn't panic. HHe stepped over a field of corpses and climbed up the long steps with his sword in hand.

“Not bad, in just a hundred days, you have mastered the Art of Ten Desolate Universe so proficiently. You’re worthy of being my destined apprentice!”

Behind Jing Yue, A-Wu appeared from the night with a smug tone.

Jing Yue, “…” That’s not the case.

A-Wu, “More people are coming from above.  You can go up by yourself. Shizun will help you with the formation.”

Jing Yue knew that A-Wu wanted to take the opportunity to train him, so he said, “I won’t disgrace you.”

“Those people are not weak, and many of them are better than you. Don't underestimate the enemy.” A-Wu reminded him, “If your life is not at stake, I won’t make a move. If you make any mistakes, don't blame Shizun for being cruel.”

Jing Yue, “Yes, Shizun!”

Soon, the sound of the fighting spread on the long steps again, and blood fell like endless raindrops, dyeing the stone steps bright red.

More and more people rushed down the long steps, and more and more people died under Jing Yue's sword. His black robe was already soaked, although there was no trace of red.


With every swing of his sword and every step he took, he reaped a life. Jing Yue felt as if he had returned to the Mortal Realm Mountain, to the moment when he killed 100,000 Yao 10,000 years ago.

However, the massacre didn’t destroy his sanity. He was always sober, and he knew that the person he was looking for was just after the long steps.

At the same time, Qin Yanzhi also arrived at the main palace. His hair was slightly messed up, his face was pale, and he looked quite miserable.

Seeing him like this, Miao Wenxiang, who was originally smiling, froze slightly. “Yanzhi, you are…”

Without saying a word, Qin Yanzhi tweaked his fingers. Taiqing immediately broke into four pieces, piercing into Miao Wenxiang's shoulders and legs respectively, nailing him firmly to the throne of the main palace.

“Argh!” Miao Wenxiang's pitiful scream rang in the palace. “Guards, guards!”

He shouted until his voice became hoarse, but only he and Qin Yanzhi stood in the palace.

Miao Wenxiang finally panicked and said in a fluster, “What are you doing? I’ve been so good to you. How dare you repay kindness with ingrate?”

Qin Yanzhi, “Good? Then what are your hands doing?”

With a thought in Qin Yanzhi's mind, the fragmented sword piece that pierced Miao Wenxiang's left shoulder penetrated deeper. Miao Wenxiang's fingers convulsed from pain, and he couldn't even cry out.

Miao Wenxiang was even more shocked when Qin Yanzhi took out a palm-sized doll from his pocket.

“Do you recognize this?” Qin Yanzhi asked, holding the doll's head with one hand as if about to break it off.

Miao Wenxiang said in shock, “No!!!”

He struggled frantically, with blood gushing from his wounds everywhere, but he couldn't stop anything. He could only watch Qin Yanzhi destroy the doll.

“When did you find out?” Miao Wenxiang collapsed, looking like an old man on the verge of death.

Qin Yanzhi, “I knew your purpose since the first day when you sent someone to deliver the Fortifying Soup.”

It turned out that when Qin Yanzhi came out of the blood pool back then, Miao Wenxiang sent a maid to bring Fortifying Soup, saying that it was to stabilize his physical strength.

Qin Yanzhi was suspicious and looked for an opportunity to lure other people away. He hypnotized the maid and thus learned the secret of Miao Wenxiang.

Miao Wenxiang was abandoned by his father because of his weak physical body. He couldn’t contain his hatred and always wanted to find a way to strengthen his physical body. For this reason, he read countless classics and secretly found many people similar to him to experiment with.

This person could be regarded as a genius, and he found an evil method.

However, it was difficult to achieve success with this evil method. He was never able to find a body that could withstand the blood pool transformation until he met Qin Yanzhi.

When Qin Yanzhi successfully awakened his talent, Miao Wenxiang began to perform the second step of the evil method. The so-called Fortifying Soup he gave Qin Yanzhi was actually a medicine that separated Qin Yanzhi's body from his soul. Once Qin Yanzhi took it long-term, he’d gradually lose his existing memory and become an unconscious walking dead.

At this time, Miao Wenxiang could carry out the third step of the plan, which was to export his soul into Qin Yanzhi's body and take the other party's physical body as his own.

In short, this was the earliest art of taking possession of a body, and the art of controlling people in the later generations, such as the Cadaver Gate and Ashura Tower, was derived from this method step by step.

Through hypnotizing the maid, Qin Yanzhi also found out that Miao Wenxiang took some of his blood when he was unconscious and made it into a puppet. Miao Wenxiang's control of this puppet was equivalent to controlling him.

Qin Yanzhi pretended to have lost his memory and stayed in the Royal Purple Palace all this while to find the puppet.

As Miao Wenxiang was weak, Qin Yanzhi had always suspected that the puppet was handed over to someone else. The most suspicious ones were Miao Wenxiang's four powerful close bodyguards. He wanted to stay on the safe side and explore slowly, but when he saw Jing Yue, he chose to act immediately.

Fortunately, his guess was right. After a fight, Qin Yanzhi successfully got the puppet.

Miao Wenxiang knew that nothing else could be done, and said, “No matter what, I gave you a strong body and awakened your talent, after all. Y-You have to let me go, or even if you kill me, you can’t escape!”

Suddenly, Miao Wenxiang fell silent. He heard the sound of fighting outside the palace.

Qin Yanzhi was startled and suddenly laughed. His originally cold and hard lines softened instantly.

It was the first time Miao Wenxiang saw Qin Yanzhi smile. That beautiful face should belong to him…

Qin Yanzhi, “I won’t run away. I’ll leave openly.”

Miao Wenxiang was shocked. “What did you do?”

Qin Yanzhi didn't answer but said, “I won't kill you either.”

Miao Wenxiang raised his head in disbelief and surprise flashed in his eyes. Qin Yanzhi approached him and put his hand on his forehead.

Qin Yanzhi’s hand was very warm, exactly as he imagined. He should be happy, but Qin Yanzhi's words left him with nothing but despair.

“You strengthened my physical body for me, so I’ll spare your life. But you wanted to destroy my soul, so I have to return the favor.”

After that, Miao Wenxiang only felt a sharp pain in his soul, and he lost all consciousness.

Outside the palace, Jing Yue embarked on the final journey.

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