The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

22) Chapter 17.2

Chapter 17 Part 2:

Li Luo opened his eyes. Currently he was lying inside the commander-in-chief’s tent. Listening to the more and more mournful song outside, he felt his heart and eardrums were following the sad melody, the rhythm of which made him want to spit blood.

A perfectly fine ‘Phoenix Seeks its Mate’ song can be played until it’s like this (aka played badly), he truly had to kneel (as in, kneel because it’s so amazing that Li Rui’an can play it so badly) to Li Rui’an who played it.

Li Rui’an had been playing the song continuously for three-four nights now. Li Luo felt that even in his dreams he was surrounded by this song. It really made him feel very awful.

If Li Rui’an didn’t forced the already exasperated Qi Cheng to come out soon, Li Luo felt that he just might suddenly sleepwalk, get a brick and then smack the culprit Li Rui’an until he passed out.

“What’s the matter, Mucheng? Can’t sleep?” Qin Yu, who laid beside him, asked.

“It’s nothing, just a little noisy.” Li Luo said, but inside his heart he spit: More than noisy, it is simply a killing device. However, he also understood that this was the only way to deal with Qi Cheng. Therefore, he did not show any complaints on the outside.

Only if they broke General Qi Cheng’s last straw and made him came out, would they able to end this prolonged war as soon as possible.

“Just endure it, very soon you will not have to listen to that song again.” Qin Yu stretched out his two hands and covered Li Luo’s ears, and then softly asked, “Is this better?”

When Qin Yu’s hands spread on top of his ears, Li Luo suddenly felt a burst of indescribable numbing feeling, followed by the rise of embarrassment from the bottom of his heart.

He was not a girl. Being taken care of by Qin Yu so meticulously like this was somewhat strange. He quickly separated Qin Yu’s hand and his complexion turned red as he spoke: “Yu, you don’t have to treat me like that, I’m not so fragile.”

Qin Yu also seemed to feel his movements a little over, he quickly retracted his hand. There was a pause before he said softly, “I don’t think you are fragile, I just want to treat you well. After the death of fuhuang and muhou, my most important person is you. Mucheng, do you understand?”

Li Luo was immediately speechless, he faintly felt that his movement just now had hurt Qin Yu’s feelings. If there was a person who cared about you in every possible way, but you always refused his care for you and showed that it not what you want—then you’re a person that didn’t know satisfaction.

The embarrassed feeling just now immediately disappeared without a trace, Li Luo only felt his heart surging up with a trace of guilt. Li Luo hesitated for a moment, and then laid down together with Qin Yu just like how he did when Qin Yu was growing up. When he thought of how aggrieved his parents would be at this moment, he right away stretched out his arms and hugged Qin Yu’s body.

Qin Yu turned his back to Li Luo, he did not speak, but he pressed Li Luo’s hands, that hugged him, into the center of his chest; his slim and slender hand was on top of Li Luo’s hand. His pair of black eyes flashes with a touch of tenderness and a nostalgic look.

Li Luo makes all of his body stick to Qin Yu’s body, only then was he able to hug Qin Yu. He now had no time to think about that disturbing zither outside, and unconsciously fell asleep afterwards.

When Qin Yu feel the arms that hugged him gradually lose their strength, he immediately knew that Li Luo was already asleep, so he chuckled lightly before turning around. Qin Yu stared at Li Luo’s peaceful sleeping face for a long time and couldn’t help but lean his head to kiss Li Luo’s lips. Afterwards, he embraced Li Luo’s waist, and took him into his bosom. Just like holding a unique treasure, he hugged him very carefully until he fell asleep as well.


Qi Cheng hadn’t slept for almost seven days. He had very large dark circles under his eyes, which made his whole person appear very depressed.

His hair that was originally just half-white, now became even whiter.

With a dark complexion he sat on the table and ate a bowl of rice. But he immediately threw the bowl into the ground, his face was covered with killing intent as he walked out of the door. All of the servant, who he met on his way, were scared and trembling with fear to the point they even forgot to give a salute. They only bowed their head and only once he disappeared did they dare to take a breath.

Qi Cheng entered the meeting hall and although his complexion was only slightly better than a moment ago, it was still very terrible. His fame originally was build from a mountain of corpses and a sea of fire, so right now, the killing intent from his body was uncontrollably leaking out. It made him look all the more frightening.

Qi Cheng didn’t plan to endure it anymore, this war would’ve broken out sooner or later anyway. So since Qin Yu urged him to show up, he would give Qin Yu a life-long lesson that he would never be able to forget.

Qi Cheng eyes turned red. Like a thoroughly enraged beast that sharpened his sharp claws, he was ready to rush up at his enemy to tear him up to shreds.

At the same time, Xiang Bei Army had been ready for the war for a while—the soldiers had already long ago inspected and polished their weapons over and over again. They were only waiting for the message of war, so they could rush into battle and fight.

The tense atmosphere of war had silently filled up the air, waiting to be ignited, so that the battle that was long overdue would finally happen.

And the opportunity for this, was already coming.

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