Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 17: Negotiating a Deal for Survival

Yin Fuchuan was reminding him that he shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make use of others. As the saying went, there was strength in numbers.

Xun Yi was a little tempted.

Many survivors revealed malice in their eyes, and Xun Yi noticed their greed and frenzy as they stared at the Magic Cube Domain.

Given a chance, they would definitely kill and steal his Magic Cube Domain without hesitation.

They’d do whatever was necessary to stay alive safely.

Xun Yi readily accepted Yin Fuchuan's proposal.

“President Yin is right. It's not that I don't want to save you, but my protective shield is too small to accommodate so many people. If you insist on leaving with us, that's fine. We just need to make the protective shield bigger.”

“But we need magic crystals to activate the protective shield. We need to buy tickets to take a bus or a train, not to mention the protective shield. I won’t make things difficult for you either. Let’s make it 10 magic crystals per person. I’ll take anyone who can hand over the magic crystals right away.”

Xun Yi thought that this was a good deal. While he could get magic crystals, he could also test whether the secret of magic crystals had been discovered.

The survivors were a little flustered, and the middle-aged man's eyes flickered.

“We have no idea how to get magic crystals. Why don't you tell us?”

Since Xun Yi mentioned it, he should know the method of getting it.

“I'll only wait for you for one minute.” Of course, Xun Yi wouldn’t tell them.

“I have it. C-Can you take me with you?” A thin man raised his hand among the crowd of survivors.

Xun Yi narrowed his eyes slightly. Sure enough, someone had discovered the magic crystals.

“Show it to me.”

The thin man squeezed his way forward and stood next to Yin Fuchuan and Lu Di. He stared at the surroundings warily and carefully took out a black rhombus crystal from his pocket.

It was indeed a magic crystal.

Only then did the survivors know what magic crystals looked like.

The middle-aged man was unwilling to give in and said loudly, “We don't have magic crystals now, but we can definitely pay you once you take us out.”

Xun Yi refused coldly, “No, you have to hand over the magic crystals before you can enter the protective shield.”

“Then tell us how to get them and we’ll look for them now,” someone shouted anxiously.

The thin man who discovered the magic crystals looked around and realized that he had become a thorn in their side. If he couldn't leave today, not only would he lose the magic crystal, but he might even lose his life.

Thus, he hardened his resolve and said, “Magic crystals are hidden in the zombies' heads. I discovered this because I accidentally smashed a zombie’s head. Start killing zombies if you want to get them.”

Upon hearing that they had to kill zombies to get magic crystals, many survivors freaked out. If they dared to kill zombies, why would they hide here and wait to die?

However, many of the survivors had killed zombies in order to survive. As long as they killed one, the attribute panel would appear, and they would find out the method to gain more power.

“We don't have magic crystals right now. If you can wait for us, we can kill the zombies now and get the magic crystals for you,” a low-level contender said.

Xun Yi glanced at them. “That’s fine. I won't make it difficult for you. There are many people here. Just give me 200 magic crystals and I’ll take all of you away.”

“Aren’t you pushing it? 200 magic crystals are equivalent to killing 200 zombies. How are we supposed to do that? You’re obviously sending us to our deaths!” someone yelled angrily.

Xun Yi sneered. “The world is full of zombies now. If you can't defeat them, just wait for them to eat you. You only have two options.”

A cold chill flashed across the eyes of the middle-aged man. “You’re right. We’ll hand over 200 magic crystals. You can come in and wait. After we have collected enough, we’ll leave with you.”

“That’s okay. I’ll wait somewhere else.” Xun Yi rejected his ‘kindness’.

When he looked at Yin Fuchuan again, his tone was no longer so tough and cold. Xun Yi would unconsciously soften his tone at the sight of him.

“President Yin, let's go. The person with the magic crystal can come with us too.”

Yin Fuchuan's lips curved up. He knew that Xun Yi must have noticed something. These survivors couldn't stop him at all.

Sure enough, Yin Fuchuan swung his sheath horizontally and easily knocked away the hands grabbing him. He led Lu Di and the thin man out. A door abruptly appeared on the light blue transparent cube, and the three of them entered in one step.

The survivors behind wanted to follow suit but crashed into the transparent cube. The ‘door’ that just appeared had vanished.

The survivors hit the cube angrily. “Let us in! Are you still human? The space inside can still accommodate a few more people. You…”

“If I were you, I’d close the door now,” Xun Yi interrupted before they finished shouting.

The survivors who realized the situation quickly returned to the storage room and slammed the door shut.

Xun Yi said, “I’ll only wait for you until noon. If you can’t make it, we’ll leave on our own.”

Vicious curses came from the storage room.

Xun Yi sneered without a care.

Xun Yi expanded the space of the Magic Cube Domain to 2 square meters. Five adults and one child standing inside made it a bit crowded, and they could only barely move forward.

Xun Yi took two steps back, and the crowd of zombies could finally squeeze in front of the door. They clawed at the storage room door frantically, diverting their attention from the Magic Cube Domain.

Xun Yi turned around and walked to the back, and the Magic Cube Domain moved with him.

“Xun Ye, come here.” Xun Yi turned around, trying to pick him up.

“No need to carry me. I can just sit on the ground.” As Xun Ye said that, he really sat down on the ground.

Xun Yi was startled and turned around quickly. “Get up. How can I move while you’re sitting?”

Xun Ye was taken aback before he chuckled. “Xun Yi, haven't you discovered the feature of this protective shield yet?”

Xun Yi was puzzled. “What feature?”

Xun Ye patted the ground beneath him, and Xun Yi lowered his head to look.

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