My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 168: Torrential Realm pt. 7


The chain broke.

Qin Yanzhi looked up and saw Miao Wenxiang for the third time.

The other party was dressed very grandly today, with more than twenty pieces of various accessories alone, making him even thinner.

A group of guards stood behind him, as well as several delicate-looking maidservants.

Miao Wenxiang waved his hand, and several maids stepped forward with folded clothes. They knelt and lifted the clothes above their heads. “My lord, please allow us to change your clothes.”

Qin Yanzhi stood there for a while and finally moved.

He walked over step by step. Blood flowed over his body but he didn’t frown. Several days ago, Qin Yanzhi's physical body could already overlook the torture brought by the blood.

When he stepped out of the pool of blood, the maids were about to undress him, but Qin Yanzhi said flatly, “No need.”

At a loss, the maids looked at Miao Wenxiang hesitantly. With a gentle face, the latter said with a smile, “Since Yanzhi said no, you may step down.”


The maids stepped aside as instructed, while Miao Wenxiang walked over.

“Yanzhi, how are you feeling?”

Qin Yanzhi, “Very good.”

Miao Wenxiang smiled smugly. “Do you realize my importance now? As long as you listen to me, I’ll make you stronger and give you power and status.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Oh.”

Miao Wenxiang, “…”

But Miao Wenxiang was in a good mood now and couldn’t be bothered about Qin Yanzhi. He didn’t detest the bloody stench on Qin Yanzhi at all but came closer and sized Qin Yanzhi carefully.

There was unconcealed obsession and greed in his eyes as if he wanted to swallow Qin Yanzhi in one gulp.

Miao Wenxiang stretched out his hand uncontrollably, wanting to caress Qin Yanzhi's thin body, but just as he touched Qin Yanzhi's robe, he suddenly felt a prickling sensation on the back of his hand, which woke him up in pain.

He covered his hands, raised his head subconsciously, and saw Qin Yanzhi looking at him coldly.

There were a few shallow scars on the back of his hand, like sword wounds, dripping blood.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Miao Wenxiang's guards rushed forward. Although they didn't see Qin Yanzhi make a move, the other party injured their master!

“Step aside!” Miao Wenxiang said coldly and then looked at Qin Yanzhi tenderly. “Tell me, have you awakened your talent?”

Qin Yanzhi knew that the talent mentioned by the other party did not refer to spiritual roots. He also confirmed that Miao Wenxiang didn't know what spiritual roots were at all.

He released a burst of sword energy just now. He had cultivated to such a level that he could emit invisible sword energy with a thought, not to mention that his body was soaked in the blood pool so that sharpness was not weaker than any weapon.

Obviously, Miao Wenxiang regarded his sword energy as a type of talent that came through awakening.

Qin Yanzhi stared at the person in front of him. If he wanted to, he could easily kill him, including the guards he brought along.

But he just came into contact with this world and didn’t understand many things, and he had someone to find. He had to figure out the situation he was facing first. After thinking for a while, Qin Yanzhi nodded.

He could feel that Miao Wenxiang expected him to admit it.

Sure enough, the corners of Miao Wenxiang's lips curled up immediately. His eyes were full of joy, and even his lips were trembling slightly.

“I… I…” Miao Wenxiang choked up suddenly, his tears falling without warning. “I'm so happy, I'm so happy.”

He was agitated for a long time before he calmed down, and said in a hoarse voice, “From now on, you’re the Holy Son of the Royal Purple Palace, and everyone below me will obey your orders!”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone by the pool of blood knelt and kowtowed. “We welcome the Holy Son to the throne!”

The noise spread outside, and the response quickly followed.

“We welcome the Holy Son to the throne!”

“We welcome the Holy Son to the throne!”

The sound echoed back to the blood pool from afar, resounding throughout the Royal Purple Palace.

This side was lively, but Jing Yue's side was no exception.

The whole tribe was beaming with joy because the chief announced that they were going to snatch the dragon egg today!

Why snatch?

Because the dragon egg had been taken by the snake Yao back to their tribe.

At this time, there was no obvious division between the human and Yao race, and everyone lived together. According to A-Wu, their tribesmen found the dragon egg first, but they encountered the snake tribe on the way back, and both parties fought. The tribesmen were defeated and fled with serious injuries, while the dragon egg was taken away.

“Hmph! As I said before, we’ll snatch back what was snatched from us, and kill those who hurt us!”

A-Wu stood in front of the crowd and roused their spirits.

“Kill them!”

A-Wu grabbed Jing Yue who was beside him, and said, “Snatch back the dragon egg! We won't send them back to the dragon race either. Let’s raise it ourselves!”

“Raise it!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Ever since he taught them how to make beast-suppressing talismans and how to raise ferocious beasts, his Shizun… no, not just his Shizun but the whole tribe became a little swell-headed.

The blue phoenix sprawled on Jing Yue's head, and said weakly, “Jing-jing, Ji-ji feels sick. Ji-ji is worried that I’ll pass it to my little brother.”

Jing Yue, “…”

As soon as he heard it, he knew that the blue phoenix was getting cold feet and didn't want to go, so he teased it, “Oh, you can stay here and rest then. I'll just take Hong Yan and the others there.”

The blue phoenix suddenly became nervous. Since its birth, it had seen many cases where the cannon fodder counterattacked and replaced the main character. As mentioned in the strategy of fighting for favor, even if the position was stable, it couldn’t take this for granted, and the opponent should never be given a chance to take advantage.

It immediately changed its tone. “Jing-jing! Ji-ji is cured, Ji-ji can go!”

At this time, A-Wu shouted, “Tribesmen, follow me!”

Thus, a large group of people marched to the land of the snake tribe.

The snake tribe was not far away. When they arrive, the snake tribe already received the news and were ready. Whether half-Yao, full-fledged Yao, or the few in human forms, everyone came out to fight.

The two sides were raring to go and immediately started fighting, shouting and cursing endlessly.

At this moment, Jing Yue and A-Wu had sneaked into the hinterland of the snake tribe. Those people outside were just helping them attract attention.

The blue phoenix couldn't help but said, “The Yao race is stupid, and the uncivilized Yao race is even more stupid.”

Although Jing Yue ignored it, he couldn't help agreeing, because since they entered the hinterland, they hadn't seen a single snake Yao. It showed that the snake Yao was fully deployed, leaving their defenses empty.

The two successfully entered the worship temple of the snake tribe and saw a stone placed on an altar.

Jing Yue was taken aback, and whispered, “Shizun, is that a dragon egg?”

A-Wu, “Yes, it looks like a stone, but it’s actually the heart of a dragon. In the past, the dragons’ flesh and blood turned into thousands of Yao, but the hearts turned into dragon eggs.”

Jing Yue, “I see. Thank you for your teachings, Shizun.”

A-Wu frowned. “What's the matter with you? You’ve been acting weird since you came back from the glacier that day. As master and apprentice, do you need to be so polite?”

Jing Yue was in a difficult position too. Now that A-Wu was the most honored person in his heart, the person he admired the most, so his attitude was inevitably a bit formal.

He was about to explain when suddenly, he noticed that the Mini Canglan Sword became inexplicably excited. When the Mini Canglan Sword had a similar reaction in the past, it was because it discovered the extreme cold items of the five elements.

Jing Yue cheered up. He took two steps forward and saw a layer of white frost under the dragon egg. However, it was not frost but more like a kind of soil.

“Huh? Ice Soil?” A-Wu also noticed it and was quite surprised. “I didn't expect that the snake tribe is hiding such a good thing. But that makes sense. Once there’s a change of environment, the dragon egg may probably end up dead, so something like the Ice Soil can provide enough nutrients for the dragon egg.”

Jing Yue was overjoyed. This took no effort at all.

He couldn’t believe that he found the last extreme cold item so easily. If he had Tianyin Fire, he would be able to forge the Mini Canglan Sword into a celestial weapon!

Seeing Jing Yue grinning widely, A-Wu asked in confusion, “Why are you smirking?”

Jing Yue hurriedly talked about forging the Mini Canglan Sword. A-Wu looked puzzled. “A sword is a sword. Why do you need so many tricks? As long as you treat the sword with sincerity, the sword will never fail you. You people in the West spend too much time on unnecessary things.”

Jing Yue thought that Shizun and Yanzhi must have a lot in common on this topic. Thinking of Qin Yanzhi, his expression softened unconsciously. “Shizun don’t need it because you’re too strong.”

A-Wu nodded in agreement. “You’re right.”

The two stepped forward. Jing Yue took the dragon egg and put the Ice Soil into the Sumeru ring.

He said casually, “May I ask Shizun…”

Halfway through his question, A-Wu glared at him, so he forced his attitude to become more natural. “Shizun, the snake tribe has gotten the dragon egg for a while. Why don't they send it to the dragon race? Do they want to raise the dragon too?”

A-Wu, “They were afraid of accidents, so they sent someone to notify the dragon race in advance, and the dragon race will pick it up in person.”

Jing Yue, “So if we grab the egg, wouldn’t we offend the dragon race?”

A-Wu suddenly gloated. “That can only happen if the dragons know about it! Hehe, the reason why I went to the beach the day I picked you up was to hunt down and kill the envoy sent by the snake tribe to the dragon race. The snake Yao thinks that their envoy is still on the way. Hahaha!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Just as he was about to put the dragon egg into the Sumeru ring, he suddenly felt that the stone in his hand was heating up, and it was getting hotter and hotter!

At this time, Hong Yan in his dragon skeleton in the Sumeru ring suddenly said, “Huh? I seem to have sensed the aura of the ancient dragon race. Kid, what about you?”

The dragon fetus circled around him non-stop. “What about you? What about you?”

Hong Yan, “You idiot!”

The dragon fetus, “Idiot! Idiot!”

Hong Yan, “…”

What should he do if he was very angry? But the dragon fetus was backed by the stinky Daoist surnamed Jing, and he couldn’t defeat him.

Hong Yan was frustrated. Forget it! It must be an illusion. They were in the Sumeru ring. How could they sense the outside world? Besides, how could there be the ancient dragon race in this world?

Alas, it was probably because staying with this little idiot every day had lowered his IQ and made him hallucinate.

Just as he was thinking, a scorching air rushed into the Sumeru ring. At the same time, the Sumeru ring shattered in an instant!

“Oh no, my treasure!”

Jing Yue shouted, but A-Wu didn't understand why.

Suddenly, a huge dragon skeleton appeared in the air. The dragon skeleton raised its head to the sky and roared, and the sound spread far and wide. The human race and the snake tribe who were fighting fiercely outside stopped. The former looked confused, while the latter immediately fell to the ground and trembled.

D-Did they hear a dragon roar just now?

Author’s Notes:

Hong Yan: I finally made an appearance again! This time, I must act cool for more than 3 seconds!

Dragon fetus: 3 seconds! 3 seconds!

Ji-ji: Get lost!

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