My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 166: Torrential Realm pt. 5

Outside the forest, A-Wu was sitting cross-legged on a big rock, and a dozen or so tribe elders stood behind him.

These people are quite old, but they never gave up their belief in making themselves strong. By chance, they met A-Wu, who brought them back to the tribe.

At this time, an old man looked at the sun, stroked his long beard, and said, “It's almost time for them to come out, isn’t it?”

Another old man was dressed in green clothes, obviously snatched from Jing Yue. “You seem quite confident in A-Luo?”

Old man with a long beard, “I’ve taught A-Luo this year, so of course, I know how hardworking she was. Even if she really won first place, it’s within expectations.”

Another red-faced old man said, “Hmph! Are you saying that other kids don’t work hard?”

The old man with a long beard, “I don't mean that.”

The elders of the tribe started arguing with each other, and couldn't help but say good things about their apprentices or juniors they liked. At the same time, they analyzed who would win first place in the beast-taming event, but A-Wu remained silent and just looked at the entrance of the forest quietly.

Suddenly, a figure came out from the forest.

Someone exclaimed, “It's A-Luo! A-Luo is out!”

A girl whose height was not inferior to that of a man came forward with a smile. She first bowed to A-Wu before bowing to the old man with a long beard. “Shizun.”

Seeing A-Luo's expression, the old man with a long beard knew that she had done well. He laughed and said, “Good, very good!”

A-Luo smiled shyly and peeked at the chief. She liked the chief very much. In order to get the chief's guidance, she worked day and night for the past year. She believed that luck would be on her side.

A-Wu, “Come here, and show us your results.”

A-Luo responded heartily, “Yes!”

She untied the animal skin bundle around her waist and spread it on the ground. There were 21 animal teeth in the bundle, which meant that she hunted and killed 21 ferocious beasts.

The long-bearded old man looked intently and said in deliberate exaggeration, “Oh my, isn't this the Lofty Wolf's fang?”

The other old men were a little surprised. The Lofty Wolf was the most powerful ferocious beast in the forest, and always traveled in packs. Even if three to five people ran into them, they had no choice but to run, but A-Luo was able to kill one of them.

A-Luo smiled in embarrassment, “It's a lone female wolf. I'm just lucky.”

She peeked at A-Wu again, but she couldn't read his emotion, and he didn't seem very happy either.

A-Luo was feeling a little disappointed when she heard A-Wu say, “Not bad, you did very well.”

Such a simple compliment made A-Luo happy again.

At this moment, a second figure appeared at the entrance of the forest. The new arrival lowered his head slightly, not daring to make eye contact with everyone. In the afterglow of the setting sun, he felt inexplicably depressed.

Sure enough, he only hunted and killed six ferocious beasts.

After him, people came out one after another. They were either disappointed or happy, but no one did better than A-Luo, even several famous warriors in the tribe.

The smile on A-Luo's face grew wider and wider as if she had foreseen that she would become the number one warrior in the tribe.

The long-bearded old man gave her a loving look and said, “Isn’t it about time? Are there any children not out yet?”

The red-faced old man was a little unhappy that his apprentice lost to A-Luo, and said, “Why are you so impatient? A-Da and A-Xiao haven't come out yet.”

A-Da and A-Xiao were brothers. Their abilities were mediocre and didn’t pose a threat to A-Luo at all. The old man with a long beard just laughed it off.

“Hey, A-Da and A-Xiao are out!”

When everyone looked over, they saw two brothers coming from the forest, but their expressions were very odd and complicated.

Before the two could speak, A-Wu frowned, “Just you two? Did you see Jing Yue?”

It was only then that everyone remembered that the chief's apprentice was still in the forest. He wasn’t out yet after so long. Could something have happened?

A-Da said in a daze, “H-He’s right behind us.”

Hearing that, A-Wu relaxed his brows and raised his chin, signaling them to unpack their bags.

The two brothers looked at each other and silently untied the bundle on their waists.

“Huh?” The red-faced old man noticed that their bags were very heavy, but he didn't pay much attention to it. He only thought that the two of them worked together to kill a large ferocious beast, but sometimes, a large size did not mean that it was strong. Some tiny ferocious beasts were also the most terrifying killers in the forest.

But when the two brothers fully opened their bags, everyone fell silent. There were piles of ferocious beast teeth in the bag, and no one could guess the number at a glance.

After a while, the red-faced old man said tremblingly, “How many do you have?”

A-Da, “I have 76 here.”

A-Xiao, “I have 71.”

Everyone, “…”

The beast-taming event in the tribe had a history of a hundred years, and no one had ever hunted and killed so many ferocious beasts in one day, not to mention that A-Da and A Xiao’s ability was not up in the rankings at all.

Seeing that A-Luo was so disappointed that she was about to cry, the old man with a long beard frowned and asked the two of them, “How did you do it?”

Was it just dumb luck? If that were the case, it’d be too unfair to A-Luo.

Other people shared the same thought and stared at the two of them, wanting to know the answer.

A-Da, “I-It’s Jing Yue…”

Before he finished speaking, roars of beasts sounded in the forest, among which were mixed with various ferocious beasts. The roars came and went one after another, sounding very close to them.

“What’s going on?” Everyone looked at each other. “Are the ferocious beasts on a stampede?”

“Oh no, Jing Yue is still inside!”

At this time, an Apex Tiger suddenly jumped out from the entrance of the forest, roaring in the direction of the crowd, and three more Apex Tigers walked out from behind it.

Some people took out their weapons and stared at the entrance of the forest vigilantly. Other ferocious beasts lurked in the dark forest, and there were many of them.

A-Wu stood up, looking worried. He was about to enter the forest when more than a dozen Lofty Wolves jumped out. One of them roared in A-Luo's direction and leaped forward!

The tribesmen were about to make a move when someone said suddenly, “Stop!”

The Lofty Wolf immediately landed from mid-air, rolled on the spot, and ran back quickly.

At the same time, a huge shadow appeared at the entrance of the forest, shaped like a wolf.

The next moment, a huge snow-white wolf paw stepped on the ground, and the giant wolf gradually revealed its true face—the Lofty Wolf King!

The Lofty Wolf King led the pack over. Even A-Wu found it difficult to face it, so he said solemnly, “The children should return to the tribe…”

But in the middle of his speech, he suddenly froze—a person was sitting on top of the Lofty Wolf King.

The sun poured down and kissed the person's black hair through the shadows of the trees in the forest. That person was wearing a black robe, which made his skin white as warm jade, and even the fur of the Lofty Wolf King looked whiter.


There was the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. It was a weapon, and the owner of the weapon had his eyes wide open and jaws dropped as if petrified.

Not only him but everyone could hardly believe their eyes. The Lofty Wolf King actually allowed Jing Yue to sit on its head?

More astoundingly, hundreds of ferocious beasts followed behind the wolf king one after another. Although the ferocious beasts inevitably showed hostility when facing the human race, under Jing Yue's order, they obediently stayed where they were.

The weird situation was not over yet. Jing Yue patted the wolf king's head, and the wolf king immediately lowered its body as if to make it easier for Jing Yue to jump off.

When Jing Yue landed on the ground, the wolf king rubbed its nose against him and even flicked its tail back and forth without dignity.

Amid everyone's shock, Jing Yue walked up to A-Wu.

A-Wu, “…How did you do this?”

Jing Yue, “Don’t you know, Shizun? I can make talismans.”

A-Wu, “Are you talking about those yellow papers?”

Jing Yue, “That’s right. My talisman is most effective for ferocious beasts with a gentle temperament.”

Be it the Lofty Wolf or the Apex Tiger, they were friends of the human race in later generations. He understood their habits and could quickly refine beast-suppressing talismans targeted at them so that these future spirit beasts loved and trusted him.

A-Wu, “…Does the Lofty Wolf have a gentle temperament?”

Jing Yue, “Of course.”

He whistled, and the wolf king immediately flew to his side, looking at him tenderly.

Jing Yue scratched the wolf king's chin. “As long as you understand its characteristics, you’ll find that they’re the most gentle.”

The wolf king seemed to understand him and howled softly.

The blue phoenix on Jing Yue's shoulders held its head so high that it almost reached its back. Jing-jing once again rewrote the history of face-slapping!

The atmosphere was silent for a long time and was finally broken by the old man with a long beard. “So A-Da and A-Xiao…”

Jing Yue, “They must have picked them up. My lovely babies took care of the disobedient ferocious beasts.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the wolf king roared obligingly, causing the other ferocious beasts to follow suit.

The sound was deafening, the mountain birds scattered, and many people couldn't help feeling weak in their arms and legs. A-Wu suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. “Hahaha! What a coincidence! With this kind of talisman, Iet’s see how the snake Yao will fight me for the dragon eggs!”

Jing Yue and the blue phoenix were stunned at the same time, and the former said, “Dragon eggs?! Didn't all the dragons disappear?”

A-Wu gave him a strange look. “Dragon Yao eggs, of course.”

That was right! After the calamity, the dragons turned into Yao, and the leader of all Yao was the Dragon Yao, also Lei Jing’s ancestor.

According to legend, in the early Middle Ages, some dragon eggs could occasionally be found on the mainland. These dragon eggs were all transformed by the dragon cores of the ancient dragon race. If anyone returned the dragon egg to the dragon race, whether human or Yao, would receive the friendship of the entire dragon race.

For A-Wu to mention this, he obviously found a trace of the dragon egg.

At first, Jing Yue wanted to say that the beast-suppressing talisman was useless against dragon eggs, but he suddenly thought of Hong Yan and the dragon fetus that were still in the Sumeru ring. Perhaps this ancient dragon egg would bring some unexpected opportunities.

After all, he was the master of a dragon.

At this time, he felt the blue phoenix hugging him tightly. He looked sideways and saw that the blue phoenix's small eyes were full of repulsion, and asked nervously, “Is Jing-jing about to let the stinky… little brother out?”

Jing Yue, “…”

The blue phoenix understood Jing Yue's silence, and said with a disappointed face, “Jing-jing, don't worry, Ji-ji definitely won’t compete with little brother for favor. I’ll teach him well so that he can help Jing-jing get the dragon egg.”


A-Wu walked up to Jing Yue and patted him on the shoulder. “When we get the dragon egg, Cutie should be back by then. At that time, Shizun will go with you to look for my grand-apprentice.”

Jing Yue's eyes lit up, and he said happily, “Thank you, Shizun!”

Meanwhile, in the far west inside the Royal Purple Palace, Qin Yanzhi still couldn't leave the blood pool.

But during these days, he vaguely noticed some changes in his body, which were very subtle, at least nothing could be seen on the surface. But Qin Yanzhi discovered that his skin and bones seemed to have been unblocked, allowing him to absorb source energy to a greater extent.

Although his spiritual power was sealed at this time, and the source energy couldn’t enter his dantian, with the cleansing effect of source energy, his physical body obviously became stronger.

Could this be the ‘gratitude’ Miao Wenxiang was referring to? Could this blood pool refine his body?

Several days later, his suspicion was confirmed because Miao Wenxiang turned up again.

After seeing Qin Yanzhi, Miao Wenxiang shed tears and murmured, “I’m so glad that you're still alive.”

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