My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 165: Torrential Realm pt. 4

Since that day, Jing Yue had a Shizun named A-Wu.

He never imagined that his master-apprentice destiny would lay here. Even though he seemed to be forced on the surface, he had a strong feeling when A-Wu slashed the sword—if he would ever learn from a teacher in his lifetime, it would only be this person in front of him.

He thought of the karma he felt when he first arrived here. Could it be A-Wu?

In any case, Jing Yue settled down in the tribe. Although the tribesmen were not friendly to him, he had thick skin and heard a lot of news.

First of all, A-Wu was an orphan. The people here were all abandoned by their tribes and picked up by A-Wu, so they respected A-Wu very much.

Secondly, their daily practice was to study how to guide more source energy into their dantian, and how to use the source energy stored in the dantian more effectively. Everyone could use the method A-Wu taught them, but some people could do it more quickly while others made no progress.

Lastly, there was no division of cultivation levels such as Body Forging and Qi Refining at this time. For the human race, there were only three tribulations, one was Mortal Tribulation, the other was Earth Tribulation, and the third was Immortal Tribulation. A-Wu was the only one in the tribe who survived Mortal Tribulation.

According to Jing Yue's judgment, Mortal Tribulation referred to the Tribulation Passage of later generations. In other words, there were two more tribulations after the Tribulation Passage.

He always thought that the Tribulation Passage was the ultimate destination. In fact, Tribulation Passage only allowed the individual to leave the current world. Only Immortal Tribulation could completely leave this universe and open up a new universe.

It was just that the ancient cultivation had been passed down from generation to generation, and with the disappearance of source energy, no one could survive Earth Tribulation and Immortal Tribulation. Over time, only Mortal Tribulation remained.

Here, although Jing Yue's strength was not apparent, he actually understood best about absorbing and using source energy, because the techniques he had mastered were the results of thousands of generations to come.

Many people in the tribe seemed far superior to him, but in a real fight, few could actually defeat him.

However, he didn't tell anyone about those methods. Others might not believe him, and he didn’t want to expose his trump card either.

On this day, Jing Yue approached A-Wu with a painting.

“Shizun, you said earlier that you’d help me find my companion. This is a portrait of him.”

A-Wu, “Oh?”

He took the painting, unfolded it, and his eyes lit up instantly. “Oh, not bad. Was he kicked out of his tribe too?”

Jing Yue, “Uh, maybe.”

A-Wu excitedly said, “So he doesn’t have a teacher?”

Jing Yue, “…Actually, he does.”

A-Wu's eyes sharpened as if he wanted to compete with others for his apprentice. “Who?”

Jing Yue thought that since Qin Yanzhi had joined the Sword Inscription Sect, he would definitely not accept A-Wu as his teacher. In order to dissuade the other party, he said, “It’s me.”

A-Wu immediately became happy. “So, he’s my grand-apprentice? Don't worry, Shizun will help you find him.”

A-Wu whistled, and an eagle from a distance flew into the stone house where he lived. A-Wu pointed to the portrait and said, “Cutie, remember this man. Take your children and grandchildren to help me find him. You must find him, okay?”

The eagle stared at the portrait with sharp eyes. After a while, it screeched and flew away.

A-Wu, “Cutie is very powerful. As long as your companion has not passed Mortal Tribulation and cannot hide his aura, Cutie will definitely find him.”

“Thank you, Shizun.”

Jing Yue felt a little relieved. At least, he had already taken the first step.

A-Wu, “Have you adjusted to living in the tribe?”

Jing Yue, “It’s okay.”

A-Wu chuckled. “I know even if you don't tell me. They don't like you.”

Jing Yue, “…”

A-Wu said smugly, “Do you know why?”

Jing Yue saw that the other party's eyes were full of expectations, waiting for his flattery, and said obligingly, “Because of Shizun's strength, they respect and admire you. But since you’ve only accepted me as your apprentice, not only are they jealous, but they’re also worried that I won’t practice properly and let Shizun down.”

A-Wu said modestly, “Don't think too much, they just worship me a little bit.”

Jing Yue looked at the other person's upturned chin and decided that silence was best.

A-Wu, “You should know that there will be a beast-taming event in the tribe in two days.”

Jing Yue, “Yes, I do.”

The so-called beast-taming event was actually a tradition in the tribe. Every year, the young people of the tribe would enter the forest to hunt ferocious beasts. Whoever could hunt the most ferocious beasts would be the hero of the tribe and would be personally instructed by the chief for 30 days.

Recently, he saw that all the young tribesmen were raring to go, and he also knew how difficult it was for them to get personal guidance from A-Wu. But since A-Wu accepted him as an apprentice, it was no wonder so many people were upset.

A-Wu, “Although this reward is useless to you, if you seize the opportunity and get everyone's approval, you can improve your current situation.”

Jing Yue, “I understand.”

Jing Yue felt that there was no need to change his situation. When he found Qin Yanzhi, he would find a way to leave the Torrential Realm.

He couldn't stay here forever. More important missions were waiting for him in the World of Seven Continents.

Jing Yue, “Shizun, have you heard of the demon spawn?”

A-Wu, “Why do you ask this? After the calamity, the demons are gone.”

Jing Yue, “But what if the demon spawn comes into the world again one day?”

A-Wu, “So what? Aren't gods and demons all our ancestors?”

Jing Yue, “…”

He was right. During this era, the human race had no distinction between the righteous and demonic paths. Everyone had the blood of the gods and demons flowing in them, so they had no hostility toward the demon spawn.

A-Wu, “If you really want to understand the demons, you have to go to the West. They have the most records of gods and demons there. You came from the West, don't you know?”

Jing Yue, “Uh, I don’t have the chance to come into contact with it.”

A-Wu’s eyes were immediately filled with sympathy. He only thought that Jing Yue was a pitiful boy who was so rejected and despised by his tribe that he was not even allowed to read books.

“Well, if there’s a chance, I’ll take you there and let you see it to your heart's content.”

Jing Yue, “Thank you, Shizun!”

A-Wu nodded in satisfaction. “Go and get ready. I hope you can display your talent at the beast-taming event.”

Jing Yue quickly agreed.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the beast-taming event. Jing Yue and the other tribesmen came to the foot of a certain mountain. The forest was halfway up the mountain.

Thousands of ferocious beasts lived in the forest, and the tribesmen would go their separate ways as soon as they entered the forest.

Jing Yue did not move recklessly but chose to follow behind two youths. He wanted to see how strong the ferocious beasts in the Middle Ages were.

The two youths were a little upset but had no intention to drive him away. They just turned their heads and glared at him from time to time.

In this regard, Jing Yue didn’t feel the pressure at all, while the blue phoenix mimed punching and kicking on his shoulder.

They walked for about an hour when suddenly, there was a roar of a beast in the forest. The two youths looked at each other and hurried to the source of the sound.

Jing Yue was no match for the physical fitness of the two. If Jing Yue didn't use his spiritual energy, he would be thrown off the track soon. He released his divine consciousness to observe. After confirming that there were no outsiders nearby, he secretly used a traversing technique to follow.

When he found the two youths, they were already fighting with the ferocious beast. Jing Yue was a little surprised when he saw the appearance of the ferocious beast.

Little fragrant pig? Wasn’t this a spiritual beast? No, that wasn’t right. Compared to the little fragrant pig of later generations, this one was much bigger and more ferocious. Was he mistaken?

“You’re right!” the blue phoenix immediately said, “Jing-jing, you’re not mistaken. This is the little fragrant pig.”

Jing Yue, “Aren’t they here to hunt ferocious beasts? Why did they attack the spiritual beast…”

He suddenly realized that in the early Middle Ages, there was no concept of spiritual beasts at all.

At that time, there were only ferocious beasts. The origin of the spiritual beast came about when people realized that some ferocious beasts were relatively docile and suitable for captivity. After several generations of training, they became the companions of the human race.

He suddenly had a thought. He wondered if his beast-suppressing talisman would come in handy.

As he was thinking, the two youths wrung the neck of this little fragrant pig. One of them panted as he pulled out a tusk of the little fragrant pig and put it in his arms.

The guy looked up at Jing Yue and smiled smugly.

After they left, Jing Yue stepped forward to examine the body of the little fragrant pig, his mind racing.

The two youths walked for a while and found that Jing Yue who had been following them had disappeared. One of them asked, “Why didn't that kid follow?”

The other person said, “With his physique, he has already reached his limit by following us here. If I didn't want to see how long he can last, I’d have thrown him off our trail long ago.”

“Do you think he’ll be in danger alone? If something happens, will the chief get angry?”

“If something happens, that’s because he's useless. How can the chief be angry because of a loser? But I don't want anything to happen to him, I just hope that he’ll return empty-handed!”

“I wonder why the chief accepted him as an apprentice. What’s so good about him? He has two eyes and one mouth just like everyone else.”

“That's right, he's not as good-looking as you!”

“Nor you either.”

Behind the two, the blue phoenix followed the two stealthily. Hearing their brainless praises for each other, it really wanted to spray them in the face!

Jing-jing was the most beautiful person in the world. When he was ready, he’d slap your faces raw!

The blue phoenix followed for a while and saw an Apex Tiger with a white forehead and black body suddenly jumping out. The two youths were caught off guard and were quite miserable for a while, but the Apex Tiger was not considered the strongest among the ferocious beasts, so they quickly got the situation under control.

But at this moment, another four Apex Tigers jumped out of the forest and surrounded them from all sides!

The two young men were shocked. The Apex Tiger always traveled alone. Why did five of them appear all of a sudden?

But they quickly realized that it was the mating season for the Apex Tiger! The first one to attack them was a female tiger. Since she was injured and bleeding at this time, the other four male tigers followed her scent!

The two of them were about to retreat when they suddenly heard someone saying not far away, "Over here! Come to me!”

When they distracted themselves to look over, it turned out to be Jing Yue, who was standing behind a male tiger. As long as the tiger turned its head, it could bite him.

“Are you crazy? Run!”

One reminded loudly, but Jing Yue didn't dodge or hide as if he didn’t hear him.

He also picked up a few stones and hit the other three male tigers.

The two watched helplessly as the male tiger in front of Jing Yue turned around and pounced on him together with several other enraged male tigers, throwing Jing Yue to the ground in an instant.

The four male tigers blocked their sight, and they couldn't see Jing Yue anymore.

Oh no!

Despair crossed their eyes. The chief's apprentice was dead. Although it had nothing to do with them, the other party died to help them lure the Apex Tiger away. How could the two remain indifferent?

They hastened to kill the tigress, with the intention of luring away the four male tigers. Although it was too late to save Jing Yue, at least they could make sure his body was not too badly damaged.

But suddenly, the two stopped and rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

What did they see?

They saw Jing Yue pushing away a male tiger that was on top of him and rubbing its head. The male tiger rolled over on the spot, with its claws retracted and its belly obediently exposed. The other three male tigers also sprawled on the ground, obedient like cats.

The expected bloody scene did not appear at all. Jing Yue was not only intact, but he also reached out to touch the round head of the Apex Tiger. The Apex Tiger narrowed his eyes in enjoyment.

Youth A, “…”

Youth B, “…”

After a while, Youth A said in a daze, “Why…”

Youth B hesitated. “Uh, he’s good-looking?”

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