My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 162: Torrential Realm pt. 1

The sea was calm and looked like a deep blue gem.

Suddenly, a person fell from the sky, and the water splashed nearly half a foot high.

As his body touched the water's surface, Jing Yue, who had fallen unconscious, jerked awake and swallowed several mouthfuls of seawater before realizing his situation.

Jing Yue's heart tightened and felt that Ji-ji was still in his hands before he relaxed again.

When he chased after Ji-ji just now, he was swept away by a suction force. At that moment, the time around him seemed to be fragmented. He saw all his past and present lives, and all his past experiences became slow motion and dragged out.

Very soon, he passed out completely, so how did he end up in the sea now?

The seawater did not pose a threat to him, and Jing Yue slowly swam to the surface.

After he got out of the water and took his first breath, he suddenly felt that the place was filled with spiritual energy beyond what he had seen before. The pores all over his body opened in comfort, impatiently absorbing the spiritual energy.

But looking at the vast sea, confusion flashed across Jing Yue's eyes. He couldn't sense the World of Seven Continents.

What was this place? Where was Qin Yanzhi? He knew that Yanzhi came after him, but there was no sign of him nearby. Was he the only one being swept here?

Jing Yue focused on sensing his surroundings and faintly caught a trace of Qin Yanzhi's presence, but there was no specific direction, just like when he fell into the Haotian Realm. Although he knew that Qin Yanzhi was here, he didn't know the other party's location.

However, as long as Qin Yanzhi was here, it’d be fine.

Jing Yue breathed a sigh of relief. He believed that he could find the other party.

Jing Yue was still guessing whether this place was a small secret realm in the Middle Ages secret realm when the blue phoenix in his hand suddenly moved. The blue phoenix spat out a mouthful of water and slowly opened its beany eyes.

The blue phoenix was still a little dazed at first, its fur sticking to its body pitifully. But it quickly froze, its eyes flicked to Jing Yue little by little, looking aggrieved and innocent.

“Are you alright?”


“That’s good.”

Seeing Jing Yue's normal attitude, the blue phoenix felt even guiltier.

It hesitated for a while, then cried out loudly, “Jing-jing, Ji-ji didn't fly away on purpose, so don't be angry with Ji-ji.”

Jing Yue stroked it. Of course, he knew that Ji-ji didn't mean it. The blue phoenix was always sticking to him. Under normal circumstances, it’d never leave him and fly away without permission.

“What happened just now?”

The blue phoenix sobbed, “Ji-ji doesn't know either. Ji-ji feels like something is calling me, and my mind is a mess.”

Jing Yue, “What about now? Do you still have that feeling?”

The blue phoenix hesitated for a moment, then nodded. “A little bit, but not as strong as before.”

Jing Yue, “Which direction?”

The blue phoenix, “In the east.”

Jing Yue looked up at the sky where a big sun hung high. He confirmed the direction, flew out of the sea, and headed east.

The blue phoenix, “Jing-jing, where are we? Ji-ji feels that this place is very different.”

Jing Yue, “I don't know either. Maybe it's a secret realm. Tell me what’s different.”

The blue phoenix, “The spiritual power here is very strange. It's not pure like spiritual energy, but rather like source energy.”

“Source energy?” Jing Yue suddenly paused. “Did you say this is source energy?”

The world produced innate energy first. During the pre-historic catastrophe, innate energy was transformed into source energy, and at the end of the medieval era, source energy was reduced to spiritual energy.

Source energy had disappeared for millions of years, so why would they find it in the World of Seven Continents?

Or were they not in the World of Seven Continents at all?

Suddenly, a white line appeared on the water's surface in front. Looking carefully, something was moving fast under the water. The waves split apart on both sides as if drawing a line on the sea.

At first, Jing Yue wanted to release his divine consciousness to spy underwater when he heard a loud boom. A large fish more than ten feet long jumped out of the water. In terms of body shape, it was similar to the giant whale in the world of seven continents, but its appearance was something that Jing Yue had never seen before.

“It's the Supreme Fish!” Ji-ji recognized it immediately.

Jing Yue was shocked. “The Supreme Fish? Wasn’t it extinct during the Middle Ages?”

As soon as he said that, the fish fell into the sea again, splashing waves dozens of feet high.

Jing Yue felt his eardrums vibrating from the loud noise, but the fish had gone missing.

Before Jing Yue recovered from the shock, he realized that he was being targeted. The next moment, the Supreme Fish as big as a small hill jumped out. The black shadow covered the sky, completely enveloped Jing Yue, and bit him fiercely!


Mini Canglan Sword shot out excitedly, piercing the fish's mouth, and slashing open the Supreme Fish's body.

Blood poured down like torrential rain as the Supreme Fish was split in two and fell into the sea.

The blue phoenix shook its fur, relaxed its tense body, and praised, “Jing-jing is awesome!”

Jing Yue, “It looks big, but its cultivation level has only just reached Yao General.”

He frowned. “Ji-ji, are you sure it's the Supreme Fish? This kind of fish only appeared in the Middle Ages.”

The blue phoenix, “Ji-ji is sure! There’s no mistake!”

Jing Yue felt more and more uneasy. Source energy, the Supreme Fish…

He suddenly thought of the stretched-out memories during the process when he was sucked into this space, and a surreal guess came to his mind.

In the cultivation world, there was a certain legend about a torrent of time in the universe, where the time in the torrent of time was irregular. One could travel through any time and space, and there were the Torrential Realms in the torrent of time, which was the memory of the time of this world, or the memory retained of it.

If what he experienced was really a torrent of time, it was not surprising that the Star Destruction Formation derived from the Middle Ages secret realm.

The torrent of time was the most mysterious natural state in the universe. With this as the eye of the formation, after millions of years of evolution, the whole Middle Ages secret realm had been transformed by time.

The Torrential Realm was like a parallel world, but just a piece of time, or a small fragment of it, not a complete world. It might only have a lifespan of one year, 1,000 years, 10,000 years, or even a million years, depending on the size.

Where he was now, he was possibly in the Torrential Realm of the Middle Ages, so he saw the unique creatures and source energy of the Middle Ages.

After realizing this, Jing Yue suddenly felt a huge karma falling on him. At the same time, a roar was heard not far away, “Who killed my child?!”

Jing Yue looked up and saw a half-naked female body emerging from the sea, but the other party was obviously not a normal human, because just half of her body was wider than three Jing Yues standing side by side.

“Ah!” The blue phoenix buried its head in its body, and at the same time reminded Jing Yue thoughtfully, “Jing-jing, don't look! You might get sore eyes!”

Jing Yue: ???

He didn't understand. He judged that the other party was a Yao King, which was comparable to his level, but he was not afraid of the same level, so he took the initiative to attack.

“It’s you!” The woman’s eyes were fierce, her fangs bared, and she had fins behind her ears. She twisted her body and dived into the sea.

Jing Yue released his divine consciousness and saw that the lower body of the woman was still a fish. He suddenly remembered that after the calamity, the dragon race transformed into thousands of Yao creatures, and these ancient Yao creatures were not the same as the ones that appeared later. As long as the bloodline was strong, one could take on human form from birth. Even if the bloodline was weak, once they reached some achievements in cultivation, they could completely transform into human form too. The ancient Yao creatures were the same as the dragon race. They just needed to go through a long period of cultivation and transform their bodies little by little before they could completely transform into humans.

This Supreme Fish was obviously not there yet.

As such, he was a little more certain of his speculation. Then, he pulled out the Mini Canglan Sword!

Jing Yue wasn’t gentle with the woman at all. When the Yao creature was half-dead from being beaten by him, he suddenly stopped and asked out of the blue, “Have you heard of Frostcloud Sect?”

Fish Yao, “…”

Not to mention that the fish Yao could hardly speak by now, even if she could, she’d probably choose to curse Jing Yue instead!

Jing Yue saw her indignant expression and simply killed her.

However, after killing the younger one, the older one turned up. After killing the female, the male turned up.

When the male appeared, Jing Yue knew he was no match, but he didn't run away and took out a talisman from his pocket instead.

Jing Yue hadn't used the talisman for a long time, but he didn't abandon the art. He had been studying it all these years, and the talisman in his hand was one of the means to save his life. Although there was a great hidden danger, he thought he could take a gamble, because this place was perilous. If he ran away blindly after being chased, he might escape from the tiger's den and into the wolf's den. This talisman might buy him some time and allow him to escape more calmly.

The male fish Yao’s appearance was no different from that of the human race, and his cultivation had reached the Yao Emperor. During the Middle Ages, both the human race and the Yao race generally had high cultivation levels. As a Heavenly Grotto cultivator, Jing Yue was really not worth mentioning.

The other party bared his teeth and glared, wishing to tear the human that killed his wife and son in half. However, he saw the other party tearing a piece of yellow paper.

Then, powerful sword energy overflowed, squeezing the surrounding air to stagnation.

The fish Yao was shocked, fully aware that if the sword hit him, his body would be destroyed instantly, so he turned and fled.

Seeing that it was useful, Jing Yue took the opportunity to escape in the opposite direction, while vigilantly observing the surroundings for potential dangers.

When Jing Yue got out of danger, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The blue phoenix poked its head out and wondered aloud, “Ji-ji seemed to sense the Hooligan's sword energy just now.”

Jing Yue, “You’re right. That talisman imitated his sword energy. It can only be used to bluff others with no actual power, mainly making it convenient for me to escape.”

The blue phoenix immediately praised, “Jing-jing is super fierce! Although Hooligan can't do anything else, he’s still very good at fighting.”

But it thought inwardly, ‘Jing-jing has been seduced by this little temptress, Hooligan, and doesn’t even let his sword energy off. Does the foolish Hooligan know about this?’

Jing Yue didn't know what the blue phoenix was thinking. He looked around and said, “We need to find a place with humans as soon as possible.”

He still needed final confirmation if this was the Torrential Realm from the Middle Ages.

The blue phoenix nodded obediently and shrank back into Jing Yue’s arms. One human and one phoenix continued their journey eastward.

After walking a short distance, Jing Yue suddenly felt that he bumped into something. Then, his vision went dark, and he passed out.

On a certain beach in the western part of this world, a young man was lying on his back. The man was soaked, his clothes were wrinkled and sticking to his body, and a lot of fine sand was stuck to him. Although his eyes were closed and his face was pale, his handsomeness could not be concealed.

“Master, someone seems to be lying there.”

Not far away, a group of people came over. Most of them were tall and burly, while only the young man in the middle was quite thin. His skin was fairer than the unconscious man on the ground, and his eyes had faint dark circles.

The young man glanced over carelessly and suddenly paused.

“Move it,” he said lightly.

The people in front in front of him all backed away, but they didn't dare to take their eyes off the young man.

The young man squatted down, raised the chin of the man on the ground, and looked at him from side to side. His face gradually flushed with excitement.

He shifted his gaze to the other party’s waist. He grabbed a jade token and frowned slightly. He couldn't read the words on it.

But it didn’t matter. The young man sneered slightly, tweaked his fingers and predicted, and said in a low voice, “Sword Inscription Sect, Qin Yanzhi.”

Another man said cautiously, “Sword Inscription Sect? Where’s that?”

The young man stood up and drawled lazily, “Who cares? He looks okay. Take him away.”

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