Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 16: Rogue Survivors

Seeing that the bald guy was dead, the people who came with him jumped up in anger, waving the sticks, sabers, and iron rods in their hands as they rushed over. Without even pulling out his saber, Yin Fuchuan knocked these people to the floor with only his sheath.

Xun Yi watched nervously and worriedly. He already made a judgment in his mind—President Yin was… a true master.

How could random swinging of those weapons be a match for Mr. Yin?

Those who didn’t attack immediately quickly backed away from Yin Fuchuan after seeing what a tough opponent he was and stared at him with fear. No one dared to avenge their ex-boss anymore.

Maybe they should feel lucky that the bald guy was dead and it was finally their turn to be the boss.

The bald guy on the floor finally breathed his last indignantly after twitching and struggling.

A pale blue data light screen emerged from his body and quickly formed a golden badge that hovered above the corpse.

Yin Fuchuan didn't expect to get something like this. He bent down to pick it up and took the anti-theft door key and the gun from the bald guy by the way. Then, he saw that the pattern on the badge was in the shape of a gun.

A prompt appeared in front of him: [The gunner badge can enable players to use firearms. Do you want to use it?]

So, they needed this type of badge to have a profession.

“Boss.” Lu Di ran over from inside.

He saw that the door of the storage room was open, but no zombies entered, and he found it strange. When he took a closer look, he was stunned.

What was going on? They carried a transparent ‘box’ to resist zombies?

After getting over his shock, Lu Di realized that this was the only way to escape, and tentatively said, “C-can you take me with you?”

After saying that, he felt a little embarrassed and explained, “If I stay here, the final result will definitely be death. If you can take me with you, my life will be yours from now on. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

Lu Di looked at Yin Fuchuan and Xun Yi nervously. If they didn't agree, he would definitely die. With so many zombies gathered here, there was absolutely no possibility of escaping.

Yin Fuchuan said nothing but turned to look at Xun Yi.

If Xun Yi and his son hadn't come to save him, he would have had no choice but to fight his way out of the pile of zombies in the end.

Under such circumstances, it wasn’t up to him to have the final say.

Xun Yi looked at Yin Fuchuan, then at the young man, and asked uncertainly, “You... know him?”

Yin Fuchuan couldn't bear to leave Lu Di behind. “My assistant. He has been with me for several years.”

Xun Yi immediately understood. Since Mr. Yin wanted to bring him along, of course he’d agree. How could he refuse his crush’s request?

However, he still asked, “Are you a contender or a commoner?”

Although he had the ability to see other people’s attribute panels, it wasn’t for free. Since he could ask verbally, Xun Yi didn’t want to waste his mental strength.

“Contender,” Lu Di quickly replied, “But my level isn’t high, only at level 2 now.”

That was enough. Xun Yi waved his hand and said, “Since you’re President Yin's assistant, you may come with us.”

Lu Di was pleasantly surprised. This meant that he could leave with them, right?

Yin Fuchuan said with a smile, “Let’s go.”

“Don't go! Take us with you. Please, take us with you!”

The survivors who were hiding inside and watching could hear their conversation clearly.

The chance to survive was right in front of them, and no one wanted to let the chance slip by. They rushed over, crying and howling. They surrounded Yin Fuchuan and Lu Di, preventing them from leaving.

A middle-aged man in a suit, looking miserable and frenzied, threatened them.

“Take us with you or no one can leave. If you leave us to die, let's all die together! We won't stay and attract zombies just to keep you alive!”

“That's right, either take us with you or we die together!”

Some people echoed, and the desperate survivors shouted with bloodshot eyes.

The zombies squeezed out by the Magic Cube Domain pushed forward even more frantically, and even the zombies on the periphery gathered here.

Xun Yi's eyes flashed coldly and he sneered, “Okay, let’s see how you guys want to die together.”

The shouting survivors were taken aback. Timidity and fear crept onto their faces again.

Xun Yi was full of malice. “Believe it or not, as long as I move the protective shield to the side, the zombies will swarm all over you immediately.”

The survivors immediately panicked. They glanced at the zombies outside, and their faces became even paler.

The middle-aged man in a suit noticed that the survivors were beginning to waver and quickly threatened again.

“If you dare to move away, the zombies will pounce on us, and your friends can't escape either!”

Hearing that, the terrified survivors stretched out their hands and grabbed Yin Fuchuan and Lu Di, fearing that they would run away, and put on the stance to die with them.

Xun Yi was in a difficult position. After seeing Yin Fuchuan's true strength, Xun Yi was sure that even if the zombies swarmed over, the latter would be fine for the time being.

But he couldn't take the risk. What if something happened? It’d be too late for regrets then.

Yin Fuchuan looked at Xun Yi with a smile and suggested, “Why don’t we talk this over? Even if you want to save them, you can’t do it for nothing, right? After all, this protective shield is only that big and can hardly contain so many people.”

To the survivors, Yin Fuchuan sounded as if he was frightened and had no choice but to give in, so they became more arrogant.

But that was not the case in Xun Yi’s opinion.

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