My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 157: The Forsaken Flower pt. 9

When Jing Yue opened his eyes again, he had already reached the other side of the abyss. A withering Forsaken Flower was behind him.

Recalling all the things in the illusion, he only hoped that there was another him in the illusion. The other him might be a little different from him, but he was still a person after all.

“Laozu, do you remember what just happened?”

Jing Yue was not the first person to pass through the abyss. Some people stood beside him, just like Liu Yun who asked him the question at this moment.

Jing Yue glanced in Qin Yanzhi's direction. The other party hadn't opened his eyes yet. Jing Yue subconsciously concealed it. “I don't remember, but I do remember that these flowers on the abyss are called the Forsaken Flower.”

After he told them about the characteristics of the Forsaken Flower, everyone was relieved.

The blue phoenix in his arms flew out and hugged Jing Yue's neck. “No wonder Jing-jing ignored Ji-ji. It turns out that Jing-jing has entered an illusion. But Jing-jing, don't worry, Ji-ji has been helping you keep an eye on Mother.”

Jing Yue, “Don't call him that, it's weird.”

The blue phoenix, “Ji-ji has been keeping an eye on the Hooligan for you!”

Jing Yue, “…”

It seemed that the Hooligan was more pleasing to the ear, so Yanzhi would have to put up with it then!

The blue phoenix, “Let Ji-ji tell you, the Hooligan woke up twice just now, just like Jing-jing!”

Jing Yue, “Oh? Did someone come all the way here before waking up?”

Last time, everyone experienced the test of the Forsaken Flower but no one knew the process.

The blue phoenix, “Jing-jing is so smart. Liu Yun did that!”

Jing Yue patted it and went to look at Qin Yanzhi, who was still in meditation. He wondered what the latter had experienced.

Jing Yue couldn't help laughing when he thought of Yi Wang in the illusion.

Time passed slowly, and more and more people crossed the abyss. Now, only a Heavenly Grotto cultivator of White Phoenix Sword Sect and Qin Yanzhi were left.

Jing Yue was puzzled. In his previous life, everyone passed this stage smoothly and woke up one after another. No one took as long as them.

At this time, the figure of the Heavenly Grotto cultivator of the White Phoenix Sword Sect gradually blurred and disappeared from the Forsaken Flower in a few minutes. No one could sense his presence anymore.

The relaxed atmosphere suddenly became somber. Although everyone knew that there were many dangers in the secret realm, they never expected that one of their companions would die in an illusion, and it happened so suddenly.

Everyone felt uncomfortable, and what made them even more shocked was that Qin Yanzhi hadn't woken up yet.

Everyone subconsciously looked at Jing Yue. The news that Jing and Qin would become Dao partners had spread all over the cultivation world. When the news first spread, everyone was taken aback, thinking it was a rumor, and some even wondered if the demonic Dao was up to something.

No one thought that these two people who seemed not fated for love to suddenly be thrown together.

Later, when the matter was confirmed, everyone reluctantly accepted it, but couldn't help thinking about the clues in the past hundreds of years.

Thinking about it, they really found some.

For example, the two disappeared together for 20 years. Only a few people know where they went during that time, but everyone knew that after 20 years, the two had made an unbelievable breakthrough in their cultivation.

Therefore, some people suspected that the two of them had obtained a heaven-defying dual cultivation technique and had been practicing dual cultivation for 20 years.

In addition, there were some scattered traces and random details back then. Now that they thought about it, it seemed to be evidence of their relationship.

Now that Qin Yanzhi was on the verge of danger, if something happened, how anxious would Jing-laozu be?

But to their surprise, Jing Yue was very calm. Jing Yue believed that Qin Yanzhi would conquer the illusion.

Liu Yun comforted earnestly. “Laozu, don't worry. Qin-zhen… Qin-laozu has excellent comprehension and has always been forthright, so nothing will happen.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qin Yanzhi's body became somewhat transparent. The expressions of the cultivators suddenly changed and everyone tensed up.

Only Jing Yue remained motionless, but the blue phoenix felt that the hand holding it was a little tight, making Lan Ji-ji a little suffocated, but at the moment it was sensible enough not to cry out in pain.

The purple petals of the Forsaken Flower swayed slightly. On the pistil, Qin Yanzhi's somewhat blurry body gradually solidified, and the Forsaken Flower under his feet also slowly floated over.

When Qin Yanzhi stepped across the abyss, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

He glanced at Jing Yue and said with a smile, “I’ve kept you waiting.”

Jing Yue also laughed with ripples in his eyes. “I know you’d be fine.”

Qin Yanzhi, “I won’t let you down.”

The conversation between the two was obviously very simple with nothing out of the ordinary but the others couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable when they heard it as if they had eaten something sweet and greasy, making them queasy.

They turned around at the same time, chatting or thinking about life.

Jing Yue told Qin Yanzhi about the Forsaken Flower and asked, “Do you still remember what happened just now?”

Qin Yanzhi froze for a moment as if reminded by Jing Yue, and he realized that he had lost a piece of memory.

He frowned slightly, trying to recall, but only drew a blank.

Qin Yanzhi felt flustered as if he had lost something important. If Jing Yue didn't mention it, he wouldn't have even known that he had lost it.

He held his forehead and all his thoughts surged and squeezed like ocean waves. Then, he saw a vague shadow, not even a clear outline could be seen.

Who was it?

A name was right at the tip of his tongue but suddenly, his spirit was shaken as if being pulled by tens of thousands of hands. The usually restrained Qin Yanzhi couldn't help but let out a muffled groan.

“Stop thinking about it!”

Jing Yue saw the beads of sweat on the other party's forehead and his pale face and hurried forward to hold Qin Yanzhi's hand.

Qin Yanzhi felt the warmth on his hands that slightly relieved the pain, but the shadow also disappeared without a trace.

He sighed and said, “There’s one person, but I can't remember.”

“It's okay, just forget it. Everyone has forgotten.”

Jing Yue stared at Qin Yanzhi's eyes, which gradually overlapped with the other pair of eyes. Jing Yue's heart trembled, and he hurriedly lowered her head, thinking, ‘About this master-disciple thing, it's better not to tell Yanzhi lest it increased the burden on him.’

Rebirth meant a new life.

So, Jing Yue raised his head again and said with a smile, “We shall be together happily.”

Qin Yanzhi was startled. Jing Yue seldom said such words. A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. “Your wish is mine.”

Lan Ji-ji was unwilling to be left out and struggled to poke its head out. “What about Ji-ji? Has Jing-jing forgotten Ji-ji? Ji-ji wants to be together too.”

Jing Yue flicked the blue phoenix's head lightly. “Don't you consider yourself our son? Of course, we’ll be together.”

The blue phoenix was immediately delighted, and the nearby cultivators who accidentally heard this sentence looked over in horror, their eyes wandering between Qin Yanzhi, Jing Yue, and the blue phoenix.

Jing Yue noticed everyone’s gazes and was a little embarrassed, but he still graciously allowed them to look at the three. Qin Yanzhi never cared about the eyes of others, while the blue phoenix held its head high proudly. Jing-jing had officially announced its status so everything was set in stone.

“It’s good to be young.”

Hong Luan-laozu from Genesis Sect took the lead in teasing them. Because of her disciple Ruan Jiu, she had always had a good impression of Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi.

Jing Yue, who was called a young man, was silent and changed the subject. “After the Forsaken Flower, we should arrive at the battlefield of gods and demons.”

Hong Luan, “How do you know, Laozu?”

Jing Yue said naturally, “The Dragon Ancestor told me.”

Everyone knew that Jing Yue was acquainted with the Dragon Ancestor, although they didn’t know how, so it wasn’t surprising that the Dragon Ancestor told him some inside stories.

A group of people set up a monument beside the abyss for their deceased companions and continued walking into the depths.

Soon, a thick fog appeared in front of them, obscuring the way ahead. After passing through the thick fog, they came to the ruins of the battlefield of gods and demons.

Although the war had ended tens of billions of years ago, an ancient and heavy atmosphere lingered here, which made everyone vigilant but also in awe, and there was also an indescribable excitement and glory.

Wherever they passed, they followed the path of ancient gods and demons.

They were about to face the gods and demons.

Jing Yue, “There are often remnant souls of gods and demons here. They’ve been wandering here for thousands of years. They’ve already lost their minds, and their strength is about the same as ours.”

He looked around and added, “They may appear anywhere so we must be careful.”

Further on, puddles scattered on the ground. Maybe it was due to the laws of this secret realm, but there was still water in the pit, which had not dried up for hundreds of millions of years.

Nine cultivators were reflected on the clear water, and suddenly, one of them said, “There’s something in the water!”

Jing Yue followed the voice and saw some shining stones under the water. Although he couldn't tell what they were, everything that appeared in the ancient secret realm must not be ordinary.

Seeing that the water in the puddle was not deep or dangerous, a Heavenly Grotto cultivator stepped into the puddle and tried to pick up a few stones.

But before he touched the stone, a hand suddenly stretched out from the bottom of the water and pulled him down violently!

Immediately, the Heavenly Grotto cultivator met a pair of lifeless eyes.

In the puddle, a face stared up at him. That face was very similar to that of a human race, but it had a single horn on its forehead.

The demon race!

The Heavenly Grotto cultivator panicked and instinctively cast a spell, blasting the demon race at the bottom of the water into ashes with one move.

“…” What about the cultivation base of a Heavenly Grotto or Return to Void? The Heavenly Grotto cultivator turned around and said in a daze, “Did I just kill a remnant soul of the demon race?”

The expressions of the others were equally blank, and they said uncertainly, “I think so…”

Heavenly Grotto cultivator, “Why do I feel that he only has the cultivation base of a Golden Core? He can’t even take a single move from me!”

He looked at Jing Yue. After all, Jing Yue's exaggeration made them terrified at first, but the reality hit their faces.

“Maybe their strength has digressed after ten thousand years?”

But 10,000 years was like a drop of water in the ocean in terms of the passage of time in the ancient secret realm, no influence at all, so how could the remnant souls suddenly degenerate to this point?

Jing Yue was also very confused at this time. In his previous life, he had just entered the battlefield of gods and demons, and he met the remnant soul of a Return to Void god race. If he hadn't dumped the attention to Lei Jing in time, causing the remnant soul to sense the aura of the dragon race and chase after Lei Jing, he might have kicked the bucket on the spot.

After all, although the remnant soul had lost its sanity, its hatred and fighting intent toward the other three races was instinctive.

Once they detected the living souls of the dragon, phoenix, and demon races, they would definitely not let them go.

Thinking of this, he suddenly said to the blue phoenix, “Ji-ji, go back to your nest.”

The blue phoenix said unhappily, “Ji-ji wants to be outside. Ji-ji still needs to show Jing-jing the way!”

Jing Yue, “The remnant souls here can sense the living souls of the phoenix race. Aren't you afraid of being ripped apart by them?”

The blue phoenix suddenly looked terrified and promptly entered a spirit jade around Jing Yue's waist.

This jade was the space jade pendant that Jing Yue made for the blue phoenix after he came out from his seclusion. There is also a spirit lake in the jade, which could be regarded as fulfilling the promise he made back then.

The blue phoenix sat next to the spirit lake at this time and said in a huff, “I’ll come in then. Ji-ji has a spirit lake, a huge one!”

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