Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 15: President Yin’s Ability

Xun Ye looked at him suspiciously. “Xun Yi, don’t you know how to change shapes?”

Xun Yi was embarrassed. “Ahem… you’re right about that.”

Xun Ye was speechless. “Just let the cone come out the same way your cube did.”

Xun Yi would never dare to attempt something so casually at this time. If the Magic Cube Domain was damaged, they would be instantly overwhelmed by zombies with no possibility of survival.

“Let’s try that later. We can't take any chances now.”

“Then what should we do now? Just stand here?” Xun Ye was speechless.

“The bald guy won't give up. He’ll definitely send someone to attract zombies. That’ll be our chance,” Xun Yi said.

“I think we are the ones attracting zombies now.”

Xun Ye waved his hands helplessly. “I wonder where President Yin went or if he was trapped too.”

Xun Yi wanted to know too. While he still had some magic energy on hand, he planned to search through the storage rooms. He wanted to take Yin Fuchuan away. Otherwise, judging from the current situation, it would be almost impossible to fight their way out with one saber.

Xun Yi guessed correctly. A few minutes later, a door not far ahead was opened, and a man was thrown out.

The man's body was full of gaping wounds made by a sharp weapon, and he was bleeding profusely.

All the zombies gathered around were attracted by the blood and swarmed toward the man, decisively abandoning Xun Yi, the tough opponent.

The man covered in blood had a pale face and blank eyes. He obviously knew that he was doomed, so he could only rely on his instinct to run to the anti-theft mesh door at the entrance.

Before he could run a few steps, a group of zombies swarmed over him until only a pile of bones remained.

Xun Yi took advantage of this opportunity. He picked up Xun Ye, pulled Yu Xiao, and ran forward quickly.

The Magic Cube Domain constantly covered an area of ​​1 square meter around Xun Yi. His first stop was the bald guy's storage room.

Xun Ye thought Xun Yi was leaving and asked anxiously, “Are we leaving now? We haven’t found President Yin yet!”

Xun Yi thought, ‘Of course, I won’t leave without Yin Fuchuan.’

He wondered what happened while he was asleep for Xun Ye to have such a good relationship with Yin Fuchuan. He kept saying his name, which made Xun Yi’s heart pound all the time.

“I know, I’m looking for him right now.”

Xun Yi thought inwardly that if Yin Fuchuan asked why he wanted to rescue him, he would blame it on Xun Ye and say that Xun Ye wanted to find him. That excuse was perfect.

While the zombies chased after that person, Xun Yi took the opportunity to rush to the door of the storage room with the Magic Cube Domain.

He shouted nervously, “P-President Yin, are you there? Please come out.”

The people inside the storage room threw out the bait with the intention of escaping while the zombies went after the bait. Unexpectedly, the bait was so useless that he was eaten within a few steps of running out.

There were a few zombies at the door, relatively fewer compared to those outside, but still quite a few wandering around.

The bald guy and the others leaned against the door panel, trying to listen to what was going on outside. Everyone was startled when they heard someone shouting.

Everyone knew that no living person could survive outside, so where did this sound come from?

“Maybe he’s not here?” Xun Yi whispered.

“President Yin, we’re here to pick you up!” Xun Ye shouted.

One adult and one child listened intently but heard no movement inside the door.

After getting no response, Xun Yi boldly yelled again, “Yin Fuchuan!”

This time, the bald guy and the others heard clearly that someone was indeed shouting.

They quickly peeped through the small hole in the door panel.

Their expressions quickly changed. There was actually someone outside! Alive! They seemed to be inside a cube-shaped box, and the zombies couldn’t get near them at all.

The bald guy's expression changed rapidly as his mind raced.

That cube-shaped ‘box’ should be an ability that could prevent zombies or they wouldn’t be alive until now. He wondered if such a useful ability could be taken away.

If this person died, would a crystal card appear just like killing zombies?

The bald guy's eyes lit up and he said to the survivors inside, “Who is Yin Fuchuan? Someone is looking for you outside.”

Yin Fuchuan was indeed here. During the sudden upheaval last night, he lost his way in the commotion. It was pitch black all around, impossible to tell who was who. Everywhere was full of screaming people.

In the end, Lu Di found him and dragged him into the nearest storage room.

He was sitting on the floor with Lu Di, taking a break.

Lu Di muttered softly, “I wonder what happened to the father and son yesterday. Such a world is so unfair to children.”

They saw very few kids during their escape. With zombies all over the streets, anyone slightly weaker with a kid in tow couldn’t survive at all. Anyone who managed to escape were few and far between.

Yin Fuchuan didn't reply. He was thinking about something.

The roars of zombies and clawing of the door panels were constantly heard outside the door. Yin Fuchuan didn't hear anyone calling him outside.

When Yin Fuchuan heard the bald guy say that someone was looking for him outside, Yin Fuchuan's first thought was that the latter wanted to throw him out as bait.

But on second thought, it didn’t seem like it. When he did it earlier, he just took action. He simply slashed that person, dragged him over, and threw him out the door, with no warning at all.

Moreover, how did he know his name?

Yin Fuchuan stood up and was about to go over but Lu Di stood up quickly.

“Boss, don't go. There are only zombies outside now. How could there be anyone? I think they just want to use you as bait.”

Yin Fuchuan looked coldly at the bald guy and his gang, feeling extremely disgusted with these scumbags.

“I’m Yin Fuchuan.”

The bald guy sized Yin Fuchuan up. Seeing his unusual demeanor and empty hands with not even a basic self-defense weapon, a sinister glint flashed in his eyes.

Was he really the son of a wealthy family? To be appointed as a president at such a young age made it obvious that it was the case.

“Come here, someone is looking for you outside.” The bald guy pointed to the door.

Yin Fuchuan narrowed his eyes slightly, trying to guess their intentions.

The storage room was quiet. Everyone was silent and dared not make a sound.

Everyone thought that he was the third bait chosen to be thrown out to die. On one hand, they were glad that he was chosen, but on the other hand, they sympathized with the chosen one.

At this moment, the voice outside the door rang again.

“Yin Fuchuan, are you in there?”

Yin Fuchuan heard it this time. Someone was indeed calling him.

He walked to the door.

“President Yin!” Lu Di followed.

As soon as he reached the door, Yin Fuchuan paused because the bald guy was pointing a gun at him.

“So you're the one they're looking for. That's great. I want to go out with you. Come here.”

Yin Fuchuan quickly analyzed the situation. The bald guy actually wanted to go out with him. This could only mean that there was a way to escape outside.

“President Yin, are you not in there?” Xun Ye asked a silly question, which almost made Xun Yi laugh.

“Let's go check out another storage room.”

Xun Yi would never give up searching. If he wasn’t here, they’d go to another one.

Xun Yi believed that since so many people had survived, President Yin must be alive too.

Just when he was about to leave, the storage room door opened a crack, and Yin Fuchuan was seen through the gap.

Xun Yi and Xun Ye were delighted at the sight of him.

Xun Yi walked forward excitedly and used the Magic Cube Domain to completely block the doorway. Not even a single zombie could hope to squeeze through.

“Come in. We…”

The door opened completely, and the bald guy standing behind Yin Fuchuan appeared.

He held a gun against Yin Fuchuan's head.

The smile that unconsciously appeared on Xun Yi's face gradually cooled down at the scene before him.

“We want to go with you too. Is that okay?” The smile on the bald guy's face widened viciously.

“Uh-oh, President Yin, have you been held hostage?” Xun Ye gloated inappropriately.

Yin Fuchuan was a little surprised when he saw them. He didn't expect that the father and son would look for him under such circumstances. They could obviously leave quietly by themselves, but they came looking for him without any fear of attracting trouble.

Was this repayment for the saber and dagger he gave them?

Yin Fuchuan smiled helplessly. “Your actions are… too eye-catching.”

The blue light shield was too conspicuous.

Xun Yi's heart tightened, and his palms began to sweat. He was afraid that the bald guy’s hand might slip and shoot Yin Fuchuan.

But Xun Ye remained calm. “We’ll be eaten if we don't show up like this.”

Yin Fuchuan sighed quietly.

A black dagger suddenly appeared in his empty hand, and his head tilted to the side.


The bullet hit the upper left corner of the Magic Cube Domain without penetrating it, causing a layer of pale blue ripples.

Xun Yi’s magic energy dropped rapidly.

“President Yin!” Xun Yi’s heart almost stopped beating from fright and he couldn't help but exclaim.

At the same time as the gunshot, Yin Fuchuan made his move. The black dagger moved quickly in a streak of black, slicing across the bald guy's throat, and hot red blood spurted out.

The bald guy's eyes widened in horror, and he covered his throat tightly with his hands.

He never thought that someone with his profession would die in Doomsday so quickly. All his dreams of building an empire with his brothers turned into dust.

“Life is hard enough. Stop making things difficult for others.”

Yin Fuchuan spoke calmly. The dagger in his hand disappeared, and a black saber reappeared.

It was similar to the one Xun Yi had.

He didn’t conceal his ability from others as if he didn't care if they found out he had something similar to space equipment.

Xun Yi finally breathed a sigh of relief now that Yin Fuchuan was safe.

At the same time, he was shocked. Yin Fuchuan's skills were so good. He was fast, ruthless, and precise in his positioning. This was the first time Xun Yi saw someone killing another person so calmly.

Even Xun Yi couldn’t kill without batting an eyelid.

Even if the bald guy deserved to die, killing zombies was a totally different concept than killing humans. How could a person living in a peaceful society kill so easily?

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