The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

18) Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14 Part 2:

Because he had a delicate body, Li Rui’an was unable to ride a horse, so he had found a small donkey and leisurely rode in the back.

His very beautiful face made the soldiers around him turn around one after the other, just to look at him. But Li Rui’an didn’t care at all and his pair of beautiful eyes would just occasionally look at his surroundings.

Suddenly, he seemed to catch a glimpse of silver light being reflected in the distance.

Li Rui’an’s heart immediately tightened, but he maintained a calm and collected demeanor on the outside. He secretly observed that suspicious place for long time and the longer he observed the bigger his suspicions got—he was very sure, that in that direction, there was an ambush.

He slightly lowered his head and pulled the rains of his donkey. He went ahead to catch up with Li Luo and once he was his side, he asked. “Su Gongzi, do you have water?”

“Yes.” Li Luo turned around and looked at Li Rui’an, he grabbed a small canteen made of bamboo in his waist and handed it over to him. But then he saw Li Rui’an winking at him, as he slightly exposed the small edge of his own canteen in his wide sleeve.

Li Luo was slightly stunned for a moment, before immediately reacting. Why did Li Rui’an ask for water when he obviously had a supply as well? Could it be—Li Luo quickly recalled the storyline of his novel in his mind, and finally vaguely remembered, that something occurred on the mountain path.

Qin Yan very quickly felt the danger of losing his influence and was unable to stop it, but thankfully his Mufei—Jing Chun empress dowager, at that time found a very useful aid for him. It was the Bei Da Great General, Qi Cheng.

In the past, Qi Cheng and Nangong Ao were equally famous, but he then retired from his position as Bei Da Great General. During that time, Qi Cheng was almost 20 years younger than Nangong Ao, who had long since been successful & highly acclaimed. Therefore currently he was more than 40 years old. In the novel Li Luo wrote that this Bei Da Great General owed Jing Chun empress dowager his life, so when she begging him on his doorstep for help, he promised to help Jing Chun empress dowager to deal with the rebel army led by Qin Yu without any hesitation.

He was one of the characters that were harder to deal with and was set to be Qin Yu’s first hurdle. After all, if the protagonist didn’t have some bumps and collisions on his road of life, it would decrease his cool points.

So exactly in this location there was an ambush with which Qi Cheng wanted to test the waters by attacking them.

Naturally, this attempt didn’t succeed.

Li Luo approached Li Rui’an and gave him a faint nod. Then he used his hand to support his forehead and faked feeling unwell.

Li Rui’an immediately understood and in a loud voice asked: “What’s wrong Su Gongzi? Are you not well?!”

Qin Yu that rode in the front most of the group immediately turned his head to look at Li Luo. He immediately pulled his horse rein and moved toward the back.

Once Qin Yu turned around, Li Luo deliberately limbed his body to the side and fell down. When he saw that Li Luo was about to fall, Qin Yu immediately flew up and took ahold of Li Luo’s waist, bringing him back on the saddle. Li Luo immediately got close to Qin Yu’s ear and whispered: “Yu, beware of the ambush in front.”

Qin Yu originally anxious look immediately ceased and as he lightly patted Li Luo’s waist, the tense expression that showed in his eyes also disappeared. He breathed a sigh of relief, and then pressed his hand on the sword on his waist, his eyes were fierce as he shouted out, “Everybody be alert!”

Although they didn’t know why Qin Yu gave them this command, because of their trust in Qin Yu all of Xiang Bei Army’s soldiers didn’t hesitate and immediately raised their own weapons, All of them vigilant.

Li Rui’an immediately hid, because he knew his fighting capacity was negative, and he didn’t want to give Xiang Bei Army and Qin Yu any inconvenience. Furthermore he didn’t want to die because of overestimated one’s capabilities, so hiding in a safe place was the best option.

The soldiers who were hiding in front of them realized that they had been found out, so they didn’t bother to continue doing it. At least a few hundreds archers stood in their position, the bows in their hands pulled to the full, so that the moment Qin Yu’s group passed, they could immediately attack them.

Unfortunately, Qin Yu had found out their ambush and that lost them the best opportunity to attack.

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