Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 14: Magic Cube Domain Comes Into Play

Everything became quiet. The building that was originally a safe haven for survivors had turned into the zombies’ lair. Survivors could only hide in small gaps and struggle to live.

Xun Yi didn't need to look to know that everywhere was full of zombies now. He had to think carefully about how to go out tomorrow.

At exactly 12 midnight, the cold mechanical voice sounded in everyone's mind again.

“The trial period for Planet Earth’s Doomsday Gaming Field is over. Congratulations to all contenders who have made progress. Please do your best to level up and obtain magic crystals.”

The trial period was over?

The initial trial benefits during the start of Doomsday Gaming Field had ended. Did that mean they would face the true hell on earth tomorrow?

Xun Yi held the saber in his arms while wondering where Yin Fuchuan could be and whether he was in danger. He leaned against the wall and dozed off lightly. He had turned off his mobile phone, and the small space was completely plunged into darkness.

Xun Yi was awakened by a cry. He sat up abruptly and found that it was already dawn.

“Run if you don't want to die! Lure all the zombies away from the door, hurry up!” a voice yelled viciously.

Xun Yi recognized the voice, which belonged to the bald guy. He was still alive.

Xun Yi tiptoed to the door and looked out through the gap. He only saw zombies wandering around and could not see what was happening on the other side.


The screams kept coming. Someone must have been ripped alive by zombies.

Xun Ye and Yu Xiao woke up in fright.

The strong smell of blood wafted in the rancid air. The zombies that were quiet all night became restless again.

The dozens of zombies that were stuck in the storage rack clawed frantically and kept pushing forward. The storage rack that had held on all night started wobbling at the brink of collapse.

With dozens of zombies pushing together, the fragile storage rack couldn't hold on for long.

Xun Yi cursed that crazy bald guy under his breath. Using humans as bait would only stir up the zombies even more.

“Xun Yi, I think that rack is about to fall.”

Xun Ye looked at the crumbling storage rack with fear.

Xun Yi was very anxious too. If the storage rack collapsed and the zombies surged over from behind while the door in front of them was blocked, they would be trapped here and die. They could no longer sit here and wait it out.

“Move those things and take the door panel down. We have to go out.”

While the zombies outside were distracted by the bald guy, maybe they could rush out without being ripped apart by the zombies inside.

The three of them couldn’t be bothered about the zombies outside. They had to move the door panel now.

When the door panel fell halfway, a few zombies wandering at the door immediately spotted them and pounced!

Xun Yi stepped on the door panel and jumped out first. He swung his saber and chopped off a few heads.

“Come out!”

The nearby zombies were attracted by Xun Yi and surged over. Everywhere was full of zombies, impossible for humans to escape. Anyone would be overwhelmed by zombies in an instant.

Xun Yi urged them while slashing at the zombies that approached.

“Hurry up!”

Yu Xiao picked Xun Ye up and pushed him out first. She stepped on the rack and climbed up. Before she reached the door panel, she heard a loud bang. The storage rack finally fell, and dozens of zombies rushed to the door.

“The rack has collapsed!” Yu Xiao was horrified.

“Come down quickly!” Xun Yi retreated to the door to help her.

Yu Xiao slid down the door panel and faced the swarming zombies.

Yu Xiao was in despair. Dozens of zombies chased after her, while more zombies approached from in front, at least hundreds!

Seeing that they were about to be overwhelmed by the swarm of zombies, Yu Xiao hugged Xun Ye and closed her eyes tightly.

However, the expected pain did not arrive.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw the three of them shrouded by a pale blue translucent cube. The swarming zombies could only lean against the translucent walls, roaring and scratching, but doing no damage to the people inside.

Xun Yi activated the Magic Cube Domain to a minimum of 1 square meter, which could not only save magic energy but also reduce the stress area caused by the zombies.

The small space was very crowded with two adults and one kid, but they could make more room if they stood diagonally.

“Move forward.”

Xun Yi pushed the Magic Cube Domain, trying to move forward, but there were too many zombies.

Xun Yi could hardly move the Magic Cube Domain with his strength alone, while the zombies couldn’t do anything to the cube either, so they came to a stalemate.

Just like this, they supported the large transparent box, which was as stable as an iron fortress. No creature except the owner could even think of moving it.

Of course, if he was trapped, Xun Yi couldn’t move either, unless his strength surpassed the obstacle.

Xun Yi knew that the Magic Cube Domain's ability wasn’t supposed to be used this way. He had yet to master the technique and could only use the dumbest method.

“Can you only form a cube? What about a cone shape? It can withstand less force and maybe kill a few zombies by the way,” Xun Ye suggested.

Xun Yi was startled. He had never thought of changing the shape of the Magic Cube Domain.

Maybe because all he saw in the Supernal Magic Cube was in the shape of a cube, so his thinking had been fixated. It never occurred to him that the Magic Cube Domain could change shapes.

But how was he supposed to do that?

He didn’t know how!

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