Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 13: Magic Cube Domain Levels Up

Xun Yi severed the half of the body quite tactfully. It was hacked off from the chest down, including both its arms. If the zombie still wanted to bite someone, it could only wiggle on the ground. Apart from its mouth, there was no other way to attack.

Xun Ye looked at the wiggling half of the body with its internal organs all over the floor and felt extremely disgusted.

However, he didn’t back off but held the dagger and stabbed forth.

He missed the first time and stabbed twice in succession, both of which missed the mark and failed to pierce the brain. After several attempts, he finally pierced the zombie's head and killed it.

As Xun Yi continued his killing, he also cut some zombies in half for Xun Ye to kill. The father and son worked together seamlessly.

Yu Xiao followed behind them, digging out the magic crystals from the holes in the zombie's head.

After a long while, the screaming behind the storage rack completely stopped. Except for the hoarse breathing sounds, no one was left alive.

The zombies trapped behind kept scratching the rack, trying to get out to eat.

Just like this, Xun Yi struggled to survive between the zombies attacking him from the front and back. More and more heads and upper bodies of zombies piled up on the ground until they almost formed a hill.

Xun Yi was getting more and more tired, and his wrist was so sore that he could hardly hold the saber anymore. His physical strength had been restored twice, and his level had increased to 6, but he was still exhausted from killing.

There seemed to be an endless supply of zombies outside and they could never kill them all. Even Xun Ye was very tired.

“Xun Yi, I think… I need a break,” Xun Ye said breathlessly.

Xun Yi stopped giving Xun Ye the half-severed zombies and allowed him to rest.  He was still killing, and he kept killing. After all that work, they didn't need anything else to block the door at all. Only the zombie heads were more than enough.

With Yu Xiao and Xun Ye’s help, they finally lifted the two benches that had fallen on the ground and pressed them against the door to block the zombies and let Xun Yi rest for a while. He was too tired after killing for too long.

Xun Yi leaned on the tilted bench, panting.

His attributes had been restored, but he quickly exhausted himself again and had to rest.

He gasped and glanced at his attribute panel.

Name: Xun Yi

Level: 7 (470/700)

Profession: Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Title: Divine Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Basic attributes: Strength (27/31), Agility (26/33), Constitution (28/30)

Secondary attribute: Mental Strength (70/70)

Equipment attributes: Squall Boots (speed +1)

Skill: Magic Cube Domain Level 1 (exclusive)

Magic Energy: 103/1000

He had finally reached level 7.

Xun Yi turned around and asked Xun Ye, who was still digging for magic crystals. “What level are you at?”

Xun Ye replied happily, “Level 3.”

Xun Yi smiled and said, “Not bad.”

After a short break, Xun Yi started digging magic crystals with them.

After digging out all these magic crystals, Xun Yi counted them and found 226 magic crystals. Based on 10 magic energy per piece, he gained 2,260 magic energy points this time.

Xun Yi pretended to put these magic crystals into his backpack, but in fact, he converted everything into magic energy.

[Your magic energy has reached 2,363 points. You may activate the level 2 Magic Cube Domain 2 times. Each time will consume 1,000 magic energy. The maximum area is 10 square meters, and each duration is 1 hour. Activate now?]

Needless to say, Xun Yi wouldn’t activate it at this time. His magic energy would be consumed at the moment of activation. It wasn’t easy to gather this magic energy, and he couldn’t waste any of it. He had to use it at the right time.

Xun Yi also converted the gray magic crystal in his hand, which produced 30 magic energy.

As expected of a ghoul’s magic crystal, which produced 3 times more magic energy.

Perhaps because there were too many zombie heads and corpses in the storage room, the strong rotting stench covered up the smell of living people. The zombies pushing against the door suddenly became quiet.

Xun Yi made a shushing motion to them and adjusted the light of his mobile phone down to focus on one spot. The three of them sat quietly on the bench for a break. A mountain of zombie heads lay at their feet, presenting a scary sight.

They became quiet, and so did the zombies outside and inside.

The three of them squeezed on one bench, listening to the hoarse breathing all around them, and actually felt a little sleepy.

Fortunately for Xun Yi, he slept for a few hours in the afternoon. Xun Ye and Yu Xiao had not had a good rest until now. They could fall asleep even if they were sitting in a mountain of corpses and a sea of ​​blood.

Xun Yi stood up and sat on the broken rack next to him, leaving the bench for them. He said softly, “Take a nap. I’ll keep watch.”

Yu Xiao felt very guilty. She had been troubling Xun Yi but couldn't do much to help. She was even more embarrassed now that Xun Yi had to keep watch while she slept.

“You sleep, I'll keep watch. I'll call you if anything happens,” Yu Xiao said softly.

Xun Yi shook his head. “I slept in the afternoon, I'm not sleepy.”

Yu Xiao stopped insisting and took a nap on the erected bench.

Xun Ye occupied a bench alone and slept soundly.

Xun Yi clicked on his attribute panel to study it. He re-read the prompts that he didn’t have time to read before and studied the specific usage of the Magic Cube Domain by the way.

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