Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 12: Xun Ye’s Attribute Panel

“You can't do it alone. Let us help!”

At Xun Yi’s silence, Xun Ye thought he didn't agree and was very anxious.

Xun Yi glanced at the wobbling door panel and then at the zombies’ heads on the ground. Finally, he gritted his teeth and put Xun Ye down.

Xun Ye took his dagger and pointed it at the head of a ferocious-looking zombie. Fearlessly, he held the dagger with both hands and stabbed hard.

As a result, he was too weak and the dagger failed to pierce the hard skull.

Indignant, he tried several more times but to no avail.

He saw how easily Xun Yi pierced the zombie's head and accurately dug out the magic crystal. Why was he so useless?

Yu Xiao looked at the rotten head on the ground that exuded a foul smell. She forced herself to overcome her fear and stepped forward.

“Let me try.”

Xun Yi glanced at them and stopped digging for magic crystals. Instead, after piercing the zombie's head, he rotated the blade, made a hole in the skull, and kicked it to Xun Ye and Yu Xiao.

“Get to work!”

Xun Ye put the dagger in his small backpack. Holding his breath and forcing his nausea down, he put his little hand into the zombie's rotting skull and searched around for the magic crystal in the brain. Finally, he felt a hard object in the sludge of brain matter.

Xun Ye quickly dug it out and looked at the black, red, and white stuff that flowed between his fingers.

“Ugh, that's so f*cking disgusting!” Xun Ye was sick to his stomach and couldn't help but swear.

“If you curse again, I’ll put it right in front of you while you’re eating,” Xun Yi warned him.

Yu Xiao watched the scene with a pale face and tried her best to prepare herself mentally. As an adult, there was no reason why she couldn’t do something that even a kid like Xun Ye could.

So, she suppressed her nausea and began to reach out to dig out the contents of the brains. In the process, she couldn't hold it back and went to the side to throw up twice. After she returned, she continued to dig for magic crystals with Xun Ye.


The rack that blocked the door finally broke in the middle. Xun Yi jumped on the bench and continued to kill the zombies that crawled over. He cut off the zombie heads one by one and put them aside to dig for magic crystals later.

Xun Yi didn't know how many zombies he had killed. Suddenly, several screams came from the storage room, followed by chaos inside.

The storage rack they had moved over creaked as it was being pushed. Amid the panic, they wanted to move the storage rack away. But it took several of them working together to move the heavy rack just now. In this commotion, no one could move it.

Someone climbed onto the storage rack in fear, trying to escape from above.

“Help, help! Someone has turned into a zombie. Help… ahhh!”

The person who climbed up the storage rack was grabbed by the leg and dragged down by the zombie.

At a loss, Yu Xiao looked in horror at the storage rack that almost reached the ceiling.

Xun Yi kept hacking and killing zombies without even looking at them. He had already expected this.

They only had themselves to blame. They wanted to feed other people to the zombies so that they could hide in there and save themselves. How could such a good thing happen?

Xun Ye mumbled under his breath as he dug for magic crystals, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

He raised his head and met a pair of cloudy eyes.

A zombie actually crawled in from under the shelf, roaring as it pounced on Xun Ye.

Xun Ye sat back on the ground in fright. He grabbed his dagger without thinking and stabbed forward, piercing through one of the zombie's eyes.

In his desperation, his strength was extraordinary, and the dagger almost reached its hilt. The zombie was stuck under the shelf and clawed frantically. Xun Ye scrambled to the side, gasping for breath in fear.

“What’s wrong?” Xun Yi sensed something was wrong and turned around to see Xun Ye running to the side. He looked down and saw the zombie’s arms.

He immediately understood what was going on.

But he couldn't leave. If those zombies were allowed to crawl in, everyone would die in here. He could only slash at the zombies and ask loudly, “Are you hurt?”

Xun Ye calmed down his breathing and said, “I’m fine. I’m not hurt. I think… I killed a zombie.”

As for why he was so sure about that, it was because his attribute panel had appeared.

Name: Xun Ye

Level: 1 (10/100)

Profession: Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Title: Child of the Wood Spirit (exclusive)

Basic attributes: Strength (8/8), Agility (8/8), Constitution (8/8)

Secondary attribute: Mastery (10/10)

Skill: Seed Formulation & Evolution (exclusive)

“Not bad, very good!”

Xun Yi praised him for killing a zombie without asking for help. As expected of little devil Xun Ye.

However, Xun Ye was full of mixed emotions. Seeing his title, he suddenly began to doubt himself.

No wonder he looked so different. Was he really not a human being?

Xun Ye felt that his imagination was running wild and had to be stopped.

Xun Ye walked over, pulled out his dagger, and stabbed it down again, successfully piercing through the zombie's skull.

Sure enough, his strength had increased. He dug out the magic crystal without hesitation before saying, “As I said, you have hindered the growth of a genius. I have to applaud President Yin for his open mind.”

Hearing his son praise President Yin, Xun Yi didn't feel frustrated anymore as the zombies turned up one after another. Even the corners of his mouth couldn't help but curve up, feeling happier than when someone praised him.

He stepped back, allowing the upper half of the zombie's body to be exposed. Then, he raised his sword, cut off the upper half of the zombie's body, and kicked it into the room.

“I’m very open-minded too. Come on, get to work.”

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