The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

For a while, the flow of life went on peacefully in the days that followed.

She always ate breakfast with Jean, and they spent more and more time in the mornings together.

When the weather was pleasant, they'd go for a walk in the garden, and sometimes they'd go to the library together to pass the time. Jean would occasionally take her on a tour of the surrounding towns.

On some days, Sid and Marius would pay a visit and share a cup of tea. Jean kept an expressionless face and didn't say much, but his words and actions were always considerate of Clarisse, so staying by his side was very comfortable.

Clarisse gradually became accustomed to spending time with Jean. He had a way of showing her how he cared about her without using words. It was more believable than some useless sweet talk.

They would have lunch together every few days or whenever his schedule allowed it. Their routine was slowly taking shape.

There was no Matilda in this house to humiliate Clarisse or be sarcastic towards her whenever she saw an opportunity. She doesn't have to feel pain over her parents' unloving words and actions. As the autumn deepened, Clarisse's heart was slowly healing after years of being tortured by her family.

"The daughter of Viscount Farenheit is truly an amazing person."

It was late autumn when Mary was approached by the middle-aged head maid of the mansion.

Mary was told that the winters in this remote land are many times harsher than in the royal capital. She thought it was time to prepare her Lady's needs for winter, so she went to ask the head maid.

"She's a noble lady, but she remembers the servants’ names right away, looks us in the eyes and speaks to us politely, and always thanks us! Most of all, it's wonderful that she's willing to try to do her things on her own."

Clarisse, whose farewell had saddened the Farenheit family's servants to great lengths, had also won the hearts of the Gutenberg mansion's servants.

The fact that the head maid, who was in charge of all the maids, was praising her so highly probably meant that the other servants had the same opinion. Mary was proud to know that her beloved master was also admired by the servants.

"The Master has such a strong personality, and we were all worried about what would happen if a selfish young lady came into the family, but I'm glad our fears were unfounded. I've never seen the lord look so happy."

'If that’s how he appears when he's happy, then what was he like before... Well I must say, the Margrave is quite the man.'

The Margrave, Mary believes, has high ideals that he demands of others, but he is even more demanding of himself. He has the best qualities as a leader, which is great, but whether he is easy to deal with as a person is another story.

If a selfish young lady who was not to his liking and whose personality did not match his own had entered his household, he would have divorced her immediately, or at best, separated from her.

Clarisse's maid knew he liked her Lady when he asked her for her name. If he wanted to send her back to her parents' house, his character would have been unconcerned about the scandal and would have divorced her quickly. Mary, on the other hand, had no idea whether Clarisse was aware of it or not.

'It's tough to tell, but he cares for the lady and loves her...right?'

Despite the fact that they are officially engaged and have the king's approval for their marriage, they have yet to share a bedroom, and they have separate rooms. Mary reasoned that this was not because the Margrave despised Clarisse, but because he prioritized her adjustment to the house.

He may be a little difficult to understand, but he cares about Clarisse. In Mary's mind, Clarisse's future husband -or potential husband- has already scored a lot of points in Mary's eyes.

"Your question has answered most of my own."

'Now, if only I could figure out what he meant by that...'

Mary brushed the question to the back of her mind as she asked the head maid to prepare for winter.

"My sister...?"

"Yeah, Viscount Farenheit wrote to say that your sister's engagement is about to be arranged and that you and I should make an appearance."

Clarisse was stunned when Jean said this at breakfast the following day.

'My sister is getting married only a few months after my engagement...? Then she invites us to the party...? Knowing my sister's personality, I'm not sure why, but I have a bad feeling about this.'

"...I see..."

She tightened her hands that rested on her lap. This mansion was so comfortable that the thought of returning to her parents' house now gave her a sharp pain that made her chest tighten.

"If we are going to go, I think it would be better to do so before winter sets in. There are many days during the winter when it snows in remote areas and you are unable to move."


In a gentle tone, Jean asked Clarisse, who was unusually stammering for words.

"You don't like it? If you don't want to go, I can decline and say we're too busy to attend."

Clarisse sensed the kindness in his words and felt terrible for him right away.

"No, no...I can't let you lie's okay."

He stood up and walked around behind Clarisse, who was slightly downcast, and looked down at her hands clasped in her lap before gently placing his large warm hands on her shoulders.

"We'll stay at my aunt's house when we arrive in the Royal Capital. You should go to the Farenheit house at the very least."

'I'm sure Jean-sama has noticed .........'

She looked up with her violet eyes to meet his golden eyes that now made her feel more secure than anyone else, and his beautiful eyes encouraged her.

"I'll take care of it."

He said this quietly, and Clarisse nodded slowly.

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